30 September 2005

Grandpa's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Grandpa! Wish you 'Year year got today, age age got this day'!

We had a sumptuous meal at Jack's Place in celebration of grandpa's 54th birthday. (Oops, leaked out his age liao! I think grandpa dun mind lah) What did I eat there?? Well, the usual bread crumps thingy that can be found in the restaurant! Kekeke~ Most importantly is everyone is happy and enjoy the party! Yeah... ...

23 September 2005

Tolong saya!

Ah ma thot I was asleep in my playpen but my sudden loud waaah alarmed her. Dunno how come got myself cut in the mouth accidentally. Ah ma got panic when she saw blood flowing out from inside my mouth. She shouted for mummy who was in the bathroom showering for assistance.

Mummy obviously got frantic upon hearing I was bleeding. Ah ma quickly used a cotton wool to clean the inner of my mouth. They couldn't find any wound inside and there wasn't bloodstain on the wool. Ah ma chided mummy for not cutting my nails. Since ah ma believes cutting nails in the night is bad (another old wives' tale), mummy has to wait till morning to complete the task. Afraid that I might get cut again, they put on mittens for me again! Long time no see, mittens!

22 September 2005

Daddy go Bangkok

I get to go Changi Airport today cos daddy is going to Bangkok with his frenz. Buay steady, neber bring me and mummy along. Heard that he's buying lots of clothing for me. Ok lah, at least 'got heart'!
Tat's me trying to grab hold of daddy's luggage :)

16 September 2005

Baby Signing

Found out something new to bond with my little Wen. I have read this on the newspaper during my break time at work. It is called baby signing! It was stated that babies could be taught how to sign their demands to their caregivers. Babies who know signing will be a happier baby as her demands are met, thus lesser tantrums and frustrations as they can talk by hands. This will also improve their words recognition and bring forward their onset of speech.

After reading the paper, I've decided to call the vendor. The program is simple & consists of 3 dvds. The person in-charge said that simply need to play the DVDs one at a time over a period of 1 week to baby. Babies are smart creatures, they are able to pick up the signs from the video played and soon you will be able to expect a first sign from her.

But of course, we must reinforce it by signing to baby as well. The best time to start for babies is between 6 to 8 months. Needless to say, a kiasu mother like me will definitely buy the 3 dvds for Wen though she is only 4 months plus now. I'm busy picking up the signs too! I din know Sign Language is also an interesting language. :)

12 September 2005

High Chair

I have tried a new thing today! Mummy placed me onto high chair when she was dining outside. I'm also very co-operative and thus given the opportunity to smell her food... ...Yummy! But I think I enjoy playing with the table more. Heard mummy telling ah ma that she is going to get one for me at home too! Wuhoo... ...

10 September 2005

Naughty by Nature

Uh huh, mummy, daddy, ah ma and gong gong brought me along for a long phto shoot. This free photo shoot was won by mummy in some kinda luck draw. Such a long shoot but only entitled to 2 pics. U can have the rest of the photos if u sign the package. However, the pkg was too expensive. Daddy wouldn't spend that kind of $$ on it.

09 September 2005

Oh my bouncer!

Wen has equipped the skills of turning and rolling so it is not suitable for her to be lying on her bouncer anymore. Her action can be so fast that one of her legs will be on the floor the moment you turn away. Haiz, forever testing our energy level. There is one thing she enjoys in her bouncer i.e .instead of lying down, she'll roll onto her tummy and lick the bouncer cover, or she'll be pestering us to bring her into sitting position on the bouncer by crying and yelling... ...what a tyrant!

06 September 2005

2nd Jab

Dennis had to work today so leaving me to bring Wenzel for her second jab. I was expecting roughly the same reaction from her first jab. However, she surprised me by being so brave and garang. She clenched her fists and did not let out a single sound when the jab was given, machiam like an adult enduring the pain. That's my little Wen! She was given some packets of Nestle cereal to try for a start at the clinic.

03 September 2005


I got a new toy, not exactly a toy. I saw Daddy busy assembling it for me. Got sterling & wheels some more. Dunno what's that but I heard mummy saying it's a walker. Hmm...walker??? Tat's means I get to walk soon?? I'm waiting impatiently to try on that colorful thingy. Daddy quick quick.. ...ok it's done! Not bad, I could stand up using this but mummy placed a platform underneath for me to rest my legs till I can reach the ground. Gong gong said I'm a shortie! I'm a girl what, cannot grow so tall, later difficult to find boyfriend leh.

02 September 2005

Solid Mann

Guess what??? I finally get to eat something different today since the adults always think that I'm not drinking enough (still stuck at 3oz per feed). They have decided to supplement my meal with SOLIDS. My first food is the traditional type of brown rice cereal bot from medical hall with ginseng to make me strong and herbs to relieve constipation (recommended by mummy's friend, Annie). Yummy bi gor (cereal)! I like it, hay hay!

Mummy is more excited than me. She can't wait to take out all the solids feeding set barang that she has bot for me to use.

Look! My mum is so PIGEON siao man. She has bot the water bottle too. So kiasu of her! She likes this brand particularly, maybe becos a nihon brand! Actually, she is more worried that I might not like the taste of solids since she has bad experience feeding me milk and she has heard from friends that starting solids on baby is difficult. But I prove her wrong by finishing all the cereal she has prepared. I can say she is quite pleased with my performance lah; maybe I'll get more things coming up... ... hiak hiak hiak...

Look what my mummy has bot for me to mum mum!!!

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