26 June 2010


Entry by Mummy

Technology is really taking its toil on the society cos my mere 2.5 years old sonny boy is an all addict on my iPod Touch. He was so engrossed playing games till he didn't even bother when I put my hair clip on him. He could continue playing while I disturb and mess with him. :)

The using of iPhone/iPod Touch has so great impact that he even try to touch the screen of my MacBook thinking it is 'TOUCH SCREEN" too! Funny and smart boy isn't he? :p

I wouldn't say it is a good thing either cos it is not nice being an addict in anything. Moreover, parents should be very careful not to let the child over-indulge in anything hence I always set a time limit for him (as if he'll adhere) as we must also be very mindful to give proper eye care advice to them too.

22 June 2010

The story of BIG Playground

Entry by Mummy

Today marks the 2nd last day of my long 2 weeks leave with the kiddos but this ain't gonna change my mind of bringing them out. I have been planning a whole list of "what-to-do" before the start of my long leave and I'm proud to say that I have completed almost 85% of it.

The kiddos got so used to my presence at home for the past 10 over days and they have been pestering me all day on where will I be bringing them out later, tmr and even next week. As a mummy who always put them before anything else, it is difficult to turn them down.

Hence I look thru my manual and crack my brain, searching for possible places to bring them, knowing very well they will enjoy places with playground, water play, sand play, art fun for royal highness, cars for the prince and so on....I told them yesterday that I'm gonna bring them to a big playground today.

My nightmare began the moment I told them "Big Playground" cos they have been uttering non-stop the same words for countless times the whole night yesterday, the whole morning at home today and the whole journey to SOL Playground Cafe. :)

Sonny boy got delighted the moment we stepped in as he saw many toy cars lying around the indoor play area. We took some cars to place on our table in order to calm the boy down.

The first thing Royal Highness did was to enter the play area and self-served herself to the pool of toys lying in there.

Sonny boy was given the liberty to enter only after he had his breakfast. He indulged himself with those toys that he had never played before.

The kids were funny. I personally think we have better play area at home, safe, clean and interesting but they enjoyed so much playing with the things there. Some of which I think look like discarded items to me, some has missing parts and some toys were broken already.

Nevertheless, the boy had a good fun time digging ALL the toy cars out. Not even one was spared. Even after some persuasion for him to go outdoor, he still insisted playing the cars a while longer before joining his sister outside. :p

Royal Highness had long entered the so-called BIG playground that I had told her yesterday.

Both kiddos had a good long fun time running, hiding and playing silly games with 2 other children.

It is nice seeing them having so much fun and playing so well together as well as with other children. The bottom line is children need companionship, thus playmates are important. Hopefully they can play well with their new baby bro and be able to 'look after'him too.

20 June 2010

Happy Fathers' Day 2010

Today is Fathers' Day and it is an important day for all well-deserved daddies out there in the world. On this special occasion, we would like to thank our 'SuperDad' (cos he thinks he is some kinda superhero - check below pic :p) for being the special man in our lives.

This special man might not be the richest man with money but he is sure to shower us with his infinite love and care. Time is never on his side as he has to work erratic hours but he makes sure he spends his free time he has in a week with us. He works hard to give us nothing less than only the best and is always putting others first before himself, be it at home or at work.

So for this most hardworking superdad that we have, we have specially designed a gift for him together with mummy. Both didi and I were honored to present him our 1st decent Fathers' Day gift.

It is a self-designed iPhone skin with our cute faces on it. Guess wat? Papa changed the old mobile skin right away with mummy's help.

Happy Fathers' Day and We Love U!

19 June 2010

Little Bali....here we come!

We celebrated this year Fathers' Day one day earlier cos tmr is papa's working day. Mummy brought everyone to this place called Little Bali for dinner. This place has really good ambience and it was mummy's 2nd visit here.

The decos of the place were quite unique and catered towards the flavour of Indonesia hence the name Little Bali. The menu consists of Thai, Indonesia and a bit of North Indian food item.

Didi and I had a fun time exploring the place, picking up stones and running up and down flight of stairs.

All dads invited to this event were delighted, including jiu-jiu who is a dad-to-be in 2 months time. Well, he will have his chance next year.

1st dad - Our Ye-ye

2nd Dad - Our gong-gong

3rd Dad - Our Godpapa

Last but not least - Our Papa

He was disappointed with the food though cos almost all items that he had ordered was not available. However, he likes the place very much.

The last highlight of the night was to eat the cake that we had decorated in the afternoon. The cake tasted surprisingly good. Sponge was soft and cream wasn't too rich. Even didi's messy cake got some compliments from nai-nai. :)

Run Denzel Run......

Didi went for his race at Jurong Point and I'd say he look a little apprehensive before the race. Mummy was dead worried he couldn't finish the 30m sprint hence asked ah ma to standby at the finishing line.

The moment didi saw ah ma at the other end, he ran, ran, ran as fast he could and crossed the finishing line with breaking records........

......thus winning himself a medal. Mummy said getting into the finals was not important cos it was the experience that matters most. :p

At least didi gotto complete something all by himself. Bravo didi.

We went for cake decorating right after lunch at The Icing Room as promised by mummy. I'd say didi was having great fun squeezing the cream out with the help of ah ma........

......as well as savoring on the candy bits while decorating the cake.

I was so engrossed doing up my cake to perfect scale and disallowed anyone to touch it or disturb me.

This was so much fun and interesting....

Didi's cake was so valued for money cos he had squeezed all the creme that he could and ate up all unused candy bits while mine was used sparingly. Look at his messy cake! We have decided to give mine to godpa while papa will eat didi's cake after much discussion. :p

Look at my tray, so much of leftover....

Papa found it so wasteful and decided to 'dump' everything into his tummy in order not to waste resources. :p

Like father like son! Didi did the same thing to his remaining chocz creme and enjoying every bit of it.

We went for a drink toasting to didi's excellent performance in his Sprint event and our cake decorating success. Cheers! :)

18 June 2010

Arty Crafty - Under the Sea

It was a Friday and mummy was still on leave hence we went to visit gong-gong and head down to Kallang trying out the Circle Line. We ended up in Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure Park attending a crafty workshop.

The place was great with a mini cafeteria juz in case the peeps are hungry. Another segment was the play area where mummy can nuah sit around while watching us play.

We had finished our craft session. Didi wasn't very attentive enuf during the workshop. The 'cher gotto help him quite a bit.

Look at our Octopus! The theme was "Under the Sea" hence every children had to do an octopus. Needless for further introduction, mine was pink and didi was blue. I have decided to give mine to godpa as Fathers' Day gift when I see him tmr and didi will give his to papa when we return home later. :)

17 June 2010

Kiddos' Updatez

Entry by Mummy

Good weather combined with school holidays, I have decided to bring the kiddos out together for my scheduled appointment to see my gynae.

The clinic was crowded as usual. Wenz making funny faces asking me to take fotos of her while waiting for my turn.

She knows how to take photographs using a camera already and is very fond of snapping everywhere and anyhow recently.

She went into the consultation room together with me seeing her baby didi in my tum tum. Baby didi is doing well and I was given admission letter to the hospital to keep already. Well, if you ask me, I have clean forgotten what to bring to the hospital. Just hoping for smooth and painless (if possible) delivery.

We took the free shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC) and was greeted by this 2 big fellas. As the kiddos weren't really into Transformers, we just stood round to watch the performance as they has just begun. If this is some kinda Disney Princess or Cars or Thomas the Train, then I'll go all out to get the photo pass.

Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee putting on awesome performance delighting the crowd. They even have game and called upon some kids to participate.

My kiddos went for some wet fun at the Splash Park. Luckily I can foresee the future and brought along a set of clothing each. :)

Boy~they were totally drenched after an hour of excitement at the playground with didi shivering all over while we, the adults sipping drinks at Astons overseeing them making sure they don't get into big trouble.

Hmm....I'd say this Splash Park is quite a good place for kids to play. Maybe it is a weekday, the shopping mall wasn't crowded. If time permits, you can even do some Sand Art or Paint Art pieces at the same level of the park at Emiko Arts.
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