31 March 2006

My Reflections

Ever since Wen has mastered the skill of getting down from her mattress, she no longer yells for us to go in and rescue her. She will crawl out of her room and look for us instead. We are glad and relieve to see her learning positively and developing well. She is well taken care of each day by ah ma and we dun have to worry about her well-being while at work or outside. Really grateful and contented for what was given and bestowed.

Ah ma training little Wen to walk

29 March 2006

Yo Yo Yo Watz Up man!!!

Look at my new look daddy has created for me. Think this cap is kinda big for me leh.

Do I look like boy boy?? Heh

26 March 2006

My Shoe Collection

Mummy bot me another pair of shoe. It shall add to my collection. I kinda like it as it is very soft. It got a pooh bear on it as well and is my mummy’s fav color.

24 March 2006


First she learnt to obey adult’s instruction by giving things when the adults ask.

Now she knows how to tease the adult. When you ask her to give you something, she will place on your palm and quickly take it away when you were about to grab hold of it.

Haha…how smart??? Ah ma will say naughty for sure.

21 March 2006

Getting down from mattress

After countless hours of coaching from ah ma over a period of time, I've finally done it.

I've successfully gotten down from my mattress - the correct way. Previously, I'll just crawl to the edge of the mattress and attempt to 'dive down'. If ah ma or mummy hadn't caught hold of me in time (many times in fact :P), I confirm pong on the floor liao and my forehead sure got baluku one. Hahaha

Now I'm smarter already. Once I reach the edge of the mattress, I'll turn 180 degrees and go-stan, and just continue to go backwards til my feet touches the floor. But sometimes I gabra, so land on my bum instead. Well, at least better than landing on my round forehead right? Hahahaha...

Maybe a video will give you a clearer picture... :)

20 March 2006

CS Again

Yes, It's Sunday again and we were all going to China Square. As Dennis could not tolerate Wen's manja behaviour, he scolded her while we were waiting for cab. Wen is really 'seng mok', she kept quiet after being scolded. When we went in the taxi, Wen refused to be carried by dennis liao. So I took over the job and soon she drifted to sleep. She falls asleep pretty easily when there is some motion and movement. When we reached there, she hasn't wake up.

After jalan jalan at the usual toy place, we proceeded to Lingzhi restaurant for our lunch. To my surprise, I noticed that Wen has been keeping her anger since she got scolded. She refused to look at her daddy. At the dining table, she avoided any eye contact with him. I told Dennis to some damage control, which he did. Dennis offered her fav Gerber puff also not very effective. After hitting Dennis' palm 2X, she gave out a broad grin on her face. I din noe a 10 months old baby can remember and keep anger for so long. Cham lah, next time how to discipline her???

Rashes Rashes

After the fever has subsided, rashes started coming out on my limbs, forehead and torso. Mostly were formed on my torso. Heng ah, my face neber kana any or else how to go out and meet people??? Mummy went to the net to check and reassure ah ma that this is false measles or termed as Reosela but ah ma still worried about me so we went clinic again. Doctor say this is pretty normal and we dun have to do anything about it. The rashes will go off in 3 to 5 days’ time. Phew, heng the rashes were not itchy or causing any discomfort or else I sure become cranky one. I will go back to my usual self soon. Yippee :)

19 March 2006

Not again!!

As ah ma was really worried about my condition cos after almost 2 days of medication, my fever still haven subsided, so mummy decided to bring me see doctor again. At the clinic, I was diagnosed with fever 38 deg; surprisingly the fever was gone when I reached home. Ah ma said I must have caught the ‘going out bug’. That's y the bug eat up all the virus liao. heh

18 March 2006

Feeble Fever

Uh oh, I got fever.

It’s really uncomfortable and I can’t sleep well in the night, which means all people in the house can’t sleep well too. I was super cranky and woke them up. After much pacifying and coaxing , I fell asleep finally but wake up 20 minutes after that. Darn, looks like I can’t attend a wedding solemnization tmr liao. For sure daddy wun bring me go one. Mummy brought me to see doctor and confirm I kana viral fever liao.

Naughty Act

One of Wen's fav pastimes for now got to be squeezing out water from her bottle and wet whichever surface she is on. This is the forbidden room that she seldom enters, as she is always eyeing of daddy's toys. Naughty Wen also enjoys talking to and bullying Snowy.
1st, she 'talk' to Snowythen scolded him

Sayang him again

Kick Snowy

then ignore it

Snowy: #^@#~%* OUCH!

15 March 2006

Understand simple instructions

Pass the tamborines to me

Notice that little Wen starts to understand simple instruction like 'give mummy', 'pick up', 'want or not'......Uh huh, I can start asking her to run simple errands liao. hehe

14 March 2006


As mummy saw me enjoying myself sooo much at kindermusik, she bot this musical play set at Toy'R'us yesterday after the class. I must be gifted in music. I know how to play these instruments at my first sight.

Mummy conducted her own mini musik lesson at home. The shaker was fun and I enjoy beating the drum and playing with the tambourines as well.

13 March 2006


I went for my 1st music lesson at Tanglin Mall today. I was late for the class as I need to mum mum first.
Daddy & Mummy just signed me up for the trial class wanting to see how I would respond to it. Well, initially I was quite subdued 'cos new surroundings mah. So I must take time to warm up my engine first...

But soon enough, I was stimulated by the music and started shaking my body liao! Hee hee...and poor Mummy had to hold me tight all the while...

We had lots of music activities; like dancing, clapping hands and playing with the drum, that dum dum dum thingy lah, which you use a stick or hand to hit it. :P

12 March 2006

Shopping Shopping

Wen is extremely happy today like kena laughing gas! It wasn't too difficult to capture her laughing expression. We have brought her along to buy some groceries.

Hmmm...I wonder how much does this item on the trolley cost??
There isn't any barcode or price tag!!
I've finished shopping!
Let me check if mummy is aware!
Okie, she wasn't looking at me. I can try my lollipop liao!

My Gym

This is the last gym center on mummy’s list. The lesson starts really early. I quite like the program especially the trainer is a tall, dashing looking hunk. Well, they have lots fun cool things for me to explore. I enjoy sitting on the round bouncy thing where mummy will jump and I’ll bounce up and down. The ending part where they push a heavy mat down to create some wind was really cooling and fun. Before I realize it, 45 minutes is up and sadly, I have to bid goodbye.

Mummy’s comment: Though the outbreak of HFMD at Sarawak was very bad, I wasn’t really worried about it. However, this gym center did a very good job in preventing outspread of disease by wiping the feet of babies before and after the session. Just like gymboree, adults participating have to wear socks to maintain hygiene, which I like about it. Dunno is it bcos this session is the first, I saw them cleaning and sanitizing the equipment. This program introduces 3 different play settings after some free exploration of the equipment. Heard that the layout will be changed every week, which I think is good. It ended with babies’ playtime and parents were given the opportunity to rest and observe their babies interact and play with others, followed by a hand puppet song. Most importantly, the trial is FREE. Haha, not bcos of this reason that I give compliments, the program is really good. I’ll give a rating of 8.5/10.

08 March 2006

Cruising Me

Baby Wen has started to cruise around the house with her feet. She will hold onto something and trying to make her steps towards certain direction. Maybe the baby gym regime has got some effects on her. Worst still, she’s trying her luck to climb up the sofa as well. We are afraid she might lose her balance and fall backwards. Choy choy, touch Wood touch wood!!

05 March 2006

The Little Gym

There were a lot of jiejie korkor at The Little Gym. I have joined the 'Birds' program, which is meant for 10 to 19 months babies. As I have just turned 10 months, I was considered one of the youngest there. The trainer likes me a lot, maybe bcos I was very co-operative. She always uses me to demo the flip over. Everyone applause when I managed to finish 1 flip. I was in a dazz after the flip, not knowing what has happened. It was too fast for me to react to the situation that was why I was co-operative loh. Hehe

Mummy's comment: The program is almost like Gymboree with a lot of free play. The only difference is the trainer was there to interact with the babies and guide the parents. I'll give a rating of 7.5/10.

01 March 2006

My Reflections

As a growing infant requires more and more attention, the time we have for ourselves become lesser. She has become more and more manja and attention seeking. I noticed she is more attached to mummy now. Wherever mummy is, she will follow. Maybe bcos mummy spent more time with her at home and always bring her out to play. Times really flies, she'll be turning 1 year old in another 2 months' time. She loves to talk. Sometimes she will complain to you about something, scold you back when you raised your voice and talk back when you corrected her. It's amazing to observe an infant's development. You have to adore god's creation.


Darn, I got flu flu and sneeze sneeze. Though it wasn’t that bad, it does cause some irritation to my nose. Ah ma said I must have caught the flu virus from the gym centers. She added that the fastest way to get well is to suck out the mucous from the nose, which mummy really did. Maybe bcos mummy feels guilty of causing me down with flu. Mummy used her mouth to suck out the mucous built up in my nose. I felt better after that. Thanks mummy!
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