30 June 2005

First Jab

Wen went for her first 6-in-1 jab today @kidslink Clinic. Well, how I wish I could take over her place. She's so tiny and helpless but to obey what adults do. If not for these are compulsory jabs, I'll definitely give it a miss. No choice lah since it is supposed to benefit her and make her strong.

Though she only whimpered slightly after the jab was inserted, it broke my heart seeing her cry. The whimper came about 5 seconds after the jab, some kinda delayed reaction. The cry was interrupted by some distraction from the toys in the clinic. Phew, 2 more jabs to go!

Luckily she dun have fever after that cos it's not easy to feed her medicine. The nurse told us to give her 2 doses and stop if no fever. We have tried to feed 1 dose but she spit out the medicine after it was administered into her mouth. Yes, she SPIT it out! Can u imagine that? Her pyjama was stained with sticky red syrup.....got to clean and change her again!

24 June 2005

Sweet revenge

My clumsy mummy cut my finger today. It's so painful till I cry uncontrollably. She's suppose to cut my nails but you know lah... ... she can even say to ah ma that my crying expression is sooo cute. So sadist and unsympathetic of her...some kinda revenge for not getting enough sleep each day izit???

19 June 2005

Bottle War

I dun understand why mummy refuses to let me latch on nowadays. She kept popping this rubber thingy into my mouth where I can taste milk but feeling is different leh. Since she refuses to let me latch on then I oso refuse to take milk from rubber teat especially given by mummy. Notice tat mummy got stressed out with every single little change in me. She's at her wits end not being able to feed me any milk from the bottle. I know she loves me loads then give me what I want lah mummy. Why a sudden change? I know you are going back to work soon but that's a month later mah.

11 June 2005


Granny called daddy saying she's not the right candidate for babysitting me when mummy return to work, which means I dun have to stay over @ granny's house during weekdays & hurray get to see daddy, mummy and ah ma everyday since ah ma has no choice but to stuck with me liao.

I think I must have drive granny crazy.....me pai kia hor?? No what, baby is like that one mah. Cry at slightest discomfort and insecurity. I think I must have miss mummy during the stay @granny's house.

Cheerful Baby

Wen is a cheerful baby. She enjoys playing with ah ma and laugh out loud at times. Really glad that my mum came over to help me take care Wen. I learnt lots of things from her in taking care of baby. Wen likes me to sing nursery rhymes and self-made silly songs to her. Wen is always in good mood whenever at home. She is also responding to my flashcard sessions. She'll smile upon hearing we say gd morning to her when she's awake and look at the apple picture hung on the side of her playpen when we ask her where is apple. My smart gal...(hehe, I'm sure this is what all parents will claim).

08 June 2005

2 days 1 nite

Wah, little Wen went for a 2 days 1 nite holiday @such a young age. Nah, actually is to stay over at my her granny and grandpa's place cos my mum need to go back her home prepare rice dumplings for the coming Dumpling Day. She has been staying with us since the day Wen came home cos she did the confinement for me. Niway, my MIL oso wanna try out looking after little Wen since the arrangement was she is suppose to be my caregiver when I return to work in July.

However, little Wen throw tantrum during her stay over there and drain everyone's energy out. She was being labeled as a little tyrant. My IL went thru a great deal to pacify her. My mum learnt about this and decided to come back home 1 day earlier.

02 June 2005

Alarm Clock

Baby Wen is like an alarm clock. Her timing is so zun man! She'll definitely wake up after a ½ hour nap. It's very difficult to pat her back to sleep mode again. She is so sensitive to noise. A slightest cough or ahem can awake her. Granny was saying she is a light sleeper. Cham lah, got my mum's genes leh. This make us very tiring in the day cos cannot rest and nap during daytime. The best thing about her is she sleeps as early as 7pm at times, but usually around 9pm. Machiam like adult, noe how to differentiate between day and nite. What a darling : p
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