30 October 2006

Happy 18 Months to Our Princess Wenzel

How times flies.....our darling has marked her 18 months today!!

In the past 548 days with her, we have seen her grown from a tiny baby to a naughty cute little babe now. We realised she has changed sooo much from the photos we have taken. Wenzel has also started to set her very own behaviour and character. Though she may be naughty at times and making us angry, she has brought us endless joy and laughter too!!! Needless to say, we love her as what she is. We hope to do what we can to protect her, encompass her with all our love n care and nurture her to be a wonderful person in time to come. It's really a bliss with her around by our sides for this 13152 hours.........and many more to come...............We Love You, Wenzel!!!

Happy 18th Months To U!!!

My Godpapa's Birthday!!!

Tomorrow is Godpapa's Birthday but mummy arranged to celebrate it today cos tmr is a working day and everyone will be busy working loh (but I am not busy leh..... :p).

Hmm.....these adults din wanna go anywhere so only settled with home-cooked meal and wrapped up the celebration with their fave strawberry shortcake as the dessert. Well, it's not easy to earn their $$ especially with a good chef (my ah ma) around in the house, tsk tsk tsk :)

Ah ma cooks really nice food......Yum.....and the cake was fantastic, me drooling liao loh.......

Daddy and mummy bot godpapa daddy's fave surfer brand top as his BD pressie and me can only pose and take foto with godpapa. Me wanna wish godpapa a happy happy 2xth Birthday!!!! (of course cannot tell u godpapa's age loh, but it's not difficult to guess if u noe my mummy's age, kekeke~~~)

May godpapa be happy happy and healthy healthy always................ :)

22 October 2006

Rocket.........Launching Off...Voommm

It's Saturday and off I go for my lesson.......

Today's theme is Temporal Awareness. It is all about timing, rhythm and rate. This is learnt thru routine and experience; it takes a bit of practice too!! For example, the timing to catch a rolled ball is only gained thru experience. This is the beginning of the later ability to co-ordinate eyes and limbs.

Hmm.....the more I hear this, the more I feel that I have my every right to throw my water bottle on the ground during meal times. I'm also creating Temporal Awareness mah!! :p

Well well, I was totally distracted in the lesson today. Daddy said I am the odd one out running about practically everywhere. He's worried this might be an indication of my future inattentiveness in class.

Aiya, he think too far liao loh. I'm not in my right mood today lah. I was bothered by teething woes recently. My tooth kept popping out one after another. Before it can be fully grown, another tooth has already cut thru my gums. Just got to wait for another 6 teeth and I'll have a full set of milk teeth liao. Yippee.....but then hor, daddy said no excuses from me. :)

Today treasure bag item is Rocket, need not to mention we did a lot of rocket-related activities. The movements and actions were fun especially the carrying high up and suspending in the air. There was one kor-kor brought a DIY rocket. Cool man....I bet must be done by his daddy.

I wasn't with mummy and daddy most of the time cos whenever mummy hold me, I will run and roam about unable to sit still and concentrate in the lesson. I remembered aunty Sandra was coaching me most of the time.

I hate 'pack away' time, whenever comes to this, I'll take the item and run away with me, dun wanna return. Even I have an item in my hand liao, I will still go round snatching others' item. I'm always caught bullying my playmates.

Luckily still have a few kaki around cos mummy said if I kept on bullying people I won't get friends next time.

Soon an hour of session was up and I got a fun time running about on the parachute and also not forgetting to give the trainers a big hi-5. Afraid of repeated history, mummy quickly carried me away from the parachute.

21 October 2006

犬夜叉 の 妹と (Inuyasha's Sister)

I had a cut right on my CUTE FACE in the afternoon.

Notti mummy said I look like inuyasha the moment she saw me when she came back from work. Inuyasha got his scar due to being injured by Kikyo but mine is own blunder loh.

Ah ma said all bcos I dun wanna take my nap lah. I ran out from my bedroom while ah ma was trying to pat me to sleep. Tat was when I lost my footing, fell and bang onto the wall and door edge. Me of course cried loud loud loh ..... sob ....sob ....boo....hoo....hoo....

Dunno izit bcos of the crying, I took 4 hours of nap eventually :)

18 October 2006

"New Tricks on the Block"

Wenzel is becoming more and more talkative nowadays. She'll say in her own ET language that is unknown to the adults if u observe her at a corner while she is playing alone. However, this curious toddler has grown up to be more and more difficult to handle. She will have new tricks coming up every now and then.

This witty fella already knows our hideout in the house whenever we wanna some quiet time. She will knock on our door asking us to come out. If not she will cry till I come out and cuddle her, fake cry of course. Not only this, she will peep thru the gap underneath the closed door to see if the aircon is on or not. Worst still, now that she know how to OPEN the closed door by her own, our hideout has become her play room too!!

She lurves mimicking, thus we are always very mindful about the things we said. Her mimicking has often brought us joy and laughter. Though my mum always complain that she is notti, everyone still dotes on this notti little gal. Me too, I miss her more and more everyday I am at work, especially her sweet sweet voice calling out 'mami'. :)

16 October 2006

Row Row Row Your Boat

Hmm....it was good to go back school after a week break. Yesterday theme was on Sensory Integration (SI) and treasure bag was BOAT, Yippee......I like!! Did I mention before "row row row your boat" is my current fave song??? Yes, it's my fave rite now. Mummy will sing it everytime I'm cranky or misbehave, it will at least help me quiet down for a short while. :)

Aunty Brenda will start off the lesson explaining the purpose of the theme and how to go about exposing us to it as usual. Well, SI is the involvement of all senses thru perception and learning. Too cheam for you??? Nvm, let me simplied it for you. It simply means letting ur child expose to as many things as you could and create opportunities for more voluntary movements.

So mummy, next time if I play wif my food, spilling the water from my drinking bottle all over the table
purposely, climbing up and down table n chairs, throwing toys around the house and jumping down from the sofa, you cannot scold me leh. I'm merely learning from concepts to form perceptions. :)

It was really good to be able to see my friends, Grace, Alexcia and Ben Wei there once again n catch up with them. Aunty Sandra commented tat I was very independent but then hor, they dunno how headache it was to my mummy cos I was 'over-independent' and wanted my ways all the time. Mummy, tat got to blame on my name liao loh, Wenzel means home-loving and independent mah!!! I love u and I want my way too!! :p

Mummy brought my teether for the treasure bag time cos tat's the only boat in our house and of course I can recognise it once I saw aunty Brenda took it out from the treasure bag bin. Not only tat, I pop it right into my mouth straight after I got it. This is my one and only time I recognise my own stuff, heh heh :)

After which, we got to explore the function of a boat. Me think I was more interested in splishing and splashing the water all over the mat and onto my other playmates' faces as well as getting myself wet, hahahaha!!!

How I wish I can go right into the tub too :p

During the lesson proper, I wandered about everywhere, paiseh paiseh, me got 'sharp buttock, cannot sit still wan leh' and not wanting to return the items given to me as usual.

This time round, mummy was smarter, she quickly carried me away from the mat area once lesson has finished cos afraid of repeated history -- hmm...ya, crying out loud for the parachute.

13 October 2006

Sleepless Nite = Sleepy Day

It must have been a bad nite for my dear mum yesterday!! You would probably ask me why, rite??? Well well well, I have decided to give her some elements of surprise!! Hurray......

I didn't do much actually. Wat I did was to stay awake from 2am to almost 5am and kept crying out loud throughout, asking her for 'bao bao'. Mummy of course buay tahan my cries lah, tried all methods to pacify me until she really tak boleh tahan liao, she brought me out of the house at 4am. Ya 4am, very very early hor??? Initially when she brought me out, she was so garang, then after bringing me walked down flights of stairs for 3 storeys, she 'chicken out' and decided to take the same path back home. Chey, me still think can go down n play!!! :)

The more she walked down the stairs, the more she became scared, not because of ghosts lah, she scared of bumping into bad guys like drug addict cos she has juz heard the snatch-theft and drug addict stories from nai-nai.

I finally KO after watching some soothing vcd program. Mummy too, went to bed at 5am, and fyi she has to wake up at 6am in the next morning to get ready for work loh.

Daddy told me mummy was an hour late for work today. Uh oh, I wonder wat will I get from her later when she reach home?? Hmm....better use my all-time fave manja strategy to 'melt' her :p

08 October 2006

Uneventful Weekend.....

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I spent my weekend zuo bo at home, all due to the weather!!! Hmm......it was hazy, making me dizzy........couldn't go anywhere, BORING.......Saturday was the worst, we din even dare to open the windows cos the smell was really bad!! :(

And yes, I pontang school as well, not becos of the haze but due to the friday nite 'mooncake hangover' effect!! Hahaha :)

So sad, all people MIA on Saturday as well!!! Daddy went earning $$, ah ma n gong gong went Malaysia for relatives' wedding (hmph....how come neber bring me along???) and ye-ye having sore eyes so only left with my dear mummy playing with me.

Luckily, godpapa pop-by in the evening to visit me....hmm...actually was to install new software for mummy lah!! Aiya my mummy forever asking favour from him :p

Though nothing much to do, mummy still manage to keep me occupied with lotsa fun games n activites to keep me happy!!! YaY :)

07 October 2006

Happy Mooncake Day aka Lantern Festival

On this Special Day, we went Chinese Garden to see the 'moon fairy' - Chang Er. Of course have to bring my lantern too.......

The bus was exceptionally packed than usual, probably all heading for the same place. True enuf, the pathway leading to the garden was full of people. Everywhere was 'people mountain people sea'!! This was not the worse, the queue outside the ticketing office was damn long....long enuf to form a 'human dragon' liao loh. Somemore got a lot of cheapo people cut queue buying tickets loh!! One good thing is those who cut queue was not local, at least not so 'throw face' for Singaporean like me. :)

The adults have to end up carrying lantern for me cos I was more interested in the surrounding lighted-up big lanterns and the different shapes of lamps hanging along the path.

This year theme is based on ''Seven Wonders". However it's not the 7-Wonders of the Ancient World, more like 7-Travel Wonders for tourists cos dun have 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon', 'The Statue of Zeus of Olympia', 'The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus' etc and only saw The Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal n blah blah blah.....

Mummy said the lantern exhibition has scaled down quite a lot compared to 2 years back when it was a disney theme. But it was still a great experience for children.

We din take a lot of photos since most likely will include other people heads in it too!! Moreover, it was difficult to pose down there as mummy, ah ma n daddy already had a hard time catching hold of me, keeping me still and making me calm. :)

Gong-gong didn't wanna go cos he is not a party animal like mummy mah and he dislikes crowded places anyway. But the real reason is he wanna watch the last episode for 9pm drama on Channel 8 lah....Buay steady, rather watch TV than to see me dancing in open space :p

We didn't stay too long as well cos I became unhappy soon after mummy dun allow me to run about, afraid I might fall into the long kang if couldn't catch hold of me in time, thus strapped me up in my push-chair. That slow tortoise for sure cannot keep up to my pace lah, me think she need to keep fat in check liao. :p

The moon was indeed very round but I din see Chang Er leh!! Maybe she was busy eating mooncake lah.....

Wish everyone reading this a Hazy MoonCake Festival n your life will be as round as a moon too!!!

05 October 2006

A Cranky Baby

Hmm......I did go for my 3rd lesson on last Saturday morning in case if u r wondering how come no updatez. Mummy was rather
slowbusy thus now then got time to blog cos today she on MC mah. Wah sey, 'sick' oso can blog ah??? Fake one izit??? :)

On saturday, I was really puzzled when mummy asked me to wave bye-bye to ah ma at the gate. After hailing for the taxi then I realised ah ma didn't come along with us on that day but instead daddy went in place of her. As I awoke quite early tat day, I nearly dozed off in mummy's arms while on our way to turf city in the cab. It might be due to this (lack of sleep) that could explain my bad mood on that day. My crankiness level on that day was 95%. I didn't really behave myself there, in fact I threw tantrums throughout the lesson proper. Though having a foul mood, I wasn't going to let it affect my free-play, thus I was playing pretty well for the first 15 mins of the program.
The attraction of that day's setting was this 'london bridge'!! Tat was the term mummy gave but london bridge didn't fall lah, if not ha base, I will sure get baluku. Mummy first put me on that bridge and I was expected to crawl underneath the rope and slide down to exit from the bridge. U noe wat, the bridge was very high up leh, I shiver shiver ah. I dun dare to make any movement initially and it took mummy some time to get me thru the bridge and down the slide. I got stuck in between the rope though!!

My naughty daddy has decided to trap me into the rings so that he can rest and dun need to jarga me. What a low-down move?? I got my trick too, I used my sweet sweet voice to make him 'release' me eventually!!! Isn't me a smart baby???? hehehehe :p

I have improved a lot in my motor skills. I can bounce really well on this bouncer the very first time I played on it. After few sessions jumping on it, my balancing skill has improved too. I dun fall easily whenever I jump on it.

My coordination is also a lot better as observed by my mummy!! Well well, the next step my mummy wanna see improvement in me is my 'independent climbing skill'. Wat's tat??? Hmm....lazy mummy says it will be alot more easier if I can climb up and down flights of stairs unsupported then she dun have to carry me liao loh. Hmph...tat lazy bum!!! :)

Back to lesson proper, tat day emphasis was on Rhythm and Music and treasure bag item was Train. It was believed that children learn better n faster thru playing. What children hear is actually what they learn as sounds n music will help to sooth and stimulate the brain. Body movements, dancing n prancing is also necessary for good co-ordination.

Thus there were a lot of moving about activities involved on that day but it was a pity I was a cranky tot and wouldn't want to join in the group. Mummy took a great deal to get me back but still I got easily distracted and simply refused anyone to hold and carry me. I wanted my own way and was creating a scene there.

Mummy has no choice but to pull me aside letting me do what I want. The worse episode was the last bit of the session whereby I refused to let the trainer keep their parachute. Mummy removed it from my hand by force and dun need to mention, I CRIED terribly followed by throwing tantrums even more, giving mummy a hard time!!! :)
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