29 May 2007

My Chocolate Lipstick

Look at the mess I have created!!! Do you like my 'sexy' lip??

To achieve this yummy look is plain simple. Juz gimme an ice-cream cone and let me handle it on my own, you will get the result in no time.

28 May 2007

I got 'green ear'

I brought Wenz for breakfast at MacDonalds the next morning after being inspired by WokkingMum when I saw meimei putting on it. I simply love Shrek, not the character though but the 2 movies - Shrek I and II. I prefer the donkey more, kekeke. But this shrek hairband sure looks cute and moreover can play a part for charity. It's for good cause anyway....
This is her action when I asked her to cover her green ear, cute isn't it?? *shameless mummy* :)

27 May 2007

Fully Recharged!!!

We went to the 3rd smallest state in Malaysia, that is Malacca sometime back in end of May. Mimi now then find some time to update. Hmm.....that slow coach as usual..... :p

Before showing you my pics, let me brief u some history behind Malacca. This 3rd smallest country is named under the name of a tree.
Why did the king choose this name for the country?? I'm sure those who went before have heard the story of the prince witnessing his dog being chased by the mouse deer. That's the reason loh....and just happen he was resting under that tree. So farny rite?? Malacca is actually derived from a Tamil word means "to get togther", calling out all sea-people to get together to trade. This is a history-rich country to visit.

Hey, at least I learnt something there okay unlike my Mimi, went there for so many times until now then bother to remember all these. She must have dislikes history so much that she never make it a pass during school dayz, kakaka. Dun question her more than these, she can't answer u for sure. She'll get papa to answer u all history queries.

Time for my action finally.......Yippeez (",)

Day One
Before Departing
As we reached the coach waiting area so early, we have to find some activity to kill time.

Papa no problem, got his hand-held console okay already. Mimi forever snapping her camera for some remembrance sake. The 2 oldies of course sit and kaypoh around.

Me?? Scare away all the birds feeding on the grains of course, poor little birds. I dun even have time to change my pyjamas into something nice cos they juz carried me out the house and into the cab. They have underestimated me liao loh. I'm no longer the baby that can sleep in arms okay. The moment they carried me, I awoke already.

In the coach

I enjoyed my milk and had some fun in the coach. Mimi bot me a seat this time round but sad to say the seat was only sat for like less than 30 minutes in the total journey. It was used to put bags instead. Mimi has to 'kaola-hug' me for almost the whole journey with her 'big belly' poking me. I wanna hug didi as well mah.

Reaching the hotel
Upon reaching our room, we must get down to 'business' of course before I could take shower and get changed.

Ah ma waited patiently for me to 'close the deal', wahaha :)

What was papa doing the moment he stepped into the room???

What else besides hooking on his fave game??
On the Go
Our 1st day itinery was shopping. Needless to say, this must be planned by mimi the shopaholic queen. The shopping area is so near to our hotel, within walking distance, thus no need any transport to move us around. However, I was always 'bargaining' with the adult to carry me but they refused so I pouted in the end.

Initially mimi wasn't too keen on the shopping bit cos she said her previous visits to Malacca was like 'walk here walk there' only got Mahkota Parade but still is a must-go place loh since papa is visiting it for the first time.

And now.....Mimi said at least there is something different to shop now compared to last time. There was this very big shopping complex called the MegaMall built up nicely opp Mahkota Parade, some of which were still in progress and some shops dun even have tenants yet. I love Mickey Mouse to the core recently, juz happen there was a shop with a huge Mickey standing inside and I was totally fascinated by it until refused to leave. I even asked mimi to buy :)

Another upcoming project is a shopping besides this MegaMall opening in few years time. That gives mimi ample reason to revisit Malacca again, kekeke.

We shopped for hours at the MegaMall and had yummy ice-cream during tea-break. Juz before leaving, gong-gong got 'hooked' by one of the shops selling tea as usual. Not again!!! Remember our last trip he was the champion in spending?? All thanks to mimi and her sharp eyes for spotting the shop.

Not only we waited quite long for gong-gong for his tea selection, he is still the champ of the champ for Day 1 whereby none of us spend as much as him.

As for me, I had a great time running about outside the vicinity of that shop after waited for a while inside.

I guess I got too tired from all the running about earlier that I dozed off in the arms of mimi on our way to dinner place. How did we end up in trishaw?? They took trishaw instead of cab cos originally the cab they wanted to board was filled with cigarette smell and mimi for sure cannot tahan it. I guess it's pretty tough to earn their $$ cos all are 'heavy-weight' champions sitting on it. But the trishaw fella did a great job cos he rode smoothly despite our weights and managed to drive me to slumberland, thus papa decided to reward him with some tips.

Hmpm....I missed my dinner while they were tucking away. But the waitress was kind enuf to give us a small tupperware to keep some food for me later. The moment they wanna leave, I woke up from my beauty nap and they set off for their next shopping spree at the all-time fave Mahkota Parade where they found a place for me to take my dinner.

We didn't buy anything much on our 1st day except gong-gong as the things sold there (both MegaMall and MP) aren't any much cheaper than our homeland but the makan was a steal. Dinner only cost RM$50 for the whole family with so many dishes laid on the table. We bot some muffins from Kenny Rogers as supper before returning to recharge for the next day. I slept my first nite in mimi's room.

Day Two
Yummy Breakfast
I was super co-operative to wake up promptly at 7am as I can hear breakfast buffet calling me, hahaha. However, mimi still chose to gimme a milk feed before going down to the cafetaria. After milk feed where got extra space to fill those yummy cereals and pancakes??? Then mimi started complaining I dun eat much. Adults are so difficult to please man. :p

After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to continue our nuah-ness and built up our belly, wahahaha.....
Do you like my new hat papa bot for me at MP yesterday??

I was eager to show off my spiderman watch mimi bot for me while coaxing me to take dinner.

I was all geared up ready to go for our half day tour. The tour was only meant for our family as it was low season, not much people were on holidayz.

The guide started off by telling us the history while driving us around to further explain the story behind each street and river.

We covered quite a number of historical sites like Dutch Building, Hang Li Poh Well, Sam Poh Kong Temple, 1st temple - Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Malacca Fort, St. Paul Hill, Victoria Water Fountain, Christ Church, Independence Museum etc....

and also not forgetting to stop by the popular local product centre, Tan Kim Hock to have yummy chendol and grabbed some goodies back to Singapore.

But before reaching Tan Kim Hock, I slept already. Guess I got mimi's genes - bored by history, hahaha. Papa was the only one interested to know more. He even went back together with mimi to read out more in the museum and went up the fort.

Mimi brought me for swimming later part in the afternoon after my morning recharge. I was all geared up in my chick costume with chicky towel. Check it out man....Yo..yo..yo...

I had a great time splashing and kicking water. That was what I could do best in the pool as papa wasn't with us. Mimi on the other hand wasn't in any swim wear cos she din buy the maternity type, thus she could only sit on step and hold me tight in case I choose to be cheeky and decided to take a dip in the pool and drink some water. :)

After the swim, I was drained. I slept on the cosy hotel bed and that gave papa and ah ma ample of time to make full use of the Spa facilities. Papa went gym first then Spa treatment whereas ah ma went for hot dip, steam bath and sauna. All were FOC. Too bad mimi couldn't join them with didi inside her tum tum so she pampered herself and gong-gong by ordering room service since gong-gong wanna rest in his room. I slept in ah ma's room for the 2nd night.

Day Three - Goodbye Malacca

I woke up feeling energised as usual and off we went for our morning breakfast. Papa commented 3 days 2 nights were far too short to rest and nuah, we shall have longer break next time, yippeez......but then again must see if my didi can take it anot. :)

I truly enjoyed my short getaway. Look at the funny faces I made at the buffet table, how can I do all these if I dun enjoy rite??

I was dancing on our way out of the cafe. I'm in high spirit like having eaten some estacy. We checked out earlier and did some more last minute shopping before we had our lunch. Lunch was super economical. The usual tze-char 5 dishes cost only RM$30+ for the 5 of us. Isn't that a steal?? In overall, I 'earned' myself a watch, a hat and 2 pairs of shoes. (",)
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