19 July 2009


It's time to tone and firm up my flab.....hence I persuaded papa to let me use his U-Zap. Didi feels that his cheeks are his most 'flabby' area so we were both 'keeping fit' and having fun at the same time. Do u wanna join us for a session or two? Oh well dun wori, I can give u a very good price for that. (",)

12 July 2009

Nothing Particular....

On a fine Sunday morning with nothing to do, we pestered mummy to bring us out as we dun wanna nuah at home and lobo.

Off we went to Bendemeer to look for gong-gong and at the same time went for haircut.

Didi was not at all co-operative during the cutting. Look, this was so unlike me. :p

Oh okay okay, I was none any better than didi. But but I only fool around while waiting for my turn leh.

However, didi stood really still while ah ma was cleaning him up with his top body naked. This was the only moment he managed to guai guai stand still.

How was his new hairstyle? His hair grew so fast and thus mummy asked to cut it shorter. Well, I only cut my fringe as I wanna be princess and all or I suppose most princesses have long hair. :p

Both of us enjoyed messing with the hair on the floor. Yeah, we were lovin' it! :)

All of us went for house visiting after the haircut. Michelle and Melissa taught me how to play "Cooking Mama" and I got hooked up though I still didn't get the hang of it. Too bad papa has sold away his DS Lite. Well, this gave mummy a very good reason to buy iphone then. :)

05 July 2009

Singapore Art Museum

It was juz 1 month+ ago that we visited the museum and early this morning we went to the museum again. However, this time round was Singapore Art Museum. We weren't arty farty of course!

Toy Carnival
We went there bcos papa wanna go to the Toy Carnival. A rather big event for toy lover ya! Didi and I are toy lovers too!

Mask Rider
We were greeted by some of the cosplayers the moment we stepped in. Many people were crowding around the mask riders and the storm troopers waiting to take peektures with 'em.

cotton candy
The 1st thing we did was to queue for free popcorn and cotton candy. Didi dun really like the cotton candy so papa gotto eat.

on shoulder
After which, we looked around inside the museum. There were some toys on exhibition and stalls selling their toys too. Some of the stalls were at Level 2.

Transformers toys were the current hottest thing in line with the movie on the big screen now. There were buyers going for other stuffs too.

balloon sculpting
Mummy saw the balloon sculpting booth and decided to order one for didi. She was fascinated by this spiderman actually but guess which design she has ordered????

Making of car balloonCar balloon
It's didi's fave - Lightning McQueen from the Cars cartoon.

We went to Level 2 to look around after collecting the balloon. This was where papa started spending his money le. There were many robots on sale. How can papa resist the temptations?
He got himself 3 big boxes of toys.

Wenz w/toy
We saw Uncle Calvin at the Falcon Hangar's booth and he gave me this toy.

It is a fruitful trip for papa, didi and me as we all got something for ourselves! (",)
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