30 September 2009

Pyjama Party....

I do not have to go school today cos school had organized a "Pyjama Party" in the evening in place of Children's Day Celebration in the school. Every kid was given a ticket which could admit 2 adults and 1 kid.

This is my 1st time attending party with such a theme. I was all dressed up in my PJ and even brought my baby doll along.... We only stayed for the 1st 1/2 of the event which was magic show as the 2nd 1/2 was scheduled to watch "Kungfu Panda" and I have watched at least thrice le. I had even watched it in the cinema so nah...not watching ter....

We ended up having yummy ice-cream over at Swensens. Cool....and oso a great way to celebrate this year Children's Day.

29 September 2009

Didi is going to skool....

It was didi's 1st day of skool with the Tots House. He was super happie when he put on his uniform. Everything seems great the moment he entered the classroom together with ah ma.

His happie mood changed drastically the moment ah ma left the classroom 5 minutes after entering. Didi wailed as loud as the thunder as soon as he realised ah ma was missing. He was sobbing pitifully for ah ma thereafter.

From happie face to crying face, though not as bad as the above but he was almost ter le. 頑張ってdidi. U will get use and love going skool soon. :)

28 September 2009

Celabrating Ye-Ye's Buffday

We have decided to celebrate ye-ye's buffday a day earlier as papa gotto work tmr. Everyone is voting for pizzas hence off we went to GreenRidge.

Something happen halfway thru the meal..... Ben kor-kor's tooth dropped while he was indulging in his fries. His tooth dropped onto the floor and was bleeding quite badly at the start. Luckily the bleeding had stopped after a while. However, this did affect a lil' on his appetite.

Everyone walked slowly back to ye-ye's house for cake-cutting. Mummy has especially chose this cake as she found the expression on the cake look so much like ye-ye. I do find some resemblance too. :p

What a sumptuous meal and yummy cake we had. Happie Buffday to our dearest grandpa!

27 September 2009

Godpa's Visit

Our forever thoughtful godpapa has came over to visit us. He has brought along a box of durian mooncakes for mummy everyone to eat. I could foresee the whole box of it being eaten by mummy. :p

Besides mooncakes, godpapa gave didi his well-wishes belated buffday "ang pow". A big thank U to you. As we had not see godpapa for a very long time and at the same time there was 'no government' at home as papa was working, we got ourselves a very good chance to "bully" godpapa by playing the "hit-and-run" and hair-messing games. :)

On top of that, we oso put tattoo on godpapa's hands using the remaining tattoos from the NDP.

As mummy had oredi promised us in the morning that she'll bring us down for lantern-carrying, she has no choice but to bring us down else her ears will not be spared. Godpapa din join us in the fun though.......hmm....maybe bcos he didn't bring his lantern along. Thanks godpapa for ur mooncakes (from bottom of mummy's heart :p), ang pow (from didi) and making time to visit us.

19 September 2009

Sneak Preview of Mooncakes.....

Papa has craving for ice-cream and treated everyone in the house to Swensens. They were having Ice-cream Mooncakes promo as Mid-Autumn Day is appraoaching.....

Hence papa decided to get a box of 4 different flavours after much persuasion the manager's excellect skill in promoting it.... all the flavours were highly recommended by the manager.

Their I/C Mooncakes has definitely improved in taste as I could see mummy singing praises and eating quite alot of it.

Outing with Kbabes

I went straight to BPP the moment after my art lesson to meet up with didi. We had a bit of fun with the kiddy rides while waiting for......

the guest appearance. They were aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei. Mummy called them 'The Kbabes'.

We went to the newly open cafe for some snacks while kbabes had their lunch. I had no interest in food as usual no matter if u r a newly open cafe anot. :p

However, I'll bound to brighten up when comes to PLAY!!!!! Mummy sent didi home 1st b4 re-joining us....

Yippee.....we were going to CCK for some girly's biz. :)

Wat else? Shopping, eating, buying, spending of course!!!! Hiakz (",)

We went Pizza Hut to fill our tummies with soup, pasta, bread sticks and many finger foodies..
Happy us after our satisfying meal....
Coincidently I met my fren, Matthew at CCK too. We ended up playing happily at the playground where I got myself wet all over at the wetland.

Mummy got herself some more clothing from Bossini and shared this last set of Campbells Dinnerware with aunty Karen.
What a long and tiring day but a fruitful trip for all!

My Rainbow Masterpiece

Mummy brought me for my basic art lesson No. 5. Each student gotto complete 6 basic lessons before being enrolled to the regular class.

I joined the 1st class timing which is 9am. However, mummy mistook the time as 9.30am and I was late theoretically but not my fault. :p

The teacher din say anything. It was mummy who realised her own mistake. The sky was so dark and true enuf there was a downpour not long after mummy went off. Teacher let me paint 'Rainbow'!!! It may be due to the weather perhaps.

It was still raining heavily when mummy came to fetch me. She gotto carry me in arms and sheltered me over to the shopping mall to meet up with didi and ah ma. I held my masterpiece in my hands and din make it wet. One more collection to my art file. Stay tune for my final basic masterpiece......

17 September 2009

Denz is 2 Officially

Entry by mummy

Denz has officially turn 2 today and I'd like to wish my sonny boy a Happie happie Buffday!!! Stay healthy and happy always. Mummy loves U! I'm sure everyone enjoys ur presence and joy that u have brought to them with ur unexpected 'lil actions and words.

Happy 2 Years Old, sonny boy!!!!

14 September 2009

Cross Dressing....

Didi always wanna snatch get involve whatever I was doing. As a Princess, my daily routine is to 'build' my castle, imagining putting on gown and walking around with my costume heels.

Didi sees liao definitely will make noise and asked to put on. If I dun give way to him, for sure I'll end up being scolded for not sharing, for not being a good sister.........

Surprisingly, he could walk pretty well with it. Well too bad, you are a boy and boy dun go for girly stuff, didi.

See this cheeky vainy boy, he even said '美美'....OMG!!! The best part is he could even run and dance with the heels on.

What's more? Didi can also do exercise wearing it. He definitely has weird taste on shoes. Not too bad for me actually as he kept me occupied and entertained me all day long.....(",)

13 September 2009

Didi's BD Celebration

We celebrated didi's 2 years old buffday yesterday evening. It was a mini celebration with family members only. Godpapa gotto work cos of Comex hence we were missing him.....

The 1st pressie didi opened was given by gu-gu. This is his 1st beary stuff. It came with a birth certificate too. Cool....the bear can sing BD song too! I like it very much......hint hint didi :p

Well, mummy always says gotto share hence I'm pretty sure didi will be generous and share with me then I'll make it mine. :D

Next nai-nai helped didi to open their pressie for him. It is Thomas the Train with Trevor. Didi must be elated cos he simply loves vehicles. As we used to watch Thomas cartoon over at nai-nai's place, this is not foreign to didi. He kept saying "Thomas...". :)

The next highlight after meal will be cake-cutting.....Didi loves cake to the max whereas I love chocz. Mummy especially ordered a cake with cars on top. We had a great and fun time clapping, singing and blowing off the candles. Didi fed himself and made a mess out too!

The next pressie that didi opened was this transformers figure aka Optimus Prime from papa. Didi where got as pandai as me! Papa was so impressed when I told him this is not robot, it is Transformers when I din even watch any TF-related stuff b4. Didi called this toy 'beebot' cos he still dunno how to pronounce correctly. Actually wat he wanna say is 'Robot'. :p

Didi must be on cloud nine upon receiving so many pressies. I'm sure didi had a great time playing so many 1st thing in his life - 1st Bear, 1st Thomas the Train, 1st 'Beebot' and of course 1st time being able to blow his own 2 petite lil' candles.

12 September 2009

Coincidence Masterpiece.....

I went for my 4th art lesson this morning and see what I hv painted? We will be celebrating didi's buffday tonight and it was a coincidence tat I gotto paint a buffday cake. But then hor, how come 4 candles huh? :p

09 September 2009

Old Toy New Fun

This play tent was kept inside the storeroom for quite some time and those play balls were sold away long ago too! I rmb didi did not like it when he was much younger during his crawling stage. In fact, he did not take it too well to it, he was afraid to enter then. :p

Look at him now, he got really excited even b4 mummy could fix up the play tent. Instead of playing balls inside, mummy poured all our legos inside for us to build toys.

Didi sure has tons of fun with the lego blocks while I was busy playing my own imaginary castle game with occasional snatching of didi's creation! :o

05 September 2009

Faith's Full Month

Right after watching the play in the morning at the National Library Building, we went to have lunch, shopping then wait for ah ma and didi to arrive. Yes, they were coming along for Faith mei-mei's full month party.

As it was still early, we shopped at White Sands for a while before catching the free shuttle bus to Downtown East. We then made our way to Costa Sand (Pasir Ris) after ah ma had her lunch cum dinner.

The limelight of the evening was Faith mei-mei. She looks so dainty and adorable. As her surname is Foo, she's automatically known as Miss Faithful. :)

We were among one of the earliest who had reached. Shortly after, mummy's fren aka Uncle Hou Liang has reached. They were busy makan-ing and chatting while I kept myself busy and entertained playing cooking mama and fashion jojo. :p

Didi was creating far too much 'noise polution' in his pram as expected cos he did not take his usual nap. Hence ah ma pushed him to the reception area and before he could reach the reception, he fell asleep oredi.

I continued playing till another fren of mummy aka aunty Ting Ting had reached. We took a group foto with the limelight and left shortly thereafter. Luckily uncle Hou Liang kindly drove us to somewhere convenient and we took a bus home happily. Thanks uncle Hou Liang for the ride.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Uncle James for the invitez and congrats to both Uncle James and Aunty Jeannie on their new bundle of joy. Enjoy ur parenthood as much as mummy does (I think she did)! :p

Most importantly, Happy Full Month to Faith and may u 'fast tall grow up'! Stay healthy too! (",)

Little Green Frog

It's Saturday which means no school for me and no work for mummy. Mummy has already arranged with aunty Karen to bring me and Kylie to the National Library.

Wow, it was our 1st time to the National Library.

We weren't there to borrow books but to watch a play regarding a 'Little Green Frog'.

This is the play I was talking 'bout. It is about this little green frog named Chung Kayguri who lived together with his mama. Chung Kayguri was very defiant of his mother and didn't listen to her, which greatly hurt her feelings. Whatever Big Mama Frog would say, Chung Kayguri would do exactly the opposite. Her deep sighs shook the trees and her tears would drop into the nearby stream.

Little Green Frog didn't care; he laughed, and said to himself, "Nobody can tell me what to do. I will do whatever I want, my way. If you tell me to do one way, I will surely do the opposite."

But one day, because of his defiant nature, the Little Green Frog gets a big shock which in turn make him realises his mistakes. Just when he thinks that his mama was gone trying to save him away from the giant, his mama appear in front of him badly injured. Luckily everything wasn't too late and he has also promised to listen to his mother from then on.

It is a wonderful story using puppetry, music and fun to help us realise that wise words are worth listening to!

We went for lunch after the play then some shopping time for the mummies. *yawn* :)

Well, everything wasn't boring till we got lollipop treat from mummy. Look at the bright smile on our faces, u will noe ur $ was well-spent on the candy, wahahaha ^.*

One last foto before we bade goodbye to aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei. See U at the next play in October.

04 September 2009

All 'bout Denz

In about 2 weeks time, my sonny boy will turn 2 officially. Many commented that he looks 'grown-up' for his age, some even think he is 3 or 4 oredi. See how much he has grown.

He is so different from darling princess Wenz. He is cheekier, more active, hot-temper, loves throwing and destroying things like stitch in the Lilo movie, irritated easily, cannot play alone and couldn't have enuf fun and play once he groove into play mode. But he is a sweet boy. He will get excited when he sees people coming home. He will address u automatically. He knows his rights and many many little things and actions that made me smile and make my day.

Denz is more fortunate than Wenz in the sense that I'm a 2nd-time mum to him. I no longer set my standard so high and I can understand children better now.

That's why I'm more flexible in handling certain issues now, else u wouldn't be seeing him playing with my wallet and the contents within and leaving the mess for me to clear later. :)
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