31 July 2006

Playdate 3

The long awaited playdate cum Hi-Tea session@aunty Chris' house has finally arrived. Me guai guai waited for mummy to bring me go play. There I met Shervon jie-jie and Cher's jie-jie.

I buay paiseh and self-served myself at Shervon's buffet of toys in her playroom while waiting for the rest of my playmates to arrive.

Mummy of course indulged herself in aunty Chris' specialty..........tat was........tadah, the famous amos taste-alike chocolate chips cookies and her yummy cheesecake. I had quite abit of the cheesecake too!! It was really delicious. Mummy has some nice warm tea to go along and I have to drink my usual plain water.....tat's not fair!!! *Hmph*

Ben Wei di-di joined in the play soon after he had his usual power nap. We had fun exploring the toys and of course 'snatching' and 'fighting' over 'learning to share' toys. Think toddler still dunno the meaning of S.H.A.R.I.N.G. ba!!! I'm not an exception, I joined in the snatching of toys as well :)

Soon daddy came to fetch us, I bidded goodbye to all the aunties and my playmates of course!! I wonder when will be the next session coming????? Maybe I can invite them over too!!! :p

30 July 2006

Fun Time @KindyRoo

As I'm getting more and more out of hand, mummy decided to engage me in more stimulating activities. After much consideration, she has decided to try the program at KindyRoo. In fact, it was in her mind for quite some time liao, but bcos of the location, she did not consider it few months back when she had her "trial marathon" on me.

It wasn't too difficult to get there with the help of the friendly Bus No.171 TIBS bus driver. He very good guy ah, told us where to alight and wait for free shuttle service. Mummy tot has to walk very very long in there cos she din noe got free shuttle service.

KindyRoo offered a 3-sessions trial package instead of just plainly 1 session. Why are there 3 seesions for trial bcos just an hour of trial is not enuf to gauge and see results. Their program is very theme-based. The lady, Brenda who explained to mummy is very friendly and patient. Handouts and a scrapbook for child to do simple pasting were given.

The program goes like this........first mummy guided me to a small corner to do simple pasting work on my own scrapbook. Today's theme is OCTUPUS so I hv to paste a piece of octupus picture on one page and a piece of the word 'octupus' on another page. All children was given an 'octupus stamp' on the right hand and leg to better allow us to differentiate left from right.

Upon accomplishment of it, I moved on to the exploration and equipment play corner to enjoy myself. Then they blowed lotsa bubbles to attract the children back to 'mat time' session, we sang the welcome song first followed by dancing cum singing. After which, there was some exercise activities time followed by another round of equipment play.

Then it was rhythm activities with some simple musical instruments like shakers and tambourines. Mummy likes the 'treasure bag' most where individual participant has to bring their own item of the theme. As today's theme is OCTUPUS so every child has to bring their own octupus related item and when shown, the child will move forward and get their octupus back, then continued by some drawing opportunity whereby all children was given chalk to draw on the mat. This was fun!!! I enjoyed the parachute time the most.

Soon an hour has past and we wrapped up the whole program by singing the Goodbye song and a BIG Hi5 to Brenda, the trainer. I'm looking forward to the next theme which is FISH.......however, me heard mummy saying next week not free leh......can only go another week liao.......hmmm.........

28 July 2006

My Smart Daddy

Daddy knows very well that I will definitely not let him go out of the house without bringing me along. I will cry and throw tantrums as usual, and normally ah ma will carry me into one of the rooms then daddy will sneak out. So what is he up to now????

Being understand me sooo well, he played my fave Hi-5 cd and I was like kena some kinda spell and stood there with my eyes almost glued to the TV screen with my body shaking and dancing. Isn't tat a smart move of daddy??? When he went out, I even bo hiew him when he asked me to wave bye bye to him. :)

Me dun hv evidence to show you now except this photo. I shall ask my mummy to film it down if got the chance cos when mummy is around, I usually will not be so clingy to daddy!!! Ya, u will probably say dada is my 2nd choice, hahaha :p

27 July 2006

I can Switch it OFF!!!

I guess all toddlers will be super curious of their surroundings and things that caught their attention.....我也不例外. I've great interest in daddy's DVD player in the living room ever since few months old. Now I'm 'BIG' enuf to explore on my own......hahaha......initially when I so-called 'managed' to switch it off, I got a bit flustered and scared, then I'll run and seek for help.....

but after some 'warm up', I still feel scared????? U wait long long ah......of course continue playing with my itchy fingers lah........ :)

26 July 2006

Going ORGANIC........

People are getting more and more health concious including my kiasu mummy. This is my 4th packet of organic brown rice already and this time round my mummy has decided to use the phone ordering service and enjoy free home delivery so tat she can save time going down to get it by herself. Ya, tat's my lazy mummy!!! :)

Why she kept sticking back to this particular brand??? One reason is becos I lurve it, and secondly, it's easy to become soft after cooked unlike the convenient type in the supermarket.

Other organic product tat's usually in my porridge menu is this thing called MILLET. As the delivery was scheduled on a weekday, ah ma will receive it on mummy's behalf. However, ah ma is as kiasu as mummy and bought a lot more organic stuffs for me........whatever the fella recommend she oso buy..........this Organic Black Rice aka Forbidden Rice is the most expensive one $7 for 500g. Why it was called forbidden rice???? It was eaten only by emperors in the past. Like REAL??? 那我豈不是皇帝嗎? Hahaha :)

Another item in the list is this Multi-grain Powder, which can be added into my porridge or serve on its own. Ah ma was afraid I might be sick of eating the same thing so she bought the Jasmine flavoured Brown Rice too.

25 July 2006


以前有個 Mad Scientist. 現在有個 Mad Musician :)
不過沒有觀眾 bcos ..............全都被嚇跑了........ 哈!哈! :p

看看我的才藝表演 - 讓我為你彈奏一曲. 請慢慢 enjoy 吧!!!!

24 July 2006

I'm Bleeding!!!

My gums has irritated me sooo much so tat I kept putting my fingers in to ease myself. They dunno like tat very shiok ah!! Mummy notice an increase in sucking my right index finger today. Everything was okay until when mummy was patting me to wonderland at nite.

I kept myself very AWAKE as usual, though I was extremely tired liao. I was displaying my 'energizer' self again!!! Mummy suddenly saw red red patches on my face and told ah ma I got rashes (u noe lah, mummy without glasses see things sure blur blur one :p). Then she realised that was not rashes but red liquid. It sure cause a big 'hoo haa' among the adults. Gong gong faster switched on the light and my face was found staining with blood. Mummy of course in SHOCKING state, then she quickly use a cloth to poke right into my mouth. There she found my right lower gum was bleeding.

The only good thing is I wasn't crying and kept laughing while putting my finger in to 'dig' the affected gum, though I could actually sense the worried expressions carried on the adults' faces. The more they asked me not to 'dig' the more I did it. Ah ma said I very 'tee kee' wan. Luckily the bleeding wasn't tat serious ah!! Mummy said ALL THANKS TO MY ITCHY FINGERS.......................

23 July 2006

Keeping Fit!! Stay Healthy!!

Daddy has been super discipline to do exercise all these years at least 5 times a week to maintain his muscle and packs loh. Me think me got the exercise bugs from daddy too!! I not bad ah, I wanna train up my beautiful leg and build some calves muscles.

17 July 2006

Bonding Moment

Mummy got a strong liking on this baby top when she first saw it. She says it will be nice if we can wear the same kind of top and just happen got the same model for adult too!!! Mummy considered very long before deciding to buy this 母女裝 for us to express 母女情深 and show off to daddy, kekeke~

But the fact is OP got promo lah, 20% discount somemore, if not mummy definitely wun buy for herself one. Ah ma says mummy is always full of nonsense, 母女情深??? Wat kind of theory!!!! :)

Daddy oso dun wanna lose out so our bonding starts at home. He's trying his very best to keep me company as and when he could, ever since I rejected being carried by him nowadays. Think me must do some tricks to get things done, hehehe.... Everytime whenever he's at home, hiding in his cosy little room playing his fave playstation with the door closed, I'll always knock knock (mummy taught me) to ask him open up and let me into this 'forbidden ground' which he did unless he's at the 打 king state, then he'll entertain and play with me. Daddy will guai guai give up his game chair for me to sit cos I simply lurve climbing up this 'red throne' [See below :)].

16 July 2006

Not Again!!!

No need to mention u should be able to get the hint where I went earlier.

Hmm.....ahem....yes it's China Square again, daddy's fave hangout!!!! Actually, oso not very often liao lah ever since I came into the picture of his life, not becos he scare I complain but he oso got no time to go and he has cut down a lot in his collection of toys liao (or mummy will NAG, oops!!!).

We went together with uncle Jason cos he chio daddy one so we got a free car ride there in uncle Jason's car. But his sense of direction is on par with mummy, exit wrongly from CTE and 好不容易 see Chinatown Point liao, he made a wrong turn and we ended up at Tanjong Pagar........phew, finally reached destination after being directed by daddy :)

This time round was different from previous visits cos just happened there was cosmic play on tat day and I could see a lot of wierdos in funny costume. Mummy told me those are STAR WARS characters. Hmm.....of course I dun understand lah. Wat blah blah troopers, clone troopers etc.!!!! Mummy even carried me to take a photo with Darth Maul cos she thot I might be interested in his red lightsaber but who noe's I was terrified and clinged so tight onto her. I think I prefer blue one lah. Too bad, din see Anakin Skywalker around........kkk :)

15 July 2006

Waterplay Time....Bloop bloop bloop....

I lurve weekends!!! Weekends=Endless JOY. I had a GREAT time at the pool today. I must change into my swimming suit first before getting wet.

Quick, quick daddy mummy, I'm getting impatient to jump into the pool. Daddy slowly guided me to the center of the pool with me on the float.

Then he let me have a full control of the play.

I enjoy hitting the water and let it splashed onto my face. It was fun!!! Heh heh heh........

Just as I was enjoying sooo much of myself, my 'boat' overturned and capsized. Yes, I fell rite into the water. Though it was a baby pool, I sure gulped down lotsa water. Mummy watched me in horror and missed taking those important shots, while daddy quickly scooped me up and embraced me. But mummy said this shot of me after falling into the water is her fave. I think I'm too big for the float liao loh. Think mummy might buy me a vest instead after this incident :P

They comforted me at first making sure I was alright and bring me near the edge of the pool where I could sit on the steps. Ah ma witnessed the whole incident from far and was laughing over my misfortune soon daddy brought me to the edge. Then mummy joined and had a good laugh as well saying the whole incident happened so suddenly and very farny loh. Luckily I din cry lah and continued playing after that.

It will be daddy when comes to swimming cos he's a pro. Daddy went swimming at least 3X a week. Mummy said she felt sooo heart-warming seeing us playing so happily in the pool, while she oso happily snapping away.

After drinking sooo much pool water, me still not scared. I continued to hit some more water vigorously till my face all wet. I sure have a fun time there. YEAH GREAT!

13 July 2006

Ungracious Society

Wats wrong with being a little more patient and tolerance?? Wat an eye opening incident happened earlier........2 BIG Old Chaps fighting in the bus along the highway......haiz.....they fought sooo aggressively. All passengers near them were taken aback.

Chap A and Chap B were standing very close to each other and the bus was crowded with lotsa ppl. Luckily 1 kind lady gave her seat to mummy and we were seated very near to the exit. But the unfortunate thing is the 2 chaps were very near us. They decided to exchange blows when they buay song & buay tahan with each other. Bish bah bish bah to the face, to the head and blah blah blah....... passengers screaming loudly, some squeezed their way 1m out of their arena, it seems like nothing can stop them from fighting.

So me the marvel heroine decided to make peace :) .....me cried really very very LOUD. Some passengers decided to move forward to pull them apart; the bus driver pulled to a stop along BKE suddenly and stepped forward. He was like a bouncer in the pub asking them to stand one in the east and one in the west. Alas, chap A alighted and it was still not the end of it. They pointed fingers and shouted all those vulgarity 'ABC' 'XYZ' across..........wat an ungracious act!!!!!! :(

12 July 2006


Dunno what's got into mummy's mind, she has decided to bake healthy muffins for me as breakfast. So sweet hor!!!! I think must be influenced by aunty Chris lah. In fact mummy likes baking more than cooking. SHe must has unleashed her desire in baking this time round and started with something simple first. I definitely give support for sure.

The making is easy: first she 'dumped' all necessary ingredients into a basin and mix everything homogeniously then she portioned out into individual baking cups; and it was ready to bake.

After 20 minutes, sweet cinnamon aroma filled our whole house and tadah......the final products - nice hot apple cinnamon muffins ready to be served. It tastes really fantastic and I'll have tat for breakfast tmr. Yippee......even daddy oso gives 2 thumbs up for tat.......cos tat's oso his 爱心早餐, wahahaha.....................Thanks mummy!!!!!!

11 July 2006

Ah Ma's 60th Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday To U, Happy Birthday To U, Happy Birthday To AH MA, Happy Birthday To U!!!!!

Mummy planned a surprise celebration for ah ma's birthday. It was awesome!!!! First we had dinner somewhere along Kitchener Road then we left for jiu-jiu's house to cut her cake there. How can I miss the fun at the playground near jiu-jiu's house??? So there I was enjoying myself at the slide with the help of daddy, then ........

me switched to the 'monkey bar' which is both mummy and daddy's fave. Initially I was a bit apprehensive gripping onto the bar with one hand then when I got hold of the bar with both hands I displayed this 'how lian' look.....hahaha......which made the adults laughed of course.

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