31 July 2007

Poor Cranky Wenz

Wenz has been cranky since yesterday evening. It all started off yesterday morning. Actually she was in a very good mood after bathing but she was scolded and beaten on her hand by her papa. I was too late to stop all this from happening. *sigh*

I could see she was holding back her tears thru-out the whole scolding but ultimately burst out into loud yell and cries. I hug her tightly and gave her reassurance. It was really painful seeing her crying cos I think she din noe why she was being scolded. On the other hand, hubby was angry over her itchy hand touching his precious music cd that was on the floor. Despite asking her to stop touching, her hand were seen on the cd. To my assumption, I guess she wanted to take the cd and pass to her papa but her papa of course blew off his top after seeing her being so disobedient. Worst still, she could have spoil the cd if she accidentally scratches it.

I'm not blaming hubby for Wenz' crankiness but to spoil the gal's day right in the morning is bad. She hasn't settled down from the incident and ye-ye came to bring her to school. Our initial plan was to bring her to school together then go off for my check-up but seeing hubby so angry, I doubt he has the mood to do so.

I felt so bad for not being able to pacify and explain to Wenz thoroughly before letting her go to school. This incident also spoil my mood and I think hubby also dun feel happy cos we actually asked him to control his temper and dun beat the gal when he was taking his breakfast. Hubby of course unhappy as he feels that if we spare the rod, we will spoil the kid. I do agree with this statement but I'm not asking him to stop disciplining the kid but merely dun use force as I see that Wenz has the tendency to beat us back nowadays. Where did she learn all this from??? From us parents, isn't it??? Thus I have stop using corporal punishment on her but a different approach ever since I notice this.

After my detailed scan, I slow-talk with hubby again over the incident. He still think he wasn't in the wrong doing that. I'm not saying he's wrong but wanted him to control a bit before laying his fingers on Wenz. He said he was brought up this way and nothing is wrong. Aiya...he juz couldn't see my point. You can smack but that's provided the kid understand why she was being smacked, isn't it??? If not, she will be super-不甘愿 wat. Which kid likes to be smacked??? I'm sure there isn't any one child who enjoys this.

When we came back after my check-up, mum told me Wenz took the 'head' that was found in the mega bloks container that I have bot for her last few weeks and said "beat mimi"....."beat papa". See!!! 我是冤枉的 okay!! It sounded kinda farny though I dun feel good after hearing this cos she always takes that head and kiss at it. I noe this gal well, if she really noe it's her wrong-doings, she wouldn't have behave this way. Seems like my assumption is correct, she doesn't noe where she has done wrong.

Anyway she has been super cranky since then and even beat me for nothing after she woke up from her late nap in the evening. Then I ignored her, pretending not to friend her. She was so 'sway' that she clamped her toes and got 2 toes injured while closing the door. Her poor toes bled a bit and I managed to pacify her using all my means at the end of the day. We have decided not to let her attend school the next day cos sekali other children step onto her toes, it will be disastrous.

However, she didn't sleep well the whole night and fell sick this morning. She kept crying in her sleep and fell from her bed this morning. She simply refused to drink and eat the whole morning and fell asleep on the sofa till 11 plus. I managed to coax her finished her honey water then fed her some cereal. I brought her to see doctor after that and it was confirm that she has high fever - 39 degrees celcius!!

Oh my god.....look at the medicine she has to take. One bottle already got problem feeding, let alone 5 bottles. This time round I asked for spoon instead of syringe cos I'm determine to bring her fever down. I was given 2 types of fever medicine with a routine to follow. Hopefully after one dose, I dun have to feed the super-strong fever medicine liao. I took some ointment from GP as well for her toes injury.

I couldn't help thinking of yesterday incident cos it started off with the bashing and scolding, then toes injury, followed by falling down from bed and lastly fell ill. I know it got nothing to do with yesterday thingy but we have bring her luck down early in the morning. My heart still ache when i think of her crying expression. There's a saying in Chinese "家和萬事興". I personally believe if there's no conflicts and quarreling in the house, the family will prosper and happiness will follow.

30 July 2007

How's Junior???

Junior at 32 weeks 4 days :)
Went for another detailed scan earlier and junior is active thru-out the whole check-up. He was playing with his fists and there was one point he even used one of his hand to cover his face. So cutez.....

Everything is fine with the baby......blood flow and fluid is adequate, heartbeat is normal, growth is on the right track and his position is also right. Dr Kek even commented that he is quite tall......well, both of us are tall mah, kakaka.....He is now weighing about 2.2kg. Wow......tat means I got most of the weight and not him. Hmmmm.......which means I gotto be extra hardworking in shedding off the extra pounds after junior pops out :(

Shall see junior again in 3 weeks time.......(",)

29 July 2007

Ah Ma's BIG Birthday!!! (",)

We celebrated ah ma's 60th Birthday on Saturday 28 July. That day was ah ma's actual Lunar Birthday. However, ah ma's ang mo birth date is 1st Aug.

Everyone was so busy on Saturday. Papa was busy sleeping as he was working a night shift the previous day, mimi busy looking after my well-being so that gong-gong and ah ma have time to get some finger foods ready, jiu-jiu was busy driving around running errand, buying things and collecting stuffs while jiu-ma stayed at home waiting for the caterer and cake deliveries.

Though it was a busy and tiring day, everyone is happy. Gong-gong and ah ma were the busiest as they always insist on cooking something extra and special for the guests whenever there are party.

Ah ma always says a birthday will be insignificant without the longevity buns especially for the oldies. We remembered and thus ordered 100pcs of it for her. We also hope she could live a ripe age till 100yrs old. :)
Really glad that most invited guests gave face and turned up for this joyous celebration. Hope all who turned up enjoyed the food that was specially prepared and catered for them.
The long awaited moment has arrived...........*drum beating* drrrrr........the cake cutting time. Look at this gorgeous and enormous cake!!! Mimi said this was her 1st time ordering such a big cake. It's a mango crepe cake. Yum...Yum.....Mimi specially asked the caterer to add in 身體健康 on the cake as ah ma's health has not been as good as before, esp this year she kept falling sick and down with common illnesses.
Hmm....did u notice how come I wasn't in the picture??? Hmph.....i was sleeping loh. I must be feeling too tired playing in the whole morning and running about in jiu-jiu's house. But anyway, I wanna wish my dearest ah ma Best of Health, Best of luck and Full of Blessings!!!!

Happy Birthday to you ah ma. (",)

26 July 2007

Hi-5 is coming to town!!

Initially, mimi has the intention to bring me for Hi-5 Circus Stageshow at the Singapore Expo sometime in early September together with my frens, Gwen and Kylie. They had nearly bought the tickets and suddenly it was announced that 2 of the members not coming so they decided to cancel the plan. Mimi's 2 fave Hi-5 members Kathleen and Tim aren't coming to perform. Worse still, Kathleen is quitting from Hi-5. That got to say, I will have to make-do with Sun with jup-jup in future Hi-5 series.

Hmm....never go also good cos can save $$ since I'm already above 2 years old, I'm actually required to buy ticket to enter this year.

Well, at least I can watch this at home. This is a new released DVD in Australia and it was given to me by aunty Faith. Wow, it has many features compared to DVD bought in Singapore. Thanks Aunty Faith!! Let me noe when u going over to Australia again hor, kekeke :)

23 July 2007

Gardener Me!!!

Ever since mimi taught me how to say the words "watering plants" from the 'I Can Read book', I love to say it every now and then. In order to make me understand further, I got a real-life experience on it.
I'm a pro in playing water watering plants isn't it?? Kakaka :p

I really enjoy this hands-on experience and even have the chance to water my meighbour's plants for few times. After which, I kept asking for it everyday when mimi came back from work. Of course my lazy mimi didn't allow this to happen everytime I requested. Hmph....wat a spoil sport!!

19 July 2007

My Tricycle

Mimi ordered a tricycle convertible to bicycle for me after I kept saying bicycle to her. However, jiu-jiu ended up paying for it as he helped mimi to collect it. He said he bot for me. Thanks jiu-jiu.

I was elated upon seeing it. Mimi said gimme 3 days to master the skill of cycling or rather pedaling. I where got need so many days one!!! I only took a while to learn how to go-stan and pedal forward with the training and guidance from ah ma the very next day after I came back from school. :p
I was having so much fun. Mimi said after I really know how to cycle, she's going to bring me to East Coast Park for cycling. Yippee......more fun awaiting for me!!!!

16 July 2007

Fun Time at IMM

What can we do on a boring hot saturday??? Of course go somewhere with aircon to enjoy. Mimi brought me to IMM together with ah ma and gong-gong.

The first thing when we reached was to look for jiu-jiu then off we went off for some shopping. I was fascinated by the toys displayed in the whole stretch of toy shops. I even refused to leave when mimi said 'Let's go'. Mimi so bad, left me alone in the shop. I din cry even though I couldn't see her around. See how tough I am!!! :p

Mimi rented this Grand Coupe trolley for me to sit while she shopped. I was having a great time 'driving' then they stopped by this medical shop to buy some tonic for use during mimi's confinement in about 2 months time. They spent so long inside till I dozed off in the coupe. Ah ma saw liao felt that I might feel super uncomfortable sleeping in sitting position so she tried to carry me out. Poor me was awoken and threw tantrums. They bo bian and surrender to my tantrums so left me in and I slept again. I woke up juz before they left the shop. I refused to return the coupe to the lady but she was smart enuf to bait me out with yummy gummy. :)

11 July 2007

Mum's Rambling :)

I am feeling lousy today!! Feel like vomiting the whole day. Dunno wat's got into me too!! I experience lost of appetite since I stepped into 3rd Trimester. Well, juz hope everything will get back on track real soon. *pray hard*

Dad is coming back from Thailand today and mum on the other hand must have misses her hb so so much. We have made necessary arrangement for my FL to send and fetch Wenz from school so that mum could go airport to fetch dad. It is really a blessing that everyone around me is so helpful when comes to care for the child.

When I reached in-law's house after work, Wenz was sleeping soundly in the living room. Both ML and FL were pleased with Wenz' behaviour. I was actually quite relieved to hear that cos the future arrangement when junior comes out will be quite similar to this except I dun really agree for her to stay over at in-law's place every afternoon after school till I fetch in the evening after I came back from work.

Really appreciate my in-law's initiative to help but I have my reason for doing so. I want Wenz to bond more with didi at home than not seeing didi most of the time. I hope they will share a special bond and build up their sibling relationship well. Am I wrong for thinking this way?? I really dunno. Anyone with 2 kids can share on this issue?? Really need some affirmation and reassurance :)

FL is very dedicated and I have no worry for him to take up the task of bringing Wenz to school. ML on the other hand is also very patient in teaching the children and I trust her to be able to take good care of Wenz as well.

Parenting is so difficult especially without hard rules to tell you whether you are right or wrong. I really hope I wun make any decision that will lead to regret in future. *keep finger crossed*

09 July 2007

Bad Choice = Bad Day

I'm due for my check up today and juz happen Wenz also woke up early so thot of bringing her along together with my mum as she hardly goes out.

Everything juz ain't right. The moment we left home Wenz started faking her cries and we walked all the way to the bus interchange to catch a bus to Orchard. She has been disobedient on the way to the interchange and hubby's mood already affected by a bit.
During the bus journey, she could still be tamed and subdued. It was until we alighted from the bus, her temperament has became worse. She threw tantrums, cried for no reason, refused to listen to our instructions and making everything difficult for us. Upon reaching Mount Elizabeth Hospital while waiting for lift, hubby refused to carry her as he was so angry with her already. She was simply cranky and unstoppable. He even used the word "IRRITATING" on her. :(

However, she was playing happily with the toys inside the clinic the moment we reached. I din expect to see my gynae so fast cos everytime I need to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes before seeing Dr Kek but this time round was like 5 minutes after the routine pre-tests. Maybe my gal was making so much noise till they let me go in first :)

The nurse prepared me 1st before letting my family in to see the scan and boy...I could hear Wenz' voice while waiting for them to come in and I could tell right away there was some tantrums throwing outside. Not long after I could hear her crying. I felt uneasy. I thot she missed me and cried for me but nah?? Thick-skin me!! "*_*

She fell and that leads to her crying. It wasn't a serious fall. After the scan then I understand from hubby that she tried to hit my mum and the nurses outside told her she cannot do that then she lost her grip and fell right after hitting my mum on her face. Hubby said my mum said to Wenz that it's her retribution for hitting her and he finds this statement very funny though. I was angry upon learning that she has hit my mum. This is obviously wrong and something she shouldn't be doing. *angry*

Junior at 29 weeks 3 days
Anyway back to the scan, junior is growing well and his head is down, sitting right on my pelvic. No wonder I am experiencing lotsa pain when I walk, squat, sit and even stand. But I am glad that he is well. No one take note of the scan cos Wenz was crying even inside the gynae's room but mum saw junior moving from the screen. He was playing with his fingers perhaps. Well, I will be back in another 3 weeks time for another detail scan to check on his development and well-being.

We left the clinic and wanted to find a place to take our brunch. We went to the nearest foodcourt and guess wat??? Wenz refused to go in and cried somemore. Nothing can stop her. The whole trip was unpleasant. It is a wrong choice to bring her out today. Hubby couldn't hold his temper anymore and carried her in his arm and said take a cab home right away. He hit the wall with his fist to vent his frustration. I understand him too well. If he did tat means he is very very angry. It has been a long time since he last hit the wall. But it's a good thing too cos if he dun hit the wall he will beat the gal. Everyone went home with a 'black face' and famish stomach.

Strangely, Wenz was okay in the cab. She even told ah ma 餓扁了. I heard already dunno whether to laugh or to remain angry with her. Ever since being a mother, my temper comes and goes off easily. But hubby still keep it inside him. I admire my mum's patience. She fed this gal patiently upon reaching home. I could tell hubby is still upset over the earlier incident cos he locked the study room when he came in. When Wenz called papa, papa and tried to open the door, he murmured to himself softly "I dun wanna see you today". His expression makes me wanna laugh cos I not only have to pacify one child, I gotto make the another big kid cheer up too. I dun blame him either as some people juz couldn't control and manage their temper properly.

The rage inside him was so great that he has to do lotsa things to distract himself. First, he filled his stomach with nice instant noodles, took a nap after that, surf net to buy things online, watch fave drama and he even went for a jog at 3pm. When he returned he told me he wanna go out. I suggested going out with him since Wenz has juz slept. Without me around to open him up, he can never jump out from his rage.

True enuf, he was feeling great and well after the trip out with juz the 2 of us. Wat's so difficult to satisfy this hubby with a nice meal, fruitful shopping trip and great companion!! :)

06 July 2007

New toys....

It has been a while since I bot toys for Wenz. As I have some time, I went kiddy palace to see if I can find anything interesting.
I bot a new doodle board that can draw in different colors and a keyboard for her. I thot of adding in a guitar but maybe I can get that later. But I will let her play with the keyboard first and keep the doodle board if her current one KO.
Wenz has been deprived of playing with the keyboard ever since it was kept in the storeroom to make space for the new 'transformation' in the study room. Thus I bot a smaller one to be placed on her playing corner. She loves it the moment she sees it. Children are intelligent by nature or am I too naive?? I thot if I dun teach her how to switch on and off she wouldn't noe how to do it but nah.....she knew where and how to switch it on and off and stop a music from playing after playing for a while. Oh my....now she has all the freedom to press any button to make music.
I could see her enjoying herself and there was a few times I saw her placing on her shoulder machiam like adult placing the radio on shoulder action. I guess she must have relate the keyboard to be a radio or she must have seen such action on TV. Looks kinda cute. :)

Another instance I saw her taking a small torchlight to be her microphone when she sang. Hahahaha.......I wonder where she picks up all these, guess must be from TV again. The great influence of TV programs!!! This reminds me to choose wisely the type of programs for her to watch.

04 July 2007

Going School with Mimi

Mimi sent me to school for the first time as she wasn't feeling well so doctor gave her a day to rest at home. Mimi took this chance to take some photos of me of course. Ah ma went out together us as well cos she was going to have a hair-do since mimi was around to takecare of me and fetch me after school.
Of course I was happy mimi was able to send me to school. So when it was time to get out of the classroom, I wanna rushed my way out but was hindered by teacher. The moment I saw mimi at the door, I cried and asked to be carried. Teacher told mimi I played with water and got my top wet again so teacher has changed me to another t-shirt. Hey, at least I wet my top nia and not bottom okay. :p

Mimi felt embarassed as we have juz returned a set of yesterday clothing and so fast gotta loan another tee home. She hurried home cos the moment she carried me I dun wanna come down and walk liao and it was quite taxing on her to carry me all the way home.

03 July 2007


Aiyo....ah ma got a shock when she saw me not in my uniform when she came to fetch me. Both my top and bottom were wet. Teacher changed me to something dry. She then told ah ma I have wet my clothes purposely by playing water.

Papa reported this to mimi over the phone but mimi dun find it surprising cos she has witness the way I drink and play with water when at home. She is more concern whether do we have to pay for the clothes anot cos she thot teacher put on new set of uniform for me. Sigh...this is my money-face mimi. But ah ma of course felt embarrassed for my misconduct loh. She's going to change my bottle tmr. :)

01 July 2007

Princess' Recent Tricks

Time past so fast!! Ever since Wenz has turned 2 years old, I have stopped counting her age in months. She has marked her 26th months old.

So wat is she up to recently?? There is so much to recall and u noe a preggie's memory ain't super. I'll try to list down wat I could remember.

1) Everytime when someone forbids her to do certain things eg. if ah ma says "NO" to her, she will ask ah ma go to work. If I scolded her, she will say "Mimi, go work!!"

2) She has a stubborn streak in her. When she's playing alone with something or wearing her shoes, anything that she's concentrating on, better LEAVE HER ALONE cos the moment you touches it or disturb her, she will throw away whatever in her hands and throw tantrums.

3) She's getting lazier in counting. Her counting goes like this nowadays "1,2,3,9,10...tadah" and she's still very proud of it but where are 4,5,6,7,8?? *faintz*

4) She loves to jump recently. Whenever she sees a step or an elevated pavement, she will count in the above manner and jump down or forward after saying tadah. She could jump in this manner on her way to school as well.

5) She will hum the 'Twinkle little star' tune everyday without fail. Guess this is the most popular 'school song' too.

6) She will say "Papa, take money" when her papa not around cos this little gal loves to ask ah ma where's papa and where's mimi so whenever we are not around, ah ma will tell her we go and take money instead of earn money cos my mum is illiterate. My mum will add on somemore saying "Mimi, take money buy things for you". That doesn't bother me cos to make an illiterate person to speak in English isn't easy. My mum has the courage and she has all my support.

7) She will come to the door happily when she sees us come back from work or come home, hug u and kisses ur cheeks when asked.

8) She will say "THANK YOU" repeatedly in a very sweet manner whenever I give her candy. This thank you is really as sweet as candy.

9) She fakes her cries more and more oftenly ever since she attended school. Not because she always get scolding from teacher but her memory is super-good tat she could remember that one-and-only time she got scolded for playing with the door and she came out faking her cries after lesson. But this is no cause for alarm cos most of the time when I tell her I'm happy and there's no need for her to cry, she'll stop faking and say "Happy Mimi". :)

10) Not only she is lazy to count, she is super lazy in walking as well, always asked to be carried. She knows very well only all the men in the family can carry her so she will always ask them for carrying but of course I'm still her first choice. I can only carry her for the most 5 mins with my current tummy condition or I will feel pressure and pain around my abdominal area. Her yearn for people to carry has worsen cos practically she is not afraid of strangers at all and allows them to carry her.

11) I realised she is a bossy person too. Why??? I always see her commanding nai-nai to keep her toys before going back from in-law's place. When I ask her to put back something, she will ask me to put back instead. Isn't she bossy??

12) It's a relieve now seeing her playing well with others. At least she did not hit other children, not like when she was like 14 months old.

There are still alot more but my mind juz went blank whenever I sit in front of my PC. Will be back for more.......
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