28 June 2009

Transformers ROTF

Both HB and I went to catch the current hottest movie - Transformers ROTF yesterday and I'd say the movie is AWESOME and funny. Not really suitable for young kids though. Megan Fox is simply sexy and seductive but HB thinks otherwise, kekeke :D

Back to the story....my fave Bumble Bee is incredible in Pt 2 of this movie. He fought so well and bravely....very unlike of him cos he is the one always being bashed up and seeking for help. I was quite disappointed with Jetfire robot mode. The plane mode looks so chio but the robot mode is not appealing at all in this movie. 

The feel is so different from the toy too. Ya Jetfire is my HB's fave, hahaha but the part where he gave up himself to save Optimus Prime was commendable. 

niway...this TF ROTF is a worth watching movie if you somewhat like TF. It is definitely better than the 1st TF movie. (",

27 June 2009

My Poor Sonny...

Denz injured
Denz had a fall yesterday when he was at the park before I reached and all I knew was he has sustained some injuries on his lips and bruises inside his mouth as seen.

To my horror, one of his teeth on the upper jaw actually chipped off a lil'. Luckily it is his milk teeth and it is not too obvious unless you take a closer look of it. Owww....poor boy... 

26 June 2009

Fun in the Sun

As the June Holidays are coming to an end plus the good weather and at the same time HB was on leave, we have decided to bring the kids to ECP for some riding and fun in the sand.

We bot a cheapo frisbee along the way to the park and had a great deal of fun with that round thingy. I enjoyed playing frisbee with HB following the momentum for not letting it drop onto the ground. Wenz enjoyed too while didi could only see and help us pick up, hurhurhur.

Didi got really excited upon seeing the return of his ye-ye, papa and Ben kor-kor with their rental bikes. We put him on the bike right away. However, he got a little afraid admist his excitement.

HB is getting old....it was only about 10 mins of riding didi around and he started complaining about aching. :p

HB then rode on my FL's bike and went cycling with Ben, leaving me to ride the kids. The kids took their turn to be rode. Didi enjoyed to be rode whereas Wenz enjoyed frisbee session more.

Soon HB came back with a bag of ice-cream cones and everyone rushed to grab one. (",)

Didi was one smart lad kept asking ah ma for ice-cream. So young yet already know how to ask for his right! ;)

The cones weren't really enuf to go around hence we gotto share it but I dun mind. Let HB have more so that he can put on the extra pound and happily shedding off it, hahaha ^.^

Wenz dislikes taking foto but she really pantang seeing us taking foto together. She will definitely wanna be part of it.

The ice-cream came really in time to cool everyone down.

After some rest, it was back to frisbee and cycling then wat else???? Returning home lah, kekeke else will gotto be squeezed like sardines with the people on the bus liao.

21 June 2009

Fathers' Day Celebration

Today is Fathers' Day and hereby wishing every daddy Happie Fathers' Day!!!

We had a fruitful Fathers' Day celebration yesterday by starting off with a good lunch, rejoicing for 3 Dads - the children dad, paternal and maternal grandpa. The kiddo's godpa was held up by some personal work else will be for 4. Everyone has good comments and was pleased with their food. As we were in the rush while going out, muddle-headed me has forgotten to bring along the camera.

Shopping was inevitable after meal and we landed up at dessert stall to complete the food cycle. :p

My name was selected for 4 preview NDP tickets this year and off we went to collect it at Marina. This is my 1st time winning any NDP tickets and oso my 1st time collecting it myself. It was hard work....with the road closure, hot weather and walking to the collection point.

We rested a lil' while inside Esplanade after collection of tixs and went to Millenia Walk as our last item on our itinery as my dad needed to get his glasses changed. Dinner was settled ter as well.

It was a long and tiring day out but very fruitful family day. ^.^

19 June 2009

Papa Lesson ONE

Papa suddenly has the mood to teach some Science after sweet treat @Swensens. As mummy has a voucher to bring home one tub of ice-cream free, the ice-cream was packed with some dry ice surrounded it.

Papa has the urge to show us the dry-ice effect after placing the ice-cream in the fridge and there he was bringing out cup with dry-ice and cup with water.....

This made us or rather didi extremely happie about it. It was so amazing why was there so much smoke...though papa did mention something about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and mummy said something exothermic and endothermic....which I think too cheam for us now lah, kekeke :)

14 June 2009

Sunday Morning Walk

It was a bright sunny Sunday and luckily we have program lined up ahead for us. Mummy, together with ah ma brought us to meet their frens at Harbourfront Mrt early in the morning...

The moment didi was out of his pram, you could see a big grin on his face and it would be mummy's gym time, chasing after him. :)

So where did we go exactly? Hortpark....

This wasn't our 1st time there so mummy did not take many photographs. It was indeed HOT. We were perspiring all over with dripping effect.

Mummy showed us snail and explained why did the snail move sooo slowly...it was quite difficult to see snail around the neighbourhood nowadays.

Whoa! I love the big leaf! :p

We did not join the rest for the Henderson Walk cos didi suddenly wanna poo poo and mummy oso not in the mood lah. We sat near the mini cafe area enjoying ice-cream, cookies and icy cold drink. Mummy went to look for cactus and she has found something she likes....

This was what she bot to put at her work place....cute ne as she has especially chosen the tiger! :D

11 June 2009

Singapore Turf Club

Singapore Turf Club was having some sort of open house to public and off we went after mummy came back from work.

It was free admission to all. What's more??? If children went ter with animal-printed top will get a popcorn for free too. This turf club was not alien to ye-ye and nai-nai. There was a point of time where they came quite often.

It was very crowded inside. There were some shops and play scape for the children. They even have coloring contest for the kids for different age groups.

Everything seemed oblivious to didi whereas I kept asking nai-nai about the horses.

Soon the horses made their appearances by parading and galloping one round.....ye-ye said this was the time the gamblers will take notice of the horses then place the bet.

All didi did was eat and eat and eat....

I was influenced by him of course...

After touring the open area at ground level, we went to the gallery to enjoy aircon and snacks. This 2nd floor's admission was more expensive if you were to come on normal racing days.

See how happie and enjoyable ye-ye was!!! No wonder he initiated on coming here lah :p

07 June 2009

Here we come, gong-gong!!!

As gong-gong is coming back from his Thailand trip tonight, mummy brought us to the Changi Airport to welcome him back home. This is another good excuse for us to go out and have some fun. :)

Both didi and I were all geared up and ready to go...

We had a whole lot of fun running 'bout, err....I mean didi lah. He is really unstoppable making me chasing after him.

I pestered mummy on the issue that I wanna sit airplane as usual. :p

Mummy forever say never bring my passport, haven buy air tickets lah else would be forgotten to bring our luggage. Hmpf....I shall remind her next time when we come airport again!

Gong-gong was so happie upon seeing us but he was 'charred-looking' after a week at Thailand. Guess the weather over ter was terribly hot and humid too.

Luckily, papa suggested that we go Swensens for dinner and sweet treats. Well, at least this is something nice to make up for being unable to sit airplane. (",)

06 June 2009

Baking fun....

We had lotsa fun baking and eating gingerbread man earlier at Shervon's place. Thanks to aunty Christin's invite. What we need for making the cookie is all ready in this cute-looking little box except for egg, water and butter.

Shervon and I were having so much fun. The icing tube for cookie deco is in the box too and even the cookie cutter. Cool...

We have some hands-on kneading the dough.....

Look @our oily hands!!!

Whoa! Baking in progress.....Look at all these puffy-fat gingerbread man. :)

Mummy was having a great time decorating the cookie too! Lotsa fun and laughter was created during this time together with aunty Christin and Tr Cai Ning.

Some of our masterpieces....whoa!

Shervon and me both decorated one and ate it up....hahaha...who asked the gingerbread man to be sooo notti :p

What shall we bake next? I heard aunty Christin mentioning something abt "Fairy Cakes"!!! Hmm...sounds interesting...till we bake again (",)
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