30 June 2008

Formula One

I have been diligently requesting for free milk samples online for Denz just in case I might need it as I have the intention to switch to formula milk already. Wenz was exclusively on EBM for whole 10 months and her reluctant to drink milk has discouraged me to continue further. It's only till now then she has a liking for milk.

Denz milk intake is much much better than Wenz. In about 2 weeks time, he will turn 10 months old and I'm proud to say he's still on exclusive EBM. As I have deliberately reduce the frequency of expressing out my milk, my supply has definitely went down so now I'm afraid supply might not keep up to demand. Thus I have the intention to start Denz on formula milk for the night feeding. Actually I have tried giving him formula milk when he turned 9 months old but he rejected the milk. However, I gave him yesterday when he woke up for milk. He drank when he was in a daze not knowing what has happened. Guess have to exploit this method meanwhile. Really hoping he will get use to formula milk when he turns ONE.

Princess 38

So long didn't update on sweety Princess' development. Wenz is 38 months old exactly. Why did I choose to blog when she is 38 months old? Well, 38 has a very strong affinity with woman, hahaha :)

Okie doki, back to the topic, Wenz has definitely turned from a little baby to a sweety child now. Hubby enjoys her companion as she could speak alot and engage in a decent conversation with you making you smile at times, laugh at times, angry at times and sad at times.

She likes to mimic adult's action as usual. One good thing is she has gotten use to the existence of didi too. There was one instance we went to an aunty's house and when we were about to leave, she reminded me to bring didi home and cannot give didi away. Such a loving gal. I wonder did she really mean that? But those words were really comforting. :)
When I was busy tending to 2 alone during weekends, she is also very cooperative by reducing noise level to the minimum when I make didi sleep and by playing alone while waiting for me to come out and attend to her.

Ever since she watched "The Enchanted", she is always dreaming to be a princess. After attended her jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's wedding, she has displayed the princess craze even more. She will ask to put on her princess gown and every dress that she has put on, she will relate it to a princess gown and started singing and dancing like a barbie doll. Well, before this, I was so afraid she might be a 'tomboy' as she hardly wear a dress or skirt cos the folks usually will put on pants or short for her. It seems that I don't have to worry now. :)

Her fave junk snack gotto be gummy candy and lollipop. She will ask to eat candy EVERYDAY. *sigh* If only she ask to eat more rice and porridge..... Hmm....I feel that her feeding is already quite okay, though appetite is small but at least still eats 3 meals a day with rice or porridge as her main course. She loves waffle and can really finish 1/2 to 3/4 of it during teabreak whenever I bring her out.

One activity she loves doing it is she will purposely beat you, hit you or step on you then say SORRY to you. So notti of her, isn't it? She loves replying "ORH" whenever anyone ask her to do things. Cute, isn't she? :)

We love to tease her too. I like to use candy as a bait to make her listen and complete a task. If I said I'll give didi candy and not give her cos of her bad behaviour, she will answer me "didi cannot eat cos the candy is too big, later didi will choke. Wenzel can eat cos wenzel know how to chew". What a smart answer to trick us? Try harder next time...... :p

Write about her can take up 3 days 3 nights still unable to have a full coverage. Well, will update again on ad-hoc basis when I'm free. Stay tune.

Happy 38 months old my princess dar!!

28 June 2008

Happily Ever After.......

My one and only bro finally tie his knot just recently on 2008 Fathers' Day.

Think mum felt real relieved as her responsibility being a mother has finally 'ended'. Both bro and I have to managed our own lives from now on, especially bro might be starting his own family soon.

Though I have started my own family 3 years back, I'm still tapping onto mum's help to look after my kiddos. :p

I'm really thankful for what my mum has done for me, really!

All parents of course want their children to be happy and blissful after married.

Me too, as a sister, I wish my bro and da sao have wonderful years ahead and happily ever after as the title may suggest. :)

SO do you think we have sibling look?

Everyone is so busy for the big day. Mum went back home real early on Sat to get all necessary things ready. I told Wenz abt this coming up big event and she was looking forward.....erm of course to wear her party dress.

As hubby gotto work on Sat, I told Wenz to sleep on her own so that she could be a pretty princess like Giselle in The Enchanted. She was really obedient and went to bed on her own while I made didi sleep. Luckily both kiddos were co-operative enuf.

We have important work to do on bro's big day too. Hb gotto send us to bride's house in the morning, as our nephew, Ben was the appointed person for opening the groom's car door and I was supposed to be the sister for my da sao. A little irony right? Well, I dun mind to be wholely involved. Wenz went as well, she could be sister too, hur hur hur. ML brought Ben over early and helped to look after Denz so that we could leave the house. Such a pity I couldn't bring Denz along for such an important event.

Besides being 'sister' in the morning, I'm also the sitting planner, usher cum receptionist at the table trying to coordinate everything, hoping everything turns out well.

During the dinner, hb and I doubled up as the emcees too. Phew! What a multi-tasking day? After the yum seng, my job for the day then has considered to be fully completed and I could eat in comfort finally.

It was such a relieve that the whole event went on smoothly with no hiccups. A happily married newly-wed thanking and sending off their guests with their folks with contented smile on the guests' faces indicating they must have enjoyed the makan as well.

This pair of limelight has just embarked on a new journey living together as a loving couple, be there for each other in poor or rich circumstances and right after the dinner, who knows they might be sucessful in adding on to a new life in the family line? Congratulations and be blissful always!

The only area that I didn't cover well outta be inability to have a good family shot with Denz around. I looked back the photos and realised there wasn't Denz at all, not even the table foto as he was asleep. Kinda sad.

He must have miss me badly as he couldn't see me early morning till afternoon when I went home. Played with him a while only when makeup artist was around then all of us gotto rushed out to the restaurant to receive guests. He was left behind at home till my in-laws brought him there. I didn't got a chance to cuddle him until the whole event was over. That's why there wasn't any photo of him.

27 June 2008

Want to take photo!

Cutie pie in oversize singlet


Recently, Wenz has been very enthusiastic about posing for photo taking as she would come runing to me and asked me to take pictures of her. See how generous she had given me those big smiles. Maybe it's because she has been watching me taking pictures of my toys and wanted to get involved. Also probably her method of seeking my attention. These are some of the nicer pics and I especially like the top most pic featuring Wenz wearing my singlet.

21 June 2008

Didi @ West Coast Park

My dad is someone who likes taking strolls and viewing nice scenery. West Coast Park is of no strange place to him cos he told me he has been here countless times (even the time when the park was not built). Dad was so keen on going to the shoreline that he went there on his own with his makan shortly after we settled down.

When he returned telling me how nice the shoreline is, we went there together with Denz. The scenery was nice except for a few ships docked nearby for repair. We were also enjoying the sea breeze when my dad told that he once brought me here when I was still a kid and he had even engaged a boatman who took our family to the nearby island for sightseeing. Sad to sayy, I could not recall such an event.

Denz I guess did not know what was going on but he definitely likes going out and been pushed around in his pram. He was also trying to speak during the conversation between my dad and I. It's father son and grandson talk.

Building sand castle

Ben posing as 'Jack Sparrow' from 'Pirates of Caribbean'

Benedict was really in the mood of playing sand while he was at West coast Park. He took over the shover and spade after Wenz left for munching. Ben was in his relax self that day and I was really astonished to see him played sand for so long.

Furthermore Ben even asked me to take a video of him and he gave a victory hand sign while taking photograph. Ben had kept trying to build a castle by overturning the sand in the pail onto the mole hill but was always unsuccessful cos the structure couldn't hold. So the helpful uncle shared my experience on sand castle building by telling him to mix water into the sand and pact the sand properly into the pail before overturning it. It works! Ha! Ha! Very Hao Lian right!

20 June 2008

Vainy Pot and Kettle :)

A good friend of mine kept reminding me over the phone during working hours almost everyday the aging effect when one cross 30. She urges me to be extremely hardworking about face care and not to be lazy with the application of beauty products and going facial.

Actually I'm a lazy sort of woman who dun spend extra time on all these but after hearing what my friend said, it does has some impact on me. I imported few hundreds pieces of masks and ampoules. Yes, I really mean few hundreds of masks lying around in my drawer. I'm planning to DIY my own facial session at home on top of my once a month overhaul at salon.

Who said 'vain' is the word to be used on woman only? If I'm a vainy pot then hb gotto be the vainy kettle as he also enjoys putting on mask with my DIY facial skill. Beauty care is not limit to women only though it's women's priority :)

Well, hb should be pampered once in a while too. He is working very hard each day and helping out in the house as well. If you have notice, this blog is currently managed by both of us as hb offers to help blogging since he has more free time than me. Where to find such wonderful husband? :p

Hb got hooked on blogging ever since I taught him to start on his own blog. If you are interested in figurines and toys on Macross, Gundams, Mospeada and Patlabor, do hop by here for a peep. :)

19 June 2008

Sand playing

Wenz dominating the playground and posing for photos with her pink hat on.

Shhhhiiiiiii! Don't disturb! Roadwork in progress....

Wenz was overwhelmed when we arrived at the playground of West Coast Park. She was running around exploring the place like Dora before she settled down to play sand. This is the first time Wenz actually play sand. Actually the sand-play set was bought when she was a year old but she waited 2 years before she could really use it to play the real sand. [Sorry little Wenz for depriving you from sand playing all this while] So we let Wenz played on her own and you could probably see from the pics on Wen'z indulgence using the shover and spade scooping sand into the pail. Hee! Hee!

West Coast Park

Mummy and Wenz entering West Coast Park

Super good weather and nice scenery

Our chill out place

One fine sunny morning when both Irene & I were both on leave, our overly anxious Wenz had tried to wake me up at around 8am by pulling my arms. As I took a peep in my daze, I could hear Wenz calling 'Papa wake up' 'Papa wake up'.

When I finally got out of my bed, Irene and my mother-in-law were already busy preparing our picnic feast. We have bee hoon, fried rice and egg mayo sandwich (my favourite) for later indulgence. Me? I'm just lazing around. Ha! Ha!

It was around 10am when all of us set out for West Coast Park. 'WE' consisting of Irene, Wenz, Denz, Ben, my parents and my in-laws. This outing was actually initiated by my wife and suggested by Benedict cos he hoped to visit both East & West Coast Parks during this June school holidays and Irene has longed to bring Wenz for sand-play as she hasn't play sand before.

I don't remember when was the last time I visited West Coast Park or maybe I have never been to West Coast Park. I think it was an excellent idea and we made it come true. Going for outing like this may seem easy to many who have their own transport. However going by public transport with three kids along would require more manpower.

As I was saying, we took bus number 176 (TIBS) and there was a little mishap to Wenz on board the bus. Wenz had extended her left arm in between the gap of the handle bar and seat, hence her arm got stuck. She was really scared and had cried badly as I tried desperately to free her. Luckily, Wenz' right hand was free only with a slight bruise near her elbow. She was again in high spirit when she arrived at our destination.....

18 June 2008

Japanese doll

Sakura sakura... Oh... Moshi moshi... Hello Ogenki... Hello Konichiwa... Watashi wa Wenzel... Ah! Ya! Used up all my broken Japanese vocabulary already!

Isn't Wenz Kawaii in her kimono? So gentle looking and lady like in kimono. New import by mummy from 'J-Shoppers'. Even though I don't encourage spending too much on children's clothing cos they outgrow their size quickly. I think this pink kimono is really sweet and Irene has good taste in choosing clothing. She's also my free fashion advisor. Ha! Ha!

BTW, we are going for picnic at West Coast later this afternoon. Must pray hard it don't rain later. Last but not least, my last Japanese vocab, Sayonara.....

17 June 2008

9 Months Flew Past

Time is something that can never be enuf when you have children around in the house but we can always plan our time to get things done and meet goals of priority. Denz has turned 9 months old in such a blink. He is such a cutie pie to play with. His cheery character has won the hearts of many in the house.

What is he capable of in this month development?

  • He knows how to call ma...ma...ma...FINALLY. Yippee... :)
  • Calling 'pa..pa..' at every moment.
  • I think I heard him calling 'ye-ye' when he sees my FL, which is why he is FL's precious gem.
  • He ever called 'ah ma' once only and never heard of him saying ah ma anymore.
  • He loves to say 'eh' whenever he sees someone.

Fine Motor Skill
  • He is using his thumb-index finger grasp more and more by trying to pop in the Gerber puffs into his mouth.

Gross Motor Skill
  • Denz enjoys crawling around on his bumper mat. 15 mins of mat time is usually incorporated in his daily activities. Why only 15mins? Else my back will break cos no one wants to help chasing after him. :(
  • He is trying to walk few steps without holding onto anything whenever he is in his playpen.
  • Denz has definitely grown to be stronger as he is always trying to stand on his feet from sitting position but he has not master standing skill yet. :)
Feeding Habit
Prince loves to eat solid food compared to his milk. He will only drink in the morning, very little in the afternoon and 1 full bottle before bed time. His intake will be more if I'm tending to him for the whole day cos I dunno whether he wanna tekan me or what? He simply reject milk whenever my mum feeds him.

He prefers rice than porridge as he enjoys food of more chewing texture.

One thing for sure is he loves SWEETNESS. You can tell from his expression whether he likes the food anot. He will come back for more if he likes the food and display the satisfied look. So cute.

Oh if he's really hungry, you outta feed him fast else he will 'grumble'. He really outshine Wenz in this area. Hopefully he will grow up to be an easy kid in feeding too. *keep finger crossed*

Social Interaction
This is the area that worries me least cos Denz is always in his cheerful self. He loves to see children playing and I believe he will also enjoy playing with them when he is ready.

General Development
He still enjoys pulling hair, grabbing spectacles off and wriggling like a worm whenever he's in a cab or bus. One more thing he is best in is he loves to manja and is getting worse. This time round with a particular manja expression to show you if u dun carry him.

I notice he couldn't play alone for long compared to Wenz of the same age. He is an attention-seeker as he will whine and yell for you to come and play with him or juz be with him doing nothing.

Oh before I forget, he has master the skill of Singapore Icon - COMPLAIN. If jie-jie snatches his toys from him, he will come to me and utter some baby language as if telling me that he was being bullied, cute little boy isn't it?

Happy 9 Months Old to my cute lovely sonny. May your growing up journey be healthy and happy. :)

16 June 2008

Kiddy Fun Time

Yesterday was my bro's wedding and he has rented a car from his friend for us to drive around on his big day as I had to multi-tasked lotsa roles on his wedding. Since his friend has not turned up to collect his car, hb and I went for morning breakfast at 7am and packed breakfast for my parents, brought the kids out for a spin and we chanced upon this particular playground whereby even didi also can play with little supervision.

To find a playground with swing is already not very easy. What's more? A playground with swing for my both kids is a bonus.
The kids were having so much fun and the swinging momentum definitely aids in putting didi into sleeping mode. Luckily the playground wasn't too far away from our house and we will definitely be back for more fun......

Calling Papa

Didi is calling "papa" at all times. I were lazing around and seem unbothered. Probably like what Irene told me before, I probably didn't like children of this age group.

When I heard Denz calling me "papa" earlier this evening, I suddenly realised how adorable Denz has become. I had then rushed to get my digital camera to capture another warm heartening moment like this.

I am so proud of my son and he has becoming more interactive nowadays. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that I am already the father of two. Hee! Hee!

12 June 2008

Elephant Girl

Last weekends had been a tedious one for both Irene & I. We were practically running around preparing for my brother-in-law's (Irene's elder brother) wedding day. We had even doubled up as emcees for the banquet.

Now that the major event was over, it is back to blogging business again. Anyway, there was this day that I wake up from nap, after I returned home from late shift when Wenz ran up to me wearing this gadget and told me that she is an elephant. I was totally surprised and amused!

Irene then told me that she had brought Wenz for enrichment class at Zoophonic and the topic was on circus. Irene did not stay in the classroom cos she had to packet makan for me. Where to find such good wife!

This D.I.Y elephant trunk was made from styrofoam cups, stocking and newspaper does seems very real. I bet Wenz had enjoyed her enrichment programme again.

10 June 2008

Roller blading

Oh yes! I have almost forgotten to blog the gift we bought for Wenz during our last visit to Vivocity ~ Toy R' Us. It is this pair of skates. For the past one week, Wenz kept asking me to support her while she try to maneuver herself after putting on her skates. The rollers on the skates can actually be adjusted a suitable speed to aid learning. There are also two parallel wheels on the skates' heels to improve balancing. Really inspired me to pick up roller blading as well!

Vivo here we come (Final part)

Wenz on innovative see-saw

Can you find Wenz?

Ben enjoying going through tunnel

You'r on candid camera!

It was near dinner time and when we brought the kidz to the playground. Personally, I find the playground @ Vivocity very unusual. The facilities may look simple but yet we could find slide, merry-go-round, see-saw and many more. Wenz was too engrossed playing at the playground as usual and I could only take some candid shots. I must also thank Ben for looking out for little Wenz who ran around almost recklessly.

After the playground session, we had dinner at Vivocity before heading home. It was already past 10.00pm when we reached home. I guess my father was pretty worried about us returning home so late cos he standby at the bus-stop to fetch Ben. The kidz had enjoyed themselves and it was definitely a long and eventful day for all of us.
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