24 March 2012

Demise of a Close Friend to the Family

Sadness filled me today and I'm certain that it's even more heartbreaking for Ye Ye and Nai Nai. I could literally hear the sobbing of mum on the phone when she broke the bad news to me. It came too sudden  to hear that my parents' best and closest friend had left us due to heart-attack this afternoon. They were supposed to meet up for dinner the very evening but never have the chance again.

Uncle Black had been best of friend with my parents even before the time I was born. My parents once told me they knew Uncle Black and his wife when the couples solemnized on the same day during a mass wedding event. This strong friendship had fostered since then. Uncle Black and his wife had offered their assistance to our family on numerous occasions and during difficult times and my parents to Uncle Black likewise. My dad often told that in life, you don't need to have many friends but a few good trustworthy friends are enough. These are words of wisdom and I have always live by the teaching of my dad.

We will always remember Uncle Black as a sincere friend, a great father of four and for his sense of humour... Farewell... 

By Papa

13 March 2012

Hello Baby Jordan!

Godpa is finally a father himself and I bet he will be a great father, very busy one... Ha! Ha! Baby Jordan was born at National University Hospital this morning and this call for a celebration. Very auspicious year to have child as this is the year of the dragon if you believe in Chinese zodiac. For a buddy's view, it's wonderful to see my best pal this blissful. Congratulations pal and welcome to the daddy club! Btw, the dinner you ordered @ the ward looks mouth watering.... Can always call mummy for advise, she's a great consultant!

By papa

11 March 2012

3 Days 2 Nite with Cutie @ Ward 851

OMGosh! BBC had a fall while playing with cousin Fin Fin and cried incoherently when he tried to stand. Poor BBC was awarded to Raffles Hospital for 2 days. Fortunately, there was no fractured. Mommy and papa had comforted him with hugs and kisses + lolz of carrying. Still painful for him to stand and walk, but able to be discharged. Glad that little BBC remained cheery over the ordeal and hopefully get over the post traumatic experience soonest. Thank you for the many well wishes on Facebook.
By Papa
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