23 September 2010

Little Hairdresser

When the kids ran out of toys to play, they will have their own 'speech and drama' play at home. Playing as the hairdresser and didi as her one and only customer. Wenz has the habit of bossing around in the house. Perhaps she is the eldest child hence she tends to command and poor didi is always the follower. However, both were having great fun and it's a good activity to occupy them too!

19 September 2010

F1 Birthday Party

We were invited to IIhan's 2nd Birthday and the theme of the party is F1 Racing. Main color of the theme was red and black hence mummy made us all dressed in red.

Cute Ilhan's lil' bro!

The birthday Boy

OMG! The cake was so nice.

We were the 1st to reach and helped ourselves to a lot of the party food. We didn't stay till cake cutting and left after having some fun with the boys.

17 September 2010

Denz is 3

Entry by Mummy

Denz is such a simple boy. When I ask him what does he want for his birthday, he only mentioned that he wants a green cake ('cos green is his fave color).

I din buy him a green cake of course. Instead, I ordered a Disney Cars cake for his celebration in school. He was elated and ate a big piece of it.

His mindset was so simple as he insisted he dun wanna celebrate in school cos his thots was if he celebrated in school, he could not celebrate at home and he wanna have his party at home.

Party never fail to delight the kids. Didi was so happy and so did Wenz.

We ordered a Thomas the Train for home party.

Didi received a Thomas the train railway set from ye-ye and nai-nai and many more Thomas related gifts.

Happy Birthday my boy. Stay happy always and we love U

14 September 2010

Baby Xenz 1st Developmental Assessment

Baby Xenz went for his 1st Developmental Assessment (DA) together with baby Finn. Didi and I went along as well. Yessssh, all the 4 of us went for DA. This will be my last DA as stated in my health book. Everyone's assessment results is normal except mine. Doctor said my eyes wasn't so good and most likely I will have to put on glasses next time but all these will have to wait for further instruction from the specialist.

12 September 2010

A Mum's Confession

Entry by mummy

Time has becoming very precious and limited when you have more children. The amount of time allocated to each child is just so little which sometimes I feel so guilty for not being able to give them more. As a result, I'll tend to 'spoil' the kids a lil' by acceding to their small lil' request whenever they want. What they want is so simple and easily being fulfilled, it is difficult to say "NO" when you look at their expressions. "How much can I spoil them, right?" :p

With the new addition into the family, bringing them out during the weekend is becoming tougher than before. I'll still ensure I bring them out to the nearby mall or to their fave playground to have fun. They are such an angel by not asking for more as long as they get to go out.

Saturday is quite routine for them if they are going for their art lessons. Both will definitely ask for these what-I-called expensive kiddy rides ($3 for 15mins each) or the bouncy castle. Well, it is these simple pleasures that never fail to delight them. But of course they know the rules at the tip of their fingers that they can only choose ONE and not the luxury of both. :)

11 September 2010

Finn Botak Day

It was baby Finn's full month celebration yesterday whereby he was still able to gel his hair. He has turned 'botak' in less than a day's time. Still looking very cute, isn't it? However, jiu ma prefer him to have hair.

Baby Finn punched baby Xenz *bish*

Both tired after the fight

Alright, let's make it up and be friends!

Now we have 2 botaks at home. In fact we have 3 cos gong-gong is also botak. Tsk tsk tsk.....

10 September 2010

Finn's Full Month

Today is our cousin, baby Finn Finn's full month. Jiu ma has especially gel up his hair for the event. Look! He is such a handsome boy. He'll be 'botak' like my didi Xenz tomorrow.

Host of the day....

Didi Xenz was so farny. He thot was his day and dun wanna nap all day long. Mummy's best partner at work came to visit her, erm~more of visiting baby Xenz cos today coincide with Hari Raya and juz happen she was around our area visiting too.

Jiu ma was overwhelmed by so many guests who came to visit and send their blessing for the baby. This is no wonder we can see the big grin on her. Thank u to all who came for the event and also for their generosity on the gifts and red packets.

04 September 2010

Kiddy Love

Entry by Mummy

The kids simply love weekend cos no school and only play time for them. I announced to them that I'll be bringing them to the playground. Kiddos shouting in great joy is inevitable.

I waited patiently for them at the playground but soon I got bored. So I had decided to see what was interesting and what I could get for the kiddos inside 7-eleven store which is located next to the play area.

As a mum, I'll try to be fair to each and single of my children so as not to create unnecessary bitter feud among siblings. It shouldn't be that bad to use the word 'feud' but every hatred and jealousy inside them could be accumulated over their growing-up years and eventually becoming something very undesirable. Hence it is always good to exercise fairness in every child.

I came out of the store buying only this cute little Hello Kitty lollipop set. It was plain obvious that this is for Wenz. It was unintentional. Not that I dun wanna get anything for Denz but I couldn't find anything suitable for him.

The kiddos surprised me with this. They have reached a consensus of Wenz having the ring and Denz taking the candy with occasional licking of the lollipop for Wenz. What about Xenz then?

I'm glad he knows that he isn't suppose to eat candy at such tender age hence he covered his mouth with his hand, indirectly created a very strong message across to his jie-jie and kor-kor that "No Candy for Me pls", I just want my nap! Do not disturb, shhhhhhh :)

03 September 2010

Xenz Vs Finn Part II

In about a weeks time, baby Finn will celebrate his full month. He is 3 weeks old currently and baby Xenz is 6 weeks old.

Both looked restless initially....

We have dressed both babies up with the same romper. It is not difficult to guess who is who cos the one botak is none other than Xenz. :p

As if both were communicating.....

Am so glad that Xenz has a close companion and both will grow up together machiam like real brothers. They will go school together, play together, snatch together, fight together and maybe go army together too! Hmm....well, whatever it is, wish them grow up healthily and happily.
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