29 September 2011

Ye Ye's Big 60 Birthday

Ye Ye & Gong Gong

Art-piece by Wenz, Denz & Xenz

Sincere congratulation to Ye Ye aka 'Chang De' (apprentice name) for taking the oath of becoming a full-pledged Buddhist, just weeks before his 60th birthday. In view of this, celebrating Ye Ye's birthday with vegetarian dinner banquet would be most appropriate. Wifee had come out with idea of making a  banner with the kiddos' hand prints as present and our three precious all contributed in the art-piece. We were glad that Ye Ye liked the arrangement that his birthday was celebrated with nice ambient inside the private room of Lotus Restaurant with sumptuous meal.

25 September 2011

Tom's Palette Ice-cream Making

Loc: Shaw Tower - Beach Road

All ready to go!

Wow! Look at all the flavors  they have!

There you go....

Mixing digestive biscuit crusts with honey...

Papa lending a hand....

Mommy the blender!

Caught snacking during food preparation! Bad chef....Lol...

The Nutella ice-cream we made!

The Mango Cheesecake ice-cream we made!

We were back at Tom's Palatte again but this time, it's more than just ice-cream eating. We were there to learn how to make yummy tasty ice-cream. The recipes were for 'Mango Cheesecake' and 'Nutella' flavored ice-cream. We had fun, hands on and even taxing on the mixture before our ice-creams were even ready to be served. Shame on us! Lol... During the intervals, we were also invited to ice-cream buffet so sweet-tooths like us were in seventh heaven. Well, after trying almost all the flavor from the freezer, my favorite ice-cream flavor at Tom's Palette is still 'Apple Pie'.

By Papa

24 September 2011

Coaching Wenz Swim

Swimming is an essential survival skill so it's important to me that my children know how to swim. I don't expect them to be medalists but at least be able to trap water and stay afloat in time of emergences. I love swimming and now takes a passionate role in coaching to Wenz in swim. Wenz still rely on the float to swim however she had shown much progress for someone who did not ever dare to put her head beneath water from the start.

By Papa 

23 September 2011

Pink Ribbon

Mommy is preparing Wenz for P1 and one of those skills Wenz needed to pick up along the way is to tie ribbon. This little girl was exhilarated about showing off her new skill so I video it to clock her timing. She even says she wants to have shoes with laces in future. Aiyo, always think about looking good only...


17 September 2011

Denzel 4th Birthday Celebration @ Home

Mummy's announcement on the board

One gallon of Garrett Popcorns for the guests

DIY Popiah 

Super tasty Mee Rebus prepared by Ah Ma & Gong Gong.  No joke, Makansutra standard

Ye Ye making his popiah with a big smile

Godpa going for Mee Rebus

Ah Ma making Vietnam style popiah

Ye Ye carrying BBC & Finn

Swensen Ice-cream with 'Cars' design and 'Cars' cake toppers

A photo with big sis

Cousin Finn Finn

Family photo

Denz cutting his cake

A photo with Godpa before his departure

Denz happily unwrapping his presents

‎4 years ago, my Sonny Boy came to Planet Earth and added lotsa joy, laughter & happiness in our family. 4 years later as at today, he is still continuing to inject more laughter, joy and fun. Happy Birthday to U, Denzel! **From your dearest daddy and mummy with love~** Everyone (Mummy Irene, Daddy Dennis, Sis Wenzel, lil' bro Xenzel, 阿嬤, 公公, 爺爺, 奶奶, Philly 姑姑, 乾爹 Terence, 舅舅, 舅媽 and Cousin Ben) loves U!!! ^o^

By Mummy
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