18 October 2012

Pistachio Ice-cream?

MOF has been our fave hangout place while waiting for Sonny to finish his Phonics Class. We love their Tamago Sushi and Royal highness could finish 4 at one-go.
Look! What is she eating? That reminded me of Mater in Cars 2.
Yup, Royal Highness is playing with wasabi. ^o^

Kiddos Update

Royal Highness aka Wenz: This gal is in Primary 1 this year. I have not much worries about her academic but her behaviour and attitude could still be improved a little. She is getting sensible as she grows with the need of nagging daily on getting her move her butt off the chair to get things done. :p

Sonny Boy aka Denz: In order to coach this boy in terms of academic, I'll need extra time and patience. I'm glad he gets the hang of doing abacus sums after 10 months of training in his school. I admit that 7 hrs without nap in school is indeed a lil too long for a 4-5 yrs old kid. I'm relived his teachers are all very nice and dedicated in teaching. May he have a better year in learning in 2013. :)

Cutie BBC aka Xenz: This is the cutest of all, hence the name Cutie BBC. His actions and words are unpredicatable. I'd say he learns thing fast and display out the next moment. Yeah, not to mention those bad things too. I'm glad he went school earlier, else he wouldn't progress this fast too. :D

13 October 2012

Weekend Fun

It has been a long time since they played bouncy castle. To our surprise, our all-time store has set up a new 'Spidey-bouncy' and I decided to pamper the kids a lil after much buzzing at my ears :p

Well, they are not really into Marvel Heroes or DC Comics but at least they know who is Spiderman. I taught them the correct way of Spidey Pose and both having great fun. :) 

12 October 2012

Swimming Updatez

I am really glad the kiddos had completed 3 stages of Swimming Test thus far. I'd say Royal Highness Wenz and Sonny Boy Denz could swim a comparable distance and possess some survival skills if they would have fallen into the pool for whatsoever reason.:)

Royal Highness can swim much better than Sonny, whose motor skills are not as strong as Wenz. I love watching Wenz swim as her strokes are very graceful just like her swimmer daddy. Denz could be like me with his strokes perceived as 'struggling inside the pool'. Kudos to Sonny's determination and perserverance, he is able to display correct breast stroke after countless effort. Perhaps breast stroke is not really meant for boy/man cos they do not have breast. LOL :))) 

We're BACK!!!

Mummy has finally got off her butt and gave a new life to our blog. Lazy days are going to be over and lazy mummy is beaming with joy revamping and resurrecting it trying to give the blog a better outlook and a different feel. Stay tune for updates (we hope mummy will)...(",)

08 October 2012

Panda at Home

My cutie Xenz is getting cuter each day. As we all know, Jia Jia and Kai Kai are getting ready and couldn't wait to be seen at The Singapore Zoo. My cutie brought home a DIY panda fan from his school. It looks kinda cute right? He loves to fan himself and dance with the 'Panda fan' in his hand. Well, at least I know he is settling very well in school. :)

06 October 2012

Unleashing Music Talent

The school holidays is just around the corner and I'm cracking my brain to enrol the kiddos for some fun. Chanced upon a flyer from Cristofori and decided to sign my Royal Highness for some music lessons.
Wenz was really excited about it and she loves what she was learning. Denz wanna be part of it too but I couldn't detect his enthusiam in music (apart from fooling around inside the music school).  

Children's Day Carnival

Denz celebrated his Children's Day with his friends at a carnival oraganised by his school. On top of that, he had participated in a relay and a family game too. Neither did his team come in first nor we had won any at our family game, it did not dampen his spirit. In fact, he enjoyed himself with his friends at the carnival.

Happy Children's Day to All!!! :)

04 October 2012

Xenz's 1st Class Foto

It is Children's Day and this is the 1st time my cutie BBC celebrated this joyous occasion in school. Not only did he brought back and lunch box full of goodies, he also brought back his class foto. I am really glad he has settled well in class and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his current teachers were the ones who taught Denz back in 2009. I can have a peace of mind leaving cutie at Tots House for next year as I know he is in safe hand with 2 very dedicated, patience and caring teachers. 
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