29 August 2011

Terracotta Warriors @ ACM

Dad was keened to view the Terracotta Warriors back from the Qing Dynasty so we had organized another family trip to Asian Civilization Museum after our last visit for Kangxi Emperor exhibition. Terracotta Warriors exhibit ain't so much for the kiddos but they were delighted as long as they got to go out. Dad could concentrate on viewing the exhibit while we entertained the kiddos with the interactive IPhone app on Terracotta Warriors (The world’s first iPhone app for a museum that combines Augmented Reality, mini-games and interactive features to enjoy this exciting gallery trail). At the end of the trip, dad even commented he didn't have to travel all the way to China, Xi'an Shaanxi to just see Terracotta Warriors.

Facts on the Terracotta Warriors: 
The terracotta army buried near the tomb of the First Emperor of China, Shi Huangdi (259 - 210 BCE), is perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of our time. Unearthed in 1974 outside Xi’an, the thousands of pottery soldiers and horses are striking works of art that tell us a great deal about early China. For the first time in Singapore, see the genuine terracotta warriors from the First Emperor’s tomb. Look out for 100 artefacts from Shaanxi, China, including beautiful jade, bronze and gold objects. The Han dynasty inherited the legacy of unified China, and charming terracotta figures from this later period show how the First Emperor’s tomb influenced later burials.

25 August 2011

Summer Japanese Girl

Wenz' school had organized a fashion show to aid children build their self-confidence as well as enhancing public speaking skills. The theme was on 'folks from various countries', so children in K2 had to dress up in costume that represents certain country, say short phases in the language of the native and briefly explained the meaning of it. 'Konnichiwa'- Hello, 'dōmo arigatō gozaimasu' - Thank you. For a girl who loves wearing pretty dresses all the time, Wenz would certainly seized the opportunity to look good, in-front of her classmates. So we had Wenz dressed up in Yukata as a Japanese girl. As a form of encouragement, everyone who participated had received a certificate of participation. Kawaii.... Yoi ichinichi o....

24 August 2011

Denz' Field Trip To Zoo

What's that smell @ zoo!

Denz is going to zoo again and this time with a little difference. He's going to the zoo together his friends @ school. Mommy had tagged along to support his teachers to make sure all the children are well taken care off. I was told by wifee that Denz had brag to his friend that daddy had brought him to the zoo before. Ha! Ha!

17 August 2011

Happy Bd Wifee - Words I Don't Say Often

It’s your birthday and I have a special message for you..................... I am definitely not the wealthiest neither am I the most charming. I maybe inferior to many, but I am the one who will fight for your honor and will be there with you through thick and thin with my true heart. The one who wants to appear right before you, every morning when you opened your eyes and the one who always want to be beside you, protecting you. You know I am not a romantic person however I sincerely hope that this man who exchanged vow with you can raise his head high and proof worthy before you.

10 August 2011

Xenzel calls Papa

Today marks a significant milestone to BBC's development! BBC has started calling me 'Pa Pa'. There's a lot more wonderful things he can now do. Shaking his head right & left when I say 'No', clapping his hands and giving Hi-Five. He is seeking more of our attention gesturing to us to carry him, for food to munch and calling out for someone to play with him.

09 August 2011

How we celebrate Singapore's 46th Birthday?

Selemat Datang!!!

Instead of going to watch NDP this year, our family had celebrated Singapore's 46th birthday in style, by doing catwalk wearing Malay ethnic costume at Zhenghua PCF National Day celebration. Xenz was aslept at home and Wenz had her own celebration at school with her very own hand-made shaker done by herself, with the help of mommy of course. Happy Birthday Singapore!

06 August 2011

Out of The Box

Another witty joke by missus and this time, she placed BBC inside the cardboard box after I had emptied my toys from the overseas parcel. Look at BCC crawling out of the box and amusing himself! Just something to spur BBC's curiosity.

03 August 2011

Xenz' New Haircut

The kiddos were asking why Bang Bang Chan don't look like BBC anymore. The kiddos are not used to seeing BBC having shorter haircut but I can't blame them cos BBC hasn't cut his hair since his full month. Goes to say how slowly his hair were growing. Lol... Well, looking on the bright side, we had save money not frequenting the barber : )
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