31 October 2005

Godpa's Birthday

Special mention of godpa's birthday! Aiyah, he has a 3 day class to attend so couldn't get fun out of it. Or izit dun wanna give us a treat??? However, I wanna wish him a Happy happy buffday! May godpa has a pink of health and be happy daily... ...

28 October 2005

Towel game

Ah ma is determined to train me not to be afraid when people cover me with face towel. Her effort and patience has finally paid off. I'm now capable of pulling the towel off my head whenever I was being covered. Of course ah ma is the happiest person cos she will feedback to mummy how clever I was to do such an action. Yes, I'm C.L.E.V.E.R. hehehe :P! The grin on her face has told everything.

Thank you ah ma!

24 October 2005

Sombong Baby

I usually dun smile, not even to mummy and ah ma, when I'm outside. That is why ah ma labeled me as sombong (proud). It is not easy to capture my smile outside. However, my mood is extremely good today and I babble a lot when mummy, daddy, gong gong and ah ma were taking their lunch just now. I surprised them by talking and smiling a lot, maybe becos mummy gave me to try some of the food on the table :) Yum...Yum...

22 October 2005

Sleepy sleepy

I'm such a tyrant nowadays. I always need mummy to carry me to sleep whenever she's around. If ah ma uses her usual method of patting me, I'll break into my routine tantrums... ... WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Mummy always says I look so harmless and adorable when asleep. I oso develop a liking for ah ma's bolster over my small tiny one since she always uses it as a barrier. I lurve digging out the strings on both sides of the bolster and suck on it as I drift to sleep. This is very soothing and put me to sleep. The whole string will be dripping wet with my saliva by the time I KO, kekeke~ :P

20 October 2005

New sound

After seeing ah ma making the Klak Klak sound, I'm able to pick up somehow. Am I a born genius or what?? Mimicking is my field of talent man. This is simple by moving the tongue from up to down inside the mouth. I know it sounds boring but it's a lot of fun to me. Yeah…

16 October 2005

Clear Vision

I have achieved something great today! Guess what??? I am able to sit upright by myself, unsupported you know?? The view of my bedroom is lot better now. I get to look at different aspects of it. Watch out for my crawl soon...hehe : )

08 October 2005

Lullaby lullabies

Wen is a super curious baby. She is also very curious when she's fast asleep. She'll wake up to the slightest sounds sometimes even whispers might wake her up. My MIL asks me to play soft music for Wen when she's taking her naps. She heard this method over a TV program that it may help the baby to overcome noise sensitivity. This is some kinda music therapy. Try with low volume for a start then slowly increase the volume higher. I've tried twice so far, seems that it's working for her.

06 October 2005

I can WALK liao

Gong gong, I'm no longer a shortie leh, I can touch the ground on my feet finally. Mummy has removed the platform on my walker. I get to cruise around the house by myself today. Smart gal hor?? Mummy sure says I thick-skin one. My fave game now got to be chasing after the adults in the house, following behind them wherever they go and peeping at what they do. I am curious (mummy will say kaypoh) of the things around me mah.

02 October 2005

Without You

Ever since I found out the joys of pulling myself upwards, I will never fail to do that whenever I grab hold onto something. This has caused the panic among the adults of course! Besides this, ah ma always comments about my bad sleeping habits. I'll turn 360 deg when sleeping machiam like taking some kinda rides. I've changed my style recently, I tend to move upwards, got myself stuck at one corner and my head will be rubbing against the metal rod that support the bassinet in the playpen causing redness on my forehead. Fear that I might injure my soft spot, ah ma asked mummy to lower down the bassinet. However, it can only prevent me from flipping over and falling out of the playpen. It does not solve the problem of knocking against the metal rod at all, so mummy decided to do away the playpen and let me sleep on king koil super-single size mattress. It's comfy though but I'll still miss my rockable playpen. Goodbye my companion for 6 months.

My First Tooth

The long awaited day has come. The first tooth has cut through Wen's gum today. I'm happy of course. Hopefully Wen can take in more milk after all the teething woes. I can only see a bit of the tooth on the lower gum. It looks pretty small but quite sharp leh. So far there is only sign of one tooth, we are still waiting for another one to appear as I was told that it would come out in pairs.

Fruity Fruits

My fav fruit for now got to be avocado. It's really yummy especially the fresh and creamy ones. I think I can finish the whole fruit. However, mummy dunno how much can a baby take so only feed me half at a time.

01 October 2005

My Reflections

Hmm... ...what's up this month??? Well, it is quite significant too cos Wen is trying out a couple of new things like new walker, sitting highchair and learning to sign, thus gaining new experiences!.

Baby Wen has the first taste of food finally. Starting solids on her wasn't too difficult. In fact it was much easier than I thot. We tried to introduce a variety of food like different flavor of cereals and different type of fruits at the moment. She likes brown rice cereal most so far.

As she has acquired the techniques of flipping over onto tummy and rolling from left to right, leaving her alone on the bed is out of the question now or it might lead to dire consequences.
Since then we have started training her to get down the bed using leg first. Hopefully she can input that in mind and not eagerly picking diving skills instead :)
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