29 November 2005

I've got a Passport

Daddy wanted to go for a short trip with mummy. However, mummy couldn't bear to leave me behind so they decided to bring me along. Hooray, I get to tag along :p but I need a passport. Mummy thot she can save some money by taking photo herself but I wasn't really cooperative so the fotos she snaps din turns out well. In d end still have to take foto at ICA.

Take One-Blur Look

Take Two-Buay song look

Take Three-Eyes close

Take Four-Looking shock

Take Five-Final but was rejected due to blur image

26 November 2005

Playing golf

Caught this action accidentally, think that it’s really farny, machiam like playing golf!

23 November 2005

My First Swimming Trip

Hey world, I’m going swimming… I was a bit scared initially but daddy slowly lured me towards the middle of the pool. He’s really patient and careful about me, maybe becos he wanted me to be like him – a swimmer. I din wear any swim gear but mummy bot me a very big blue whale float. Shall show u some pics next time.

20 November 2005


This is one of my fav games for the moment. Mummy will use a towel to prevent me from seeing her then when I pull away the towel, she will make funny faces and sounds. This is real fun man!

18 November 2005

Bore to Ball

Mummy teaches me to play a new thing called BALL. I can see that she is pleased with my performance as I laugh out happily when she throws the ball for me to catch. I can even say out the word B.A.L.L. after few plays.

15 November 2005

Formula One

Why is the milk taste a little different today? I heard mummy saying she added some similac powder inside. Wonder what's tat but I can still accept the taste lah. Guess that must be my first formula.

14 November 2005

PeterPan Studio

We went for another free photo shoot earlier. This time round is at PeterPan Studio. This is a genuine offer. It took only 15 minutes of our time. Here is the pic:

13 November 2005

R u a pacifier???

From one glance I know that is Wen's smelly bolster. Gosh, I was amazed by her action, biting the inner of the bolster out of the cover and sucking on it as if it is a pacifier. After sucking, it sure looks like one. Haha...if we stuff the bolster in for her, she will make a lot of noises machiam like complaining then uses her mouth to bite out portion of the bolster again. How naughty my little Wen is!! :)

10 November 2005

Yummy Yummy

Mummy feeds me something new and delicious today. Hayhay... ...I have learnt the word D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S from mummy as she'll usually recite 'Milk is good. It is nutritious, delicious and good for you!' to me while feeding and making me finish up my milk.

Okie doki, back to the new thing, I heard mummy saying: c'mon baby, try this nice egg YOLK. It is a yellow creamy feeling food. My throat gets really dry after eating but it's nice and yummy. I only took half of it as instructed by the PD. Yum yum... ...some more please??? :)

05 November 2005

The Finale

Not first, not second but the final jab of the 6-in-1 immunisation. Three jabs with 3 different reactions. Baby Wen nearly cried her lungs out this time round when the jab was administered into her thigh. Is the needle thicker than before or what? I dunno but she cried terribly with tears flowing down uncontrollably. However we managed to calm her down. Alas this is the final jab before facing another one next year. :P

04 November 2005

Going Potty

Ah ma has been asking mummy to get me a potty so that baking training can start soon. However, you know lah, my lazy mummy always says ok but then forget to do until ah ma buay tahan liao so bot one blue round potty for me today.

Ever since I started on solids, my output has always been mashy, not like the milky creamy one. It wasn't difficult for ah ma to train me afterall cos I will give out signal whenever I'm ready for BUSINESS. My eyebrow frowns, my face turns red and my mouth goes into a convoluted shape with 'mmmp' sound coming out.

Whenever ah ma hear me 'mmmp', she will place my bum on the potty immediately and coordinates 'mmmp' sounds together with me like stimulating me into the correct mood for baking.

I'll let out false signal at times tricking ah ma, poor ah ma has to 'mmmp' for quite long before getting some result. Ah ma always jokingly says that she'll poo before I do! Hehe...

02 November 2005

Down on fours

Baby Wen has started to crawl eventually. She is using her limbs to perform the crawl finally. She used to move about using the army crawling style. She has master the skill after much coaching and guidance.

Mummy says this pic reminds her of Ju-on

01 November 2005

My Reflections

This is a rather difficult month to take care baby Wen cos her tantrums throwing has got worse. Last month was like honeymoon and now is like hell. She cries often over the slightest thing and she has difficulty falling asleep in the nights leading to more crying. I guess this is pretty common in babies. Hopefully I'll not lose my cool towards her. She can be such an angel at times but when she chose to be a devil, I'm really at my wits end. Leaving her alone to settle down then picking her up again to pacify her is my best solution so far. Looking after baby really is no joke but it can be really fun and fulfilling when you see her changes and developments. When she returns with a sweet smile, you noe that every effort and time u put in is worthwhile .
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