31 August 2009

Happy Teachers' Day 2009

Tomorrow is Teachers' Day and is also a well-deserved break for 'em, hence I had brought along presents for all teachers who has taught me before. Mummy said one must be grateful, even the aunty who cooks and sweeps should be rewarded too.

On this special occasion, I'd like to wish all teachers a Happie Teachers' Day! Cheers and enjoy.....(",)

29 August 2009

Arty Farty 3

I went for my final art lesson. Yes, I have graduated the basic level. Mummy has decided to let me continue with Hansart, hence she will sign up for another 3 more lessons.

My masterpiece for the day is this wat I called an apple tree and look at me, I was munching apple slice in my mouth too. Wat a coincidence! :)

25 August 2009

Horrible + Terrible

Entry by mummy

Didi is in his Terrible 2 stage now. He loves screaming and yelling at the top of his voice. He gets irritated easily and will get angry from the slightest thing that upset him. One thing I really dislike about besides screaming is he likes to throw things around. Be it soft or hard, he will juz throw onto the floor. Sometimes could be a very big hard plastic toy. He is also fond of throwing things out of the house.

He is one smart lad too. He jolly well knows who to bully. Poor ah ma will be his victim. Really hope he will be out of the T2 stage soon. Luv U, my dear sonny.

U have heard of Terrible 2 but have u heard of Horrible 4? If not let me brief u about it. Wenz is in her Horrible 4 since she has turned 4. She is super disobedient and rude recently. She has attitude problem all along but has gotten worse now. U will never know when her mood will change.

One sweet thing is she'll always say 'I Love U' every now and then. However, she'll also say this when she has done the wrong thing. So I am really afraid of hearing 'I Love U' at times. One thing for sure is she's a vainy pot like me. She'll never let me off easily whenever I apply lotion, put on mask, be it face mask or eye mask or put on make up, she'll definitely want to put on too.

She is so angelic when being nice but her tantrums is something not easy to deal with. Hopefully she can change for the better. Mummy love U, lil' princess.

To both my kiddos, pls stay healthy. Mummy loves U both.

22 August 2009

Unveil the Metal....

Mummy has gotten herself a new 'toy' as her buffday pressie. She has received this package few days back and only have the time to open it today.

It's Her new Macbook Pro and iPod Touch.

Slowly she unveils the metal out of the box. It's a good news for me too as I get to play 'Cooking Mama'.

From color to white to metal now, this is mummy's 3rd piece of Mac and she's loving it. :)

Adventure of the Mouse Deer

Mummy and I went to esplanade to meet up with aunty QQ, aunty Karen, GY kor-kor, Ezanne mei-mei and Kylie mei-mei to watch a play titled "Deep Deep Forest - Adventure of the Mouse Deer".

The play was at 10am and I stayed up late yesterday, I couldn't wake up on time. Hence, mummy got everything ready, woke me up, fed me with milk, changed me, hopped onto a taxi and off we went to catch the play.

Maybe it was too rushing for me, I threw up my morning milk in the cab juz before reaching destination. Needless to say, the cabby was mad and kept scolding grumbling. Mummy quickly paid and pulled me out of the cab. The 1st thing we did was to clean up the messy pukey and dry up my clothing. :(

As it was free seating, mummy asked aunty QQ to go in 1st and we went in slightly before 10am. Luckily the play turned out well. It was a totally different setting and experience compared to the previous play. We were seated right at the back. However halfway thru, a family who was seated right in front left their seats to pacify their crying gal. Kylie and I then squeezed our way to the front for better vision and interaction. :p

Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei decided to come over to our house for lunch after the play and whoppie.....another round of playtime@home.

Both Kylie and I hit off so well after countless of plays that we had watched together.

Didi was so happie seeing me returning home. It's good to have guests at home once in a while cos didi behaved better when aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei were around. :p

One last photo before aunty Karen and mummy headed off to the mall at BPP for some shopping. :)

19 August 2009

New Haircut & Photo-Taking

Today is school foto-taking day and I had a haircut over the weekend. I had requested to cut my hair short but ever since the haircut, I have been pestering to keep my hair long again. It was a terrible experience for me.

Mummy brought me and didi to a new hair salon for our haircut. However, I wasn't too happie with my new haircut. Neither ah ma nor mummy like it too. In fact, they were disappointed. My fringe was uneven and the the back was worse. Mummy said this would be the 1st and the last time we will be patronizing it. :(

Mummy has bot me 2 hairband to cover up the uneven fringe and I have chosen to put on the blue one for foto-taking today.

Didi has his haircut too. However, he looks nice with it. I wouldn't say dashing but his new haircut really suit him. :p

How could there be such vast difference? Oh well, our hair was cut by different hairstylists. Okie, perhaps didi could go back ter for his hairdo again but not for me. :)

18 August 2009

Kyan's Full Month

This is a post-dated entry on both didi and I attended Kyan didi's full month celebration on National Day together with Shervon. As mummy did not bring her camera along, she used her mobile phone to take peektures, hence I gotto pester her to quickly bluetooth the fotos to my com so tat I could update on it. :p

got so fascinated by Ryan didi's bed and toys. All was his fave - CARS. No wonder he was enjoying himself.

I managed to persuade the confinement lady for me to carry lil' Kyan. Mummy and the CL was on a lookout at all times.

Didi must be thinking was it a toy baby that can make noise. He did sayang lil' Kyan like the way he did at home when playing the toy baby :)

Mummy's eye rolled when I suddenly wanna let go of the baby after carrying for like 20 minutes. Luckily we were on the mattress and the CL had everything in control.

Happy Full Month to U, Lil' Kyan. May u be healthy and fast tall grow up.

17 August 2009

Mummy's Birthday

Entry by Papa

August is a month full of birthdays. Right after my mum's birthday will be my wife's. Yes, 17th Aug is Irene, our kiddos mummy's birthday. To make her really happy, I have decided to get her a bag. Yup, ANOTHER bag to her collection. I wonder since when did the once-a-year ONE LV BAG become a norm. :p

I had Mr K. as guest appearance as he wanted to go LV store so badly but don't wish to enter alone. In addition, he knew very well I will get something out from the store hence he already booked appointment with me to tag along. :)

We went LV at ION Orchard branch. Here's a victory pose before entering...

A new bag is sure enough to brighten up her day. She was all 'lighted up' and in high spirit.

As we had to head home for dinner, we didn't go for the 1-for-1 ice-cream and dessert buffet deal. We are both sweet tooth person but we are really lousy when comes to eating buffet.

Dinner menu was steamboat at home. What a sumptuous treat prepared by my mother-in-law.

The kids were really excited about singing the birthday song, waited eagerly to blow out the one-and-only candle and wriggled about impatiently for their cakes to be served.

I wonder was it the queen's or the princess's birthday? ^.^

Wenz already 'chop' the eyes which was made of chocolate. She is not a cake lover but is definitely a chocolate lover, 1/2 like us cos we love cakes and chocz.

Besides bag, I got her a 'lock-pendant' necklace when I was looking out for my toys. I didn't get anything in the end but she 'earned' another small present from me.

Happy Birthday to my dearest wife. Hope you like the present! Loving U...

15 August 2009

STGCC 2009

Entry by mummy
STGCC aka Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention 2009 is here again. HB is the happiest person as he was invited by his blog friend to attend the official opening nite on thursday (which was not open to public) as a 'media'. How could he miss such a rare opportunity? 1st hand info, 1st hand preview and also the priviledge to buy things without having to squeeze with the others. For more info and coverage, u can visit here.

I brought the kids to STGCC. I love this, sketches of things that collectors like. Too bad, I can't draw, not even sketch else will give my input too.

The convention was way too crowded on a Saturday. I could hardly squeeze thru the crowd with 1 toddler walking and 1 in pram.

Hence I stayed put at one of the booth where Action City was. Wenz was fascinated by these squeezable 'bread' and kept pester me to buy. They sure look lovely. As HB was busy accompanying his cyberfren all the way from nihon, I decided to make my way to Spinelli to wind down and get the kids something to munch.

I bot 2 tees from the Taka booth before leaving the convention. The tees were sooo cute. Both have the character "Domo" on it. In case u dunno how domo look like, here's the pic of it. :D

There were lotsa people cosplaying too. Oooh, my childhood fave - "Mario and Luigi".

One last pose for Wenz with the cosplayers while waiting for the lift. Then my torment in the lift commenced with Wenz kept buzzing me with this question "Can I wear the white gown like the jie-jie earlier?" Luckily she never ask how come the jie-jie's hair was purple. :p

A peep of my cute tee. Domo!!!! (",)

My Ladybug Masterpiece

It was Saturday again and here I was attending my 2nd art class. Look at my masterpiece - Ladybug on leaf. Teacher informed mummy that it was 90% of my work here. :)

12 August 2009

Horror Movie???

Entry by mummy

Watching TV has been a routine for the kids everyday. Ya I noe, it's a very bad habit. However, I do restrict to a movie per day. They have a few selection of movies though but they gotto come to a consensus on which to be played. :)

Wait a minute, wat did I play for them this time round? Why do they have this kinda expressions?

Oh man, this was worse. Check it out!

I really do believe they were watching a horror film from their looks but nah.....it was Ice Age 2 and was watched countless time already. (",)

Aren't my children dramatic? :p

10 August 2009

G.I. JOE - The Rise of Cobra (2009)

This is definitely one of the few movies that is worth watching especially if u r looking for a action-packed film. I really mean it....it was all action-packed right from the start till end. I can guarantee that you wun be bored to tears. :)

I could vaguely remember playing G.I.Joe figurines during the 90s with my brother. We had a full set of it but all contributed to the trash bin oredi. The cartoon was really popular then but I dun remember myself watching any of it. :o

Oh well, back to the movie, I was impressed with the high-tech weapons used in the movie. The casts playing the characters were well-suited too and I especially like the role of Baroness/Ana and Storm Shadow. Ripcord has contributed to most of the hilarious segments in the movie. The ending of the movie suggested that there would be a sequel....

What a fruitful day for me from watching play with Wenz this morning, advance BD celebration in the noon to watching nice movie at night and chilling out at Gloria Jeans with SL, kids' godpa and HB after the show. Thanks to mum for babysitting my 2 precious kiddos. Yippee...(",)

Advance Celebration for Mummy

We went to PS after watching a play earlier. It was an advance celebration for mummy's buffday with her close frens aka aunty Doris, aunty QQ and aunty Karen. All aunties have brought their child along hence this was not only mummy's gathering but mine too. (",)

3 pinkie musketeers :)

Foto-taking while waiting for food to be served

Aunty Karen and Aunty Doris

Aunty QQ & Mummy

Aunty Karen with Kylie mei-mei

Aunty QQ & GY kor-kor

After our meal, the aunties gave mummy a surprise with this cake. The crew brought the cake and sung buffday song for mummy. Boy, she was elated. I was happie too. Chocolate and ice-cream....hmm...yummy :p

Soon it was pressie opening time and mummy wanna thank each and every aunty for making time for a short gathering, meal, drink, fun, laughter and also the R21 pressies. Thank U!
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