31 December 2006

Happy Birthday to Papa

Today is my papa's birthday. Though every year everyone is eager to send the year away counting down to a brand new year, papa is sadly awaiting to turn ONE year older, hahaha :)

As we had wedding lunch reception earlier, ah ma is not cooking for dinner so we decided to dine out comfortably for dinner later at the same time celebrate papa's birthday.
Godpa came for the dinner too!! Dun see them 5 people, the dishes they ordered were as much as a table of banquet dinner liao. Got cold dish, sharks' fin, yam ring, .........and ended with their fave yam paste with gingko dessert. A lot rite???? Nebermind lah, eat now and 'shed' later loh. :)

I had some of the yummy food on the table as well. Hmm....I think I enjoyed playing more with the cutlery and plate as usual than eating. All of us had a round tummy after dinner but we were happy cos so long never eat till our fill.

Now let me sing a birthday song to my papa,
Happy Birthday to U,
happy BirThdaY to yOu,
HaPpy bIrThdAy to PaPa,
hAppy BiRthDay to U!!!

I think papa enjoyed his birthday lah cos I made him so happy while on our journey back home!!! :)

My Very First Chinese Wedding

I went for my cousin's wedding banquet at Grand Hyatt earlier. I was prettily dressed up for the event as this is my very first cheena wedding. Mummy was actually very worried more than excited cos she dunno how I will behave there. Though everyone in the house went for the wedding invitation, she will still be at her wits end if I choose to tekan her there. How to handle a super-duper active kid rite??? Ya, u can say that she's at my expense, hiak hiak hiak..... :)

But nah, I was well-behaved thru-out the lunch. I guai guai played with the bowl, chopsticks, spoon, plate, cup, wedding favors...........Luckily it was a lunch reception instead of dinner. Wah, my cousin looks so beautiful. I believe all brides look gorgeous and at their best on that day (at least to the bridegroom).

She's really my cousin according to the chinese type of status cos my mimi is her auntie though their age is almost the same loh with 2, 3 years different niah. I enjoyed my time there as I was busy clapping away during the march-in moments. Clapping hands is what I'm best in wat!! :p

But the yum-seng was really noisy to be endured. I shouted for them to quiet down but those fellas ignored me man. The last toast was the noisiest and in fact I was a little frightened by that long yelling of YUM........Yum.......YUm.......YuM........ Needless to say, I got carried up from my seat by mimi once I told her '怕 怕' loh :)

The adults were happily tucking away with the usual boring cold dish, sharks' fin and blah blah while I got to eat my yummy porridge with a bit of addition from the adults' boring food.

I dozed off shortly after photo-taking. I really noe how to choose timing. Mummy had to carry me and finished her lunch till the last course. Aiya, she wouldn't mind wan lah cos she's a glutton mah, kekeke.....

*sigh* What a pity!!! Heard that the green-tea pudding dessert was fantastic. Mummy nearly went for a second round but daddy kept tahan-ing saying 'keep fat in check', wahahaha........

27 December 2006

Swimmng........I'm Missing U

It has been a long time since I last 'swam'. How I miss the splashing of water and getting myself wet!! Tat explains why I lurve bath time so much. Hmm.....whenever I see people swimming on TV, my 2 eyeballs with be 'glued' on the screen looking at it. Ah ma loves to disturb me asking if I wanna go swimming whenever she sees my expression longing to take a dip in the pool. My answer will always be 'YES'. Sometimes when my swimming craves comes, I'll lie flat on my tummy on the ground with my hands stretching out doing the swimming action.

Mummy has bot me a swimming vest recently cos all my floats were sold away as I have outgrown them liao!! I can't wait to try on them as I dun even noe when is my next swimming trip (hint hint to mummy). Swee bo?? My Hello Kitty Swimming Vest......

It's a little big for me now but for a "professional" like me wouldn't need it so soon cos I only sit on the step of the pool and splash water niah, kekeke :)

26 December 2006

Happy Boxing Day!!!

Yeah the long awaited moment is here.....It gotta be pressie review time:

I must really thank all people for your generousity in giving me wonderful gifts and many many well-wishes. It's a blessing for me to have all loving people around me to shower me with care and love. I sincerely wanna express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank You!!!

Here goes my list:

Thank you ye-ye and nai-nai for this wonderful kitchen set toy

Thank you gong-gong and ah ma for the 2 beautiful tops

Thank you papa for this 'beachy' set of clothes

Thank you mimi for the music puzzles

Thank you gu-gu and uncle Kelvin for the 2 elegant tops

Thank you godpa for your good foresight in making an investment on "Wenzel's Education Fund" (Profit is non-guaranteed but be sure to speak to ur financial planner, hahaha)


Thank you godmama for this lovely set of Hello Kitty Kitchen Sink toy

Thank you Aunty Karen for this nice top especially good for cold weather like now

Thank you Aunty Qiaojin for this cute huggable turtle, which I name it 'ah chee' (my IF) now

Thank you Aunty Serene for the lovely dress

25 December 2006

Merry X'mas to U

Yesterday was party at home and today, the X'mas day is party at ye-ye, nai-nai's house. Mummy brought a bag full of pressie for all people in the house with Ben kor-kor's pressie being the biggest. Just when I thot that I wun have any present on that day cos I oredi ripped off the wrapper of my x'mas pressie that nai-nai and ye-ye gave me way before x'mas arrives, nai-nai brought out something new for me. I asked to open straight away which the adult guai guai obliged to my request. This is my bonus for the year 2006. Besides this, godpa made some contribution to my 'education fund' as my x'mas pressie as usual. $$$$$ :)

Godpa came for dinner as well. We were treated to lotsa yummy food cos everyone has a share to bring something for the event. Daddy brought sushi, nai-nai cooked pasta, gu-gu sponsored turkey while ye-ye helped to grill, uncle Kelvin and godpa each bot a bottle of red wine, ah ma and gong-gong bot sparkling juice and mummy of course gotta bring something too!!! What did we miss out???? Yes the most important dessert.

How can miss out logcake for x'mas???? I had none of the above-mentioned food except for the logcake. The cake was delicious if u ask me.
Oh ya, nearly forgotten, I got to cut the cake too!!! Tat was FUN!! I guess must be pre-training for me before my 2 years old birthday party :p

Everyone is happily enjoying the home ambience, listening to x'mas songs while drinking, snacking while chatting happily and talking and sharing happy stuffs.... and me???? Busy running about and creating havoc is my forte man, hiak hiak hiak!!!
It is so enjoyable spending a meaningful night with all my close ones around. Tomorrow is Boxing Day and I shall reveal what I got for x'mas tmr. Have an early nite!!! Merry X'mas.....ho...ho...ho......
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