31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I was all geared up and ready to perform my "Trick or Treat" as it was Halloween Day! So I was the 'Little Devil Gal'!

The shopping mall nearby our house has this Halloween Party for kiddos to join in and mummy has signed me up. However, papa was recalled back for work hence we have no choice but to leave didi ALONE at home during his nap time in order to attend this party. Mummy said must quickly go and chop chop return home. No time for dili-dehly.......I had great fun joining in the walking around the mall for Trick or Treat with my JAck-O-LanTerN and Pumpkin Hat. Happy Halloween! Grrrrrr......

29 October 2009

Godpa's Buffday

An advance celebration for our dearest godpapa's buffday was held at our house. It was celebrated over simple meal, cake and some catch-up moment.

We got really excited when the cake was placed on the table. Didi sung the buffday song loudly as if it was his buffday. :p

After sing and wish-making will be cake-cutting....oooh yeah!

Then comes my fave moment - Pressie Opening! As it was such a tedious and tiring job, let me be a filial god-daughter to help godpapa open his pressie. :p

Didi and I would like to wish godpapa a super very Happy Buffday!

25 October 2009

A Day Out with the Papas

Together with papa and mummy, didi and I went to have some fun at the playground in the morning after our breakfast. My face brightened up the moment I heard 'em saying it.

Needless to mention, didi got wild and happie too! He was a little skeptical and scared initially. However, he was all 'warmed-up' after a while. It was his 1st time at the playground too! :p

After a nap rest after playground, we gotto go Swensens with godpapa and papa for some sweet treats! Cool.....no wonder u could see me grinning from ear to ear. :)

I did some coloring while waiting for my ice-cream to be served. My coloring should have improved after many many arty farty Saturdays.

Didi likes to 'monkey see monkey do'. See me color he oso wanna laid his hands on those color pencils. But then hor, he where got know how to color de.....all he did was to create a mess out of it and screaming really loudly if I snatched borrowed his pencils. (",)

24 October 2009

Saturday Again!

The usual biz on a Saturday afternoon will be to meet Kylie for some art time. Mummy will have a good time shopping with aunty Karen while waiting for us.

This week masterpiece is 2 butterflies. I love it cos I always associate butterflies with fairies. Wat a mess I hv created as I took my artwork out without letting it dry totally. As a result, I hv stained my chin, arms and mummy's white bag. :o

Check out my mustache pic above. :D

17 October 2009

busy saturday

Each time after my art class, mummy will wanna me to pose with my masterpiece. This time round, I hv decided to be different hence I asked mummy to pose instead.

Juz when I tot I could escape from foto-taking.....I was asked to pose oredi. :p

Remember the 'Ladybug Masterpiece' that I have done? Kylie get to do it on her 2nd lesson too.

Next we took a train down to CCK to fill our tummies. How could the 2 mummies resist the temptation to shop? As we had juz finished our lunch, the mummies had a very good excuse to shop a lil' while before bringing us to play cos they said they were afraid we might vomit out of foodie wor. I saw cute little softy and asked mummy to buy for me. Needless to say, the answer is a straight "NO"! Hmph....

My happiest moment has came. A place that has never fail to bring a smile on my face - PLAYGROUND! :D

Not only me hor, Kylie oso very de happie de mah!

Look! The mummies oso very de happie de wor. They could rest, self-cam, chat and take their shopping loots out to see while watching us play.

The mummies bot some more b4 leaving the shopping mall and mummy has handed over her shopping queen throne to aunty Karen cos she was the winner of that day! (",)

13 October 2009

Uncle Harold and Aunty Grace's Big Day

Papa specially arranged for me to attend the wedding dinner of Uncle Harold & Aunty Grace. I was sooo looking forward as I get to dress up like a little princess once again. Mummy and I get to meet many of papa's friends.

I was busy playing with the wedding favors displayed on our table all night long. The bride looks so gorgeous and pretty during the march-in ceremony. Papa carried me up during the 2nd march-in so that I could get a better view.

I was sooo happie when the newly-wed came over for foto-taking cos can save me from eating, wahahaha.....u noe, eating is really not my forte leh.

Then suddenly our table became so noisy.....how come the big boys can shout out so loudly in public whereas mummy always tell me not to make so much noise whenever I yell or scream?

Hey Uncle Harold, were u drunk huh? Tat's my water bottle leh. 跟小孩搶水暍! :p

Anyway, our table was noisy all night long.....and oh ya, our table was 'yum-seng-ing' non-stop in the name of someone....these big boys juz anyhow find a name to toast to their heart content. I participated too but mummy said I could shout loud loud only for wedding toast. :)

Soon it was dessert time which means the dinner was coming to the finale.....Hereby I wanna wish the newly wed "Blissful and Happiness Always"!

We made our way to the bus stop and there was a whole stretch of courtesy lions with different costume displayed. I specifically chose to pose with this. Cheers!

12 October 2009

3rd Language?

Entry by mama

A research stated that learning 2 languages for children isn't good enuf. In fact, 3 will be better. My mum told me this incident that happened this morning. She went to fetch Wenz from school and brought her for lunch. This gal will always ask my mum to buy small small things for her. Suddenly she has the urge to go toilet and my mum brought her to the loo. There was a short queue and she was queuing behind a Malay lady. She was pacing up and down as if she was very urgent, then she blurted out "Tak boleh tahan". The Malay lady turned around and strike a short conversation with my mum in Melayu then she let Wenz go in the toilet 1st. :)

I find it funny when my mum told me this story. I remembered very clearly I once taught her to say "Selamat Pagi" and she was very angry refusing to learn any. Maybe she wasn't ready then, so does that mean she can pick up a 3rd language now?

11 October 2009

Fun@Chinese Garden

Both didi and I woke up really early on this bright and sunny Sunday morning, it will be totally wasteful if there wasn't any program in line for us. Hence, mummy brought us to Chinese Garden for some running, some fish feeding and photo-taking.

We had a great time exploring the place and didi oso had a good time running about.

I love feeding the fishes and turtles, err....and eating candy most. We had our lunch ter and were deadbeat when we reached home.

10 October 2009

New fren at Art Class

Today is my last basic lesson and next week onwards I'll be joining as a regular. Aunty Karen has decided to enrol Kylie for 3 basic lessons for a start. Not to worry so much, Kylie enjoyed herself very much together wif ME :p

Drying my masterpiece....

Here it is....2 chicks talking :)

We went MacDonalds to have some snacks b4 heading home. Mummy agreed to buy me ice-cream after much persuasion.

Too bad the weather wasn't too good else we will be able to enjoy ourselves at the playground. See U next week, Kylie!

09 October 2009

My 1st Chinese Homework

Look at this duckie! This is my 1st assignment given by 張老師. The deadline is super-long hence mummy has a whole lot of time to coach me do it.

It's a simple piece of task involving coloring, cutting out the shape and pasting. The final product is actually a hand puppet to make the mouth of the duckie move and with me saying 'quack'....'quack'...

08 October 2009

Wenz' Nursery Class Foto 2009

I brought back my class foto today and mummy said is nice. Well, tat goes without saying cos I was inside the picture mah. She din expect it to turn out good actually. Okie, at least it made her $10 worthwhile :)

05 October 2009

DIY Car on-the-move....

Today is the deadline for handing up my home assignment - a 3D model of any mode of transportation (Land, sea or air). Mummy freaked out the moment she read 3D. :p

Papa helped me to complete 99% of it and mummy merely helped to write my name and class on it. So wat did I do? I did the most tedious and important job - handing up to the teacher. :)

03 October 2009

Pak Pandir Traps the Tiger and Oily Cakes

On the Mid-Autumn day morning, mummy brought me to catch this play titled "Pak Pandir Traps the Tiger and Oily Cakes" at the Esplanade together wif Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei.

I enjoyed the play very much. I like the 2nd story about Pak Pandir especially and kept asking how did the goat being eaten by the tiger? :)

Some self-caming for the mummies b4 we leave Esplanade.

We went for lunch at Millenia Walk cos mummy wanna buy something from there.

Wat's a complete meal without dessert? Did u see our lollis in our hands? :p

Off the mummies we went for shopping at Marina...

Kylie and I were truly tired hence we made our way to the bus-stop and along our way we saw this cute lil' Baby Sarah mascot at Suntec. Kylie was terrified of mascot or big looking dolls...

One last shot b4 we bade goodbye to each other. Each of us got a GREEN balloon and aunty Karen simply dislikes green but everytime we go out, Kylie will end up with a green balloon. LOL :D
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