31 August 2005

My Reflections

Noticed that Wenzel drools a lot at the start of this month, mum says it's a sign of teething (so soon meh?), maybe this is what it contributes to her poor appetite for milk (just to console myself). I think we just have to tide her over this period as what the PD said. Talking about teething, quite likely too cos she appears to be more grumpy and grouchy at times recently.

Besides biting whatever she holds in her hands, she'll suck her fingers and toes. Seems that her gums is causing all the irritation and she's receiving the remedy from sucking (if that is the case, why dun suck on the milk bottle?).

Another activity I love doing with her is to hear her coos and babbles. She'll coo along when I sing her nursery rhymes as if she's singing with me. That's so sweet of her as I know she's absorbing what I'teaching her. My smart gal (self-proclaim again...hehe) :P

28 August 2005

4 months old Party

According to hokkien tradition, a party will be thrown when a baby is 4 months old followed by a haircut. We din cut Wen's hair this time cos her hair dun really grow much since her full month shaving. A small feast with noodles, homemade dumplings, finger foods and dessert were served. The party is only extended to immediate family members.

Thanksgiving from Wenzel:
'Thank you ah ma and gong gong for preparing nice nice food for my guests.'
'Thank you granny and grandpa for big big ang pao wishing me fast tall grow up'
(Will I get another big ang pao if the number u asked me to pick come out tonight and tmr?? :P)
'Thank you daddy for paying my new set of clothing'
'Thank you mummy for choosing nice baju and dress me up'
'Thank you Uncle Kelvin and Aunt Philly for another nice cute top and pom pom skirt'
Thanks all, really appreciate ur attendance and presentz... ...
As promised, here is my brush where my lock of hair was kept

and my seal where my umbilical cord was kept.

26 August 2005

Guinness Record

It has been a week since Wen bakes cake. I always reassure my mum that it's very normal for a breastfed baby not passing motion regularly but she thinks otherwise and got unduly worried about Wen's constipation. Usually, the longest duration for her is 4 days then she'll bake a 2kg chocolate cake in one shot instead of the usual ½ kg one daily. However, this time round Wen decided to close shop for 1 week then start business again. It's a 3kg one, hahaha :)

23 August 2005

Real or Fake

Everyday when I return from work, mum will tell me about Wen's new tricks. So what's now?? She know how to fake her cough, sometimes it's so real till I dunno which is fake. If she dun wanna drink milk she'll cough and pretend to vomit causing us to be panic. If she wants our attention, she'll cough. If she wants to be carried, she'll cough too. Seems that she has understand the notion of cause and effect. My naughty little one.

20 August 2005

New exploration-Chicken Wing

My fav fd for now must be my toes. I lurve sucking them, so shiok. It's delicious you know?? I'll move from left to right foot. This is equally comforting compared to the drumstick (fingers) that I need them during sleeptime. Grandpa got this fearful look whenever he sees me sucking my toes while granny will bring out this old wives' tale about sucking toes is to call for a younger bro. Longing for another grandson izit??

18 August 2005

Mummy's Birthday

August is a month of birthdays. This time round is Mummy's BD. Din really celebrate cos daddy has to work. Mummy only ate Mee Sua Soup with egg specially prepared by ah ma in the morning. Sounds delicious, dunno when will be my turn to makan. Nvm lah, I oso get to eat it later in milk form. Daddy bot a green tea cake from breadtalk for mummy. Yummy, green tea milk too! :O

15 August 2005

Gangster Act

Wen is getting more and more garang liao. Her fav activity now must be beating and pushing away milk bottle. Feeding problem comes back again, haiz. She has come up with new trick of not taking milk. She can actually do the suckling action without taking in milk. How clever but the wrong way?? I'm amazed of this action as nobody teaches her. No wonder there's a saying in Chinese: Be good 3 years, be bad 3 days. If we manage to pop in the bottle, she'll beat and push the bottle away or turn her head left and right so that the teat will be out of her mouth. Most of the time, she refuses to open her mouth by making her lips tight. SEE, what a 3 months plus old baby can do!!

10 August 2005

Blowing raspberries

Little Wen is expert at blowing raspberries* nowadays. It's funny seeing her doing it. She will blow it once or twice usually but today after much persuasion of asking her to blow and show her uncle, she blows it repeatedly non-stop. Pissed off by our persuasion izit?? Sso one shot blow all out machiam showing off her talent.

She oso likes mimicking our action of making pok pok sound by putting lips together and blow, this is much easier than raspberries*, no wonder can master this skill faster after seeing us doing it once.

*Raspberries refer to blowing air out of the mouth, making lips vibrate & causing a funny blu blu sound.

09 August 2005

Granny's Birthday

Today is Granny's birthday. Ah ma & Mummy is at home with me. As it's quite late in the nite liao so I was not allowed to go out. But I still wanna wish Granny a Happy Birthday.
Wish her “Year year got today, age age got this day”!

06 August 2005

Daddy On Cloud Nine

Daddy is extremely happy today cos he heard me saying one syllabus 'PA'. He treated it as if I'm calling him. Aiyo......cham lah, after that he always ask me to call 'Papa, papa' .........there he goes again.. I dun dare to tell him it's a mere coincidence. Ok lah, maybe I'll try calling him first over mummy in months later. Just wait hor, daddy! :)

04 August 2005

Am I a Boy???

Whenever I'm outside jalan jalan or in a bus, the people who saw me will comment "Sooo cute" then followed by asking "Boy Ah?"

WHAT?? I'm a BOY?

So far only heard one stranger saying I'm a girl. There's one instance granny and grandpa brought me down to nearby playground and some kids shouted aloud "Di Di (little bro)" and I cried bitterly...... machiam like understand, think I'm startled by the sudden shout lah :P

02 August 2005

Ah ma's Birthday

Today is ah ma's birthday. Just a simple makan session at home. Daddy bot her a cake and I participated in singing birthday song too, it goes like this: bah bah bah bah bah ahh... ... ... . with hands and legs flutter excitedly: p

Happy Birthday Grandma!! (Shall skip the age ~sensitive hor)
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