30 October 2007

Godpa's Birthday!!!

Today is godpa's birthday but we had the celebration yesterday night. It was a simple dinner with godpa over at Swensens.

Hmm......yummy ice-cream, pizza and french fries was what I remembered cos the adults kept reminding me to finish my meals at home during the day or else no treats for me. Look! How enjoyable I was indulging in all my fave foodie. :p

Godpa had a "Happy Birthday Firehouse" ice-cream in place for cake. We sang birthday song for him as well.

Hope godpa enjoyed himself yesterday and I wanna wish him a Happy Happy Buff-day!! (",)

26 October 2007

Wenz' Class Photo

As the last term of the year 2007 is coming to an end, Wenz took her very 1st class foto last thur and I receive it today. It came with a hard cover folder consisting of a group foto and an individual foto. I had opted for the passport size foto as well.

The outcome wasn't too ideal cos first of all, she looks funny in the group foto, dunno whether is she crying or smiling. My mum and I were laughing non-stop when we saw it. We even teased Wenz when she came back home. She said she was actually smiling but I think before she could smile, the photographer has already snapped.

She looks so serious in the individual foto without any smile on it. Whatever it is, this is her 1st class foto. She will be changing school next year and this foto can serve as a remembrance sake for future, at least she knows she ever attended playgroup in this school.

20 October 2007

Denz' Full Month Celebration

We celebrated Denz' full month over at the chalet. If not for the Lift Upgrading Project (LUP) taking place over at our area, we wouldn't have got the chalet cos checking into the chalet unit with 2 kiddos is no joke at all. I was like bringing half of my barangs from house to there without car. :)

Anyway, this is my first time going to this particular chalet. Well, the unit itself wasn't too bad. The chalet is a double-storey unit with downstairs is the kitchen and dining area and upstairs is the living room and bedrooms. It reminds me of staying at a resort when I stepped into the room but the surrounding looks as if we were back to the kampong days.

Best of all, there was swing and see-saw at the playground which you can hardly find them at those HDB area nowadays. Wenzel loves playing swing and see-saw there though she was a little scared as she wasn't exposed to them whenever she goes playground. :p

Denz was so happy settling down there when we first reached. He smiled non-stop. I didn't take too many fotos as I was busy co-ordinating the whole event as well as a "part-time street directory". Not only it's a first time experience for us at the chalet, it was also first time experience for all our guests, thus some couldn't find the exact location. I was busy answering calls directing them to the venue. Luckily there were lotsa people helping to look after Wenz and Denz while me and my hubby were busy. :)

All our guests flocked in slowly from 5pm onwards till late night 10.30pm. Really appreciate all guests who turned up for the event as well as sending us and Denz their well-wishes.
Also not forgetting their generosity for all ang paos and gifts received. (",)

Our limelight of the day did make his little appearance downstairs for a short while.

Our initial plan of everyone staying over at chalet has shattered cos Denz seemed not easy to fall asleep even though he was super-tired liao. He kept looking around as if he knew it was not his house. True enuf, he fell asleep upon reaching back home and slept thru the night till morning without waking up for milk, kekeke. Wenz went back home as well cos she is also a fussy toddler when comes to sleeping leaving only hubby and me staying at the chalet as we need to check-out the next day. We were super-tired after clearing up the mess and taking a shower. I went into "Zee Zee Land" straight after lying on the bed, hahaha.

We were so glad that this joyous occasion were celebrated with so many of our important guests and the next big thing is Denz' 1st birthday. We are still procrastinating whether to make it BIG like his full month or not!! :)

17 October 2007

Denzel's Full Month

I'm one month old today. According to the traditional custom, I have to bid goodbye to my lovely hair.

Ooooo.....Mummy save me......

Oh no, my hair.......

It's pointless putting up any struggling. *sigh* I better be guai guai else my hair....

The finale

Do I look like Recruit Pek? :)

Heng ah, not entirely botak cos ah ma asked shifu to keep 5mm long of hair for me so that I wun look so ugly for my party on Sat. :)

Mummy wanna do hairbrush and umbilical cord stamp for me cos jie-jie also did last time. The shifu required 2 eggs to say some goody goody things like to be filial and blah blah after the shave.

What is this uncle doing on top of my head?

Ok lah, do what u want ba!

kena choke-slam by papa....Hmm....guess he watch too much wrestling liao, kekeke :)

According to ah ma's theory, today is a very important day cos got 3 important things to do. First is to look for an auspicious thing like wedding, then a preggie to touch or carry me and last of all a funeral wake.

How do I look in mummy's gown?

It's difficult to coincide my full month date with wedding so mummy took out her ROM dress (also consider lah :p) then out we went to the shopping mall to look for preggie. Just happen there was a funeral wake nearby jie-jie's school and so off we went.

Ye-ye, nai-nai, gu-gu, Uncle Kelvin and Benedict kor-kor came to our house in the evening for dinner as well as sending me their well-wishes. Dinner is the usual man-yue foodie like fried noodles, glutinous rice, the red kueh, red eggs and ah ma also prepare a few dishes to add along.

I slept till night also didn't wake up cos was too tired running about in the afternoon looking for all those 3 things.

Once I woke up, I was crying unstoppable for milk making every adult busy tending to me, kakaka :)

Jie-jie was busy playing with Ben kor-kor. I'm looking forward to my party on coming Saturday.

15 October 2007

Denz @4weeks

I'm 4 weeks old today. In another 2 more days will be my full month for both Gregorian and Lunar dates. See how much I've grown!! :p

14 October 2007

About Wenz....

Wenz is full of nonsense whenever come back from school. She loves to say 'pa pi pa pi' recently. Actually wat she wanna say is 'fang pi' means farted. Anything that she dun want to answer, dunno the answer or dun like she will say this. *faintz* She has been saying "tape ur mouth" these few days. Aiyo.....must be learn from school cos I have checked with my in-law and they said they din say such thing to Wenz. I dun like her school all these while cos I find her teacher not so good. As my intention is only for her to interact and kill time, at the same time we can rest, I have no choice but to let her continue one more term till end of November.

I have enrolled her in another school starting next year. I'm quite pleased with her new environment and I believe she will learn much more in her new school *keep finger crossed* She is also taking well to the new arrangement of staying at her ye-ye's house after school. *grin* However, I have decided to fetch her home from in-law's place in the evening after I come back from work.

She has a complete set of teeth now as my mum has spotted her last 2 molars yesterday. However she is still not very good in chewing solids. This missy is coping well with didi around so far, as long as we let her have a share in everything from holding didi's bottle to helping to take didi's diaper to throw.

Just before I forget, I was surprised to hear her reciting January to December. I wonder where did she learn it from? :)

10 October 2007

7 Days More..........

Mummy is happy as she has started counting down to her end of confinement liao. Aiyo.....which means I'll lose my hair in another 7 days more cos mummy's gonna ask someone to shave it away for me. Sob...sob....get a glimpse of me with hair while you could before I become botak Denz.

So how? Did I change much in look? :p

09 October 2007

Who do I Resemble MORE?

A lot of people ask Denz looks more like who. In my ML's conclusion, she thinks he looks more like his paternal grandpa. His nose is so hard, hair is oily and he does not have double eyelid, all above-mentioned like yeye. But I think he does look a little like his dad lah, regarding his eyelids, I guess he takes after me loh cos I oso dun have double lid mah.

As for Wenz, she looks more like her maternal grandma. She has double eyelids like hubby but flat nose like me. However, I think this 2 children of mine dun have sibling look. Hmm....what do u think? :)

07 October 2007

My 3 Dars

Above is my 3 darlings of my life. Hubby always say newborn is so boring cannot play but actually I love newborn cos baby is cute, harmless, naive and best of all dunno how to talk back. I remember hubby saying newborn is boring during Wenz time also. He enjoys playing with Wenz now cos Denz is boring mah.

He also loves Denz especially the hair. Hahahaha........cos Denz got the 'dun need to put gel also will stand' hair texture. Dunno is it oily or wat but his hair is so easy to style to this beckham lookalike pattern. Hubby is full of envy over Denz hair and even ask me not to cut during full month. However I told him "NO"........will shave off everything cos some newborns' initial hair will drop no matter wat so I prefer to shave it off and let him grow back. Hopefully by his 1st birthday will be leng zai le, kekeke (",)

06 October 2007

Wenz the loving Sis

My friends always ask me how is Wenz coping with didi. I guess jealousy is unavoidable but I just have to be tactful in handling her emotion.
Whenever she sees didi drink milk, she says she wanna hold his bottle so we oblige. Whenever she sees us carry Denz, she will want to carry as well so we allowed under the close supervision of an adult. She will sayang and kiss didi though we noe she feels her position a little taken over by didi but she is wrong. We love them both equally, just that didi requires more attention now.
It's quite cute seeing her carrying didi cos she will even rock him on her lap which we never teach before :)

04 October 2007

Hubby on the Ball

I dunno why both my kids were so afraid of bathing especially the 1st few days back from hospital. My mum says might be 'scared' by the hospital treatment. But whatever it is, my mum will help me train and bath them till they are not afraid anymore.

Hubby suddenly wanna try bathing Denz. He said he wanna try bathing before going back to work. It has been sometime since he last bath a baby when Wenz was still a newborn 2 years back.

How does he fare? Hmm......Not bad, only his movement isn't that flexible but I think practice makes PERFECT. (Hint hint.......so u outta bath Denz more to achieve perfect, hiak hiak hiak)

02 October 2007

R U A Baby?

This is what happen whenever Wenz sees the playpen in the living room.
She will find her means to climb into it, lie on it, jump on it, perform stunts in it, creating all sorts of havoc until she satisfy then climb out of it.
See! She can even pose for the camera. *faintz*
That's my little darling!! Perhaps she thinks she is still a baby!! (",)
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