31 October 2011

Halloween Special: Little Devil

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Singapore beside another reason for party goers to go wild. Over the years, we have welcomed the western influence, gotten yourself exposed to this festival and surely the merchandises as well. Mommy had bought Red Devil hats for the kiddos just for some fun so little adorable BBC fits the bill. BBC can now walk on his own and has been going around the house exploring, giving all of us some hard times. Our little devil has also became expressive towards on his likes & dislike. He would try to touch any things that interests him and when we say "NO"to him, he would just smile and then try to test his boundary. BBC appreciate music and could now hum the tune of "twinkle twinkle little stars" little by little.
By Papa

26 October 2011

Family Photo Session

This post was really long overdue as October is a busy month for me.

It has been a long time since our last photo shoot at the studio. Erm...okay, maybe I have exaggerated. It wasn't ages ago actually. Our last photo shoot was Maternity Photo Session last year with Dream Garden Studio to capture the journey of my last preggie look b4 closing production :D

A photo shoot including the grandparents is something I hope to do in my mind. I looked thru SMH forum and shortlisted a few but decided on Foto-U Studio by Benjamin Loo. Besides capturing important milestone of the kids growing up, photo-taking at the studio is another great way for family bonding.

The whole session took more than an hour to complete and consisted ~180 shots in total. We enjoyed the photo shoot though the kids were tired after that. There were too many things to take note if you are lugging 3 kids along, so much so till I had forgotten to pack into my bag one of the kiddos' tee after the session.

Luckily Benjamin found the tee and mailed it back to me. I'd say Benjamin is professional in his work. He was prompt in his reply, provided whatever instructions needed to get ready prior to the actual day shoot and he gave sound advice on which photo to choose for print out. Thumbs up for his great service.

Enjoy the pics:

Thank you Benjamin for making everything of this possible!!! :)

06 October 2011

PCF Cashew Children's Day 2011

Wenz kept reminding us about the Children's Day Carnival organised by her school ever since her teacher passed her the ticket. Instead of the conventional ways of celebrating in school, the children from PCF Cashew get to enjoy wet fun at Bukit Panjang swimming pool, get goodie bags and play at kiosks set up by their teachers and parent volunteers at the Community Centre co-located with the swimming pool. 

02 October 2011

Go Fly Kite!

Wenz' had just learned about kite @ school and she even made a kite with paper @ home which obviously couldn't fly. Seeing her enthusiasm urged me a get a proper kite and showing the kiddos how kite actually fly. Personally, I had never successfully flown a kite so this time is no exception. I think this kite is by far the best I bought and I believed the day wasn't windy enough (excuse). It should be quite an achievement for the kiddos to see the kite took flight while they were running with it.

By Papa
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