20 June 2012

Hail to Future Dr Pek!

Gui Gui had taken another step to further her studies and now to Australia to pursue her doctorate. Our most educated member in the family line and we have the almost admiration for her determination and courage. We were at the airport to see Gui Gui off. Best wishes to her future endeavours! You already do us proud!

08 June 2012

Barbie Rock Star ★

Knowing Wenz is a big fan of Barbie, Papa and Mommy brought our little princess to City Square to watch Barbie Rock Concert live show. On top of it, we had spent $50 and above for Barbie meet-and-greet. Good thing this time round, it was not as crowded as the one held at Bishan Junction 8. Wenz was singing along the songs from various Barbie movies and I bet she truly enjoyed it. Something sweet thst Wenz would remember this school holiday.

By Papa

07 June 2012

Itchy! Itchy!

Before the start of June, Papa and Mommy met up Denz' teacher at the PCF for parent-teacher meeting. At that time, a lot of Denz' classmates were downed with Chickenpox. It was believed that mommy might have contacted the virus there. 

We had always wanted to protect Xenz from chickenpox through immunisation jabs however time and time again the appointments were delayed. Kind of fated that Xenz would also be contacted with chickenpox especially when he is so clingy to Mommy. To make matter worse, Xenz is too young to consume the anti-virus medication hence he had to suffer the full blown effect. Chickenpox were even on his tongue and anus making he extremely uncomfortable. Stay strong and cheerful BBC...

By Papa

06 June 2012


Mommy and Papa had recently brought us to plays. Not literally playing but watching theatre plays. We have been to so... many such plays till the casts became similar faces to us. Some of the recent theatre plays we watched included 'Sing To The Dawn', 'The Little Mermaid SG' & 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. At 'Sing To The Dawn', we even met cousin Benedict, who went with his school. 'The Little Mermaid SG' story ended tragically in contrast with Disney version so Wenz had to accept that in life or in reality, not all endings are happy. 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' is interactive and one the even provided 4D experiences. Even Papa was asked up to the stage to be perform or be teased.

By Papa

04 June 2012

Wenz' & Denz' First Flight

Wenz and Denz had their first flight experience this June holidays however not with Papa & Mommy. It's Ye Ye & Nai Nai who had brought the kiddos to Genting Highlands Malaysia. An ideal getaway for the children and good experience taking airplane to cable car. At Genting Highlands, the kiddos had fun @ the amusement park and were treated with lotz candies from grandaunt and grand uncle. Papa & Mommy had to worry about their teeth back home. Hee! Hee! The weather was so nice and cooling from the pics, it's like they were standing in cloud... or fog... what ever... Lolz... Nai Nai mentioned that Genting Highlands is very maintained with all the amenities they needed. Just that it all come with a price... By the way, Mommy couldn't go because she was down down with chickenpox. 

By Papa
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