30 August 2007

Vainy Pot

This Vainy Pot has not gone school for 2 days liao due to the recent heavy downpour. Hubby says "Like Mother Like Daughter" as I also used to pontang during my school dayz and now pontang for work......kakakaka. :p

Anyway it's for her own good mah, what if go school caught in the rain and fall sick how?? Choy choy choy......of course to play safe is not to attend school during rainy dayz as the temperature inside the classroom also quite low. Worried might have sneeze sneeze cough cough....aiyo touchwood lah.

We could really tell that this vainy pot misses going to school. Luckily today no rain but weather also isn't too good. However Wenz still get to go school after 2 days lobo-ing at home.

I wonder if she has "done too much work" in school today cos she hit a 4-hr nap record today as reported by my mum when I reach home. She started napping from 4pm to 8pm. Siao liao lah.....tonight how??? I sure become panda tmr one. True enuf, vainy pot still very active at 1am while I'm yawning away......faintz ah!!

25 August 2007

Body Awareness

Engaging in a conversation with tots can be quite fun at times. Below is a short dialogue with Wenzel few months back touching on the topic of "Body Awareness".

We have a special name for vaginal in the house and we shall refer it to XX here.

ME: Do u have XX?
Wenz: Yes and pointed to her XX.
ME: Where is mummy's XX?
Wenz: She came over and touched or rather pointed to mine.
ME: Where is ah ma's XX?
Wenz: Went over to ah ma and pointed to it.
ME: Does papa has XX?
Wenz: Ran excitedly into the room and touched papa's private and said loudly "PAPA's XX".Laughing Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images

ME: Is mummy a gal or a boy?
Wenz: Gal
ME: Is gong-gong a gal or a boy?
Wenz: Boy
ME: Is ah ma a gal or a boy?
Wenz: Gal
ME: Is papa a gal or a boy?
Wenz: Boy
ME: How do you noe papa is a boy?
Wenz looks blur and stare in blank trying to figure out the answer......so cute :p
ME: Gal has 'flower' and boy has 'bird'
Wenz: Bird ah, where? See bird Laughing Hysterically Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images

23 August 2007

Junior got a NAME

Today is my scheduled date for check up at the clinic but I went alone as hubby needs to work originally. However he is unwell so has taken a day of medical leave, still I went alone for the check-up as he is too weak to accompany me there.

I have lotsa things to settle today. First I waited for the StemCord agent to appear in the clinic as both hubby and I have decided to store junior's cord blood with them. The agent discussed the details of cord blood banking with me, waited for me to finish my routine check-up and done up the registration portion for me.

Today's check up is a fast one since my next round will be another detailed one with the CTG to monitor my contractions. Baby is healthy and is weighing 2.9kg now. Wow.....I think baby will hit 3.5kg when I pop. The thot of it made me scared. Dunno got strength and stamina to push bo??

During the scan, the doctor asked me how I was feeling and the same usual stuff.......then she popped out this question suddenly.....

Dr Kek: Have u got a name for baby? (while she's performing the scanning on my tummy)
ME: So is the gender confirm? (sounds kind of stupid to ask but dunno wat to ask at that point of time)
Dr Kek: See the 2 SCROTUMS?? It can't be wrong to be a boy. (Dr smiling while pointing to the screen)
ME: I was blushing.....but still I did not tell her baby's name as she did not prob further.

Hubby and I dun mind whichever gender actually but heard a case from a colleague recently that her gynae confirmed gender to be boy during scanning and the gynae was so confirm all along but baby turned out to be a gal after delivery and it was her 1st pregnancy. She has bought all boy boy stuffs and even got a boy name for her baby. Friends and relatives who visited her at the hospital also bought boy boy things for her. She din re-buy any pinkie stuffs though but gotto re-name her baby as she can't possibly give her newborn baby gal a boyish name.

The english naming is hubby's responsibility as usual. It was a breeze to him this time round. You must be wondering why right?? In my 1st pregnancy, we actually chose not to know the gender and we prepared 2 sets of names, one for gal and another one for boy. Lotsa our friends and relatives dun believe we really dunno the gender after the detailed scan at 5th month and thot we dun wanna tell. Though the gender was kept in suspense (even I, myself oso dunno), baby's godpa as well as my hubby have already dreamt of the gender is a gal then. At around 32 weeks of the detailed scan, we actually could see her clitoris so clearly before us on the screen and we knew right away we could use the gal's name and put the boy's name on hold.

Now it's time to bring out the name for usage. We have decided to name junior DENZEL. I made a suggestion to hubby asking him to consider Hansel or Hanzel instead but he still prefer Denzel as got the same initial 'D' as his name mah. Well, Denzel's Chinese name will be released upon his birth then. Meanwhile, junior will be called Denzel. (",)

I left the clinic to do up the pre-admission procedures with the hospital registration site. Glad that every task is completed and I can go off for my shopping.

I'm getting excited as my due date draws near. I'll pop Denzel out in less than a month's time but I haven't pack my bag and haven't look thru the list of things that I would need. Think I'd have to do all these when I get home today as I hate last minute hiccups.

19 August 2007

Finally........Got IT!!

Mummy has been searching high and low for this 'STAR CLAPPER', one of the freebies in the NDP 2007's goody bag. Why is this so??? It all started with one outing with mimi and papa few weeks back. I cried badly for it after setting my eyes on it as it was displayed in one of the shops to attract customers. But this star thingy is not for sale so even though I told mimi so many times asking her to buy, she juz couldn't fulfill my wish. She told me not everything can be bought with money. I cried inconsolably for 15 minutes in the end. Upon reaching home, mummy has been searching for it since then.

Finally I get to play with it.....not 1, not 2 but I have 3 star clappers. However, mimi gave away 1 to her friend at work as it's the same yellow color that I already had.

I was having so much fun with it. This is a must-play thing in my daily routine right now and I'm loving it!!

Btw this is a post for 2 purposes. See my new costume??? Nice bo?? It's my new import from Vietnam that my ah ma bot for me. Swee swee rite? This costume is so fitting that as if it was tailored-made. Ah ma even bot the typical Vietnam hat for me.
Don't u think I really look like a Vietnamese gal??? :)

17 August 2007


Today is my birthday and I have decided to spend my day with juz my hubby alone as couple time is a luxury ever since we have Wenzel. First hubby gave me a yummy treat at the restaurant where we held our wedding, then we went for movie. Hubby is always fond of watching movie. I'm alright with any movie as long as it's interesting. We watched "Bourne Ultimatum" as hubby has watched it's 1st and 2nd part.
Well, not too bad though I din watch the part I and II, I still manage to understand the whole story with some explanation from hubby. We enjoyed the movie and went for some drinks and cakes at our old time fave cafe - Coffee Club. :)

How can a birthday goes without any cake!! I have yummy cake and refreshing drink before we headed home. This year celebration is a simple yet wonderful one with hubby. So wat did he give me for pressie this year?? It's a surprise.......he did his own short movie clip to wish me a Happy Birthday!! I was feeling so happy. This kinda of pressie is as if we are still in the midst of courtship in the early days. Hahaha.......those things that you will do to impress ur partner when a relationship juz started off. :)

And of course he throw in another pressie for me....which is a sponsorship to the slimming centre after I pop. Hmm........this might be a hint for something isn't it?? Ya I noe, I'm FAT and he's afraid I might be FAT forever. Well, which woman dun wanna look good??? Now that got sponsorship lagi better, of course must sign up some package after my confinement, kekeke :p

16 August 2007

Missing U.....

Today is the 2nd day I went back to work after my long break. Poor Wenz, she misses me badly cos I no longer make her sleep at night when mum took over the task.

She was yearning for me the very 1st nite I wasn't with her. My mum called me yesterday while I was at work that Wenz woke up crying for me in the morning and simply refused to do anything. I was happy to learn the fact that my gal misses me so badly but on another hand pity my mum for she gotto handle this gal's tantrums. She passed the phone over to Wenz and she kinda calm down and guai guai accept the fact that I have to work after hearing my voice. She becomes more clingy when I reached home, commanding me to do this do that, play with her, read to her, feed her.....etc.

This morning juz before leaving house, Wenz sort of knew I opened the door and she cried "mimi, mimi......". Aiyo, which mother can tahan hearing this, so I went in to peep on her and I saw her sitting on her mattress asking for me. Ah ma told her I went to work and she went back to sleep disappointedly.

My poor darling.......one week of quality bonding time already can see such results, cannot imagine life after my 84 days maternity leave at home.

14 August 2007

Funny Behaviour

Ye-ye has been telling Wenz that her ah ma took aeroplane and went for holidayz but whenever I ask her 'Where is ah ma?', she will reply me 'ah ma go work, take money and buy things.'!! :)

If I told her 'No, ah ma sit aeroplane go holiday with gong-gong.', she will insisit her ah ma went to work instead. However, if I ask her 'Where is gong-gong?', she will reply me 'gong-gong take aeroplane'. Somehow she couldn't accept the fact that ah ma went for holidayz and I dunno why.

She has not seen ah ma for almost a week and I noe she misses ah ma alot. I believe she got the wrong impression that ah ma is angry with her thus dun wanna come back and went for work instead. Why is that so?? Ah ma always tells Wenz that if she make ah ma angry, ah ma will go to work and not look after her.

One day, this little gal was so cute cos I overheard her mumblings, she said "惨了! Ah ma 去作工" then she came over to tell me ah ma angry ah. So farny rite?? She actually has such deep misconception but couldn't blame her as all these are great influence from adult since my mum has been telling her this all these while when she was with her at home.

Getting Wenzel Ready for Didi

I couldn't help feeling worried the moment I think of sibling rivalry. Some parents dun face such a problem at all but I'm juz simply afraid this will happen to me as I'm always the 'lucky one' when comes to such things. I'm really afraid I might not be able to handle the situation properly and affect the children's thinking of me being unfair.

As my due date is approaching, my worries are also getting more and more intense. I have been telling Wenz that she will be expecting a didi at home in Sept and so far she's accepting it well. She will kiss my big belly balloon and stroke gently on it. Sometimes she will say 'hug didi'. Another heart-warming incident is she will always wants me to include didi in the drawing.
I dunno whether she truly understand but I really hope my children will learn to love each other and stay quarrel-free.

12 August 2007


Time flies and my mum will be back in Singapore tmr. I truly enjoy my short stay at home looking after my gal. She has been such a darling these few days and since I got pregnant again, I realise I seldom have the energy to spend quality time bonding with her. This one week is a good exposure for the both of us.

Suddenly I have the urge to be a SAHM. Everyday is so routinised and predictable, I am able to take good care of my hubby as well. Daily activities evolves around milk feeding in the morning, bathing her, cereal feeding, getting her ready for school, sending to school, cooking her meals, doing house chores, fetching her back from school, cleaning and washing her, lunch feeding, reading stories, playing with her, napping with her, milk feeding at night and making her sleep at night. I am loving every bit of it and I dun find it boring. I believe my gal will miss me when I return to work in few days time and of course I will miss her dearly too.

Wenz is so sweet. She actually asked me or rather she forbids me to go work and she told me this "Mimi dun go work, play with me". Wow!! I notice she is able to communicate more and more, her sentence forming is improving, her vocab has definitely increased and she is getting more and more talkative each day.

It's good to be able to watch her grow and develop, not missing out every important milestone in her life.

These few days whenever I change her, bath her, feed her and play with her, she will look at me and sometimes into my eyes and having some deep thots inside her. How I wish I know what's on her mind!! Perhaps she is feeling puzzled how come ah ma wasn't around and why I became her caregiver instead.

Well, why bother since both of us enjoy each other's company, isn't it my dear?? (",)

11 August 2007

Papa's Credit

I have been teaching Wenz to answer back her name whenever people ask her this question but she juz simply couldn't answer or rather she dun understand what I was teaching. :(

I didn't lose my patience in teaching all these while. However Wenz surprised me at exactly 27 months by displaying her ability to answer 'WENZEL' when we ask her 'What's your name?'. I must give all credit to hubby cos he was the one who successfully taught her to answer this question. There are certain things I must salute my hubby as he really got his way with this gal or was it simply coincidence?? Hahaha......still I wouldn't deny his effort and gotta give him some credit for it. :p

10 August 2007

I know my ABCs

After watching few times of this Letter Factory DVD from the leapfrog series production, in fact only 3 times, Wenz knows all her phonics sound of the 26 alphabets.

I find this dvd rather interesting as I'm learning together with her as well cos I dun remember myself having to learn phonics in my school dayz and worst still, I dun even know the phonics sound of most of the letters.

But now I know 'em all and likewise for Wenzel. I could see she really enjoy this movie. :)

09 August 2007

Little Artist....Future Picasso

Staying at home with mimi is so much fun. Everyday involves doing different different activities and playing different different things.

What's new for today?? Mimi let me draw on my easel board. This board is quite virgin leh, only drew once and was long ago. I was having so much fun that I dun wanna let mimi keep the markers.

Hopefully mimi can stay permanently at home to look after me, but i oso enjoy ah ma's company leh. Am I too greedy to ask for 2 caregivers at home?? (",)

08 August 2007

Happy Birthday to 奶奶!!!

Today is 奶奶's birthday but there wasn't any cake, longevity noodles nor makan session cos poor 奶奶 is down with Shingles.

Well, she is on recovery path liao cos it has been almost 1 week since she got it and she has warned us not to go over to her place especially mimi wasn't immunise with chicken pox jab. Nebermind, we'll go over to visit her tmr when papa comes home from work.

Happy Birthday to 奶奶!!

All Geared UP....

As ah ma is going to Hanoi with gong-gong today, mimi gotta stay at home and look after me till ah ma comes back next week.

Mimi brought me to school with funny costume and not my usual school unitform. She told me today's school will be fun cos the teacher will celebrate National Day with us and the children are required to wear according to the theme.

Front, Side and Back View

Look! How's my outfit?? My doting ah ma bot for me yesterday even though mimi said dun need to buy purposely for the event cos my school short is already red and only need to match with any white top will do. However, ah ma said wanna made me happy wor. My theme outfit even got a mini flag printed on the sleeve. Cool manz!! :)
I'm all geared up and ready to go school!! Let's go, mimi....

07 August 2007

First Craft Work in School

Wenz brought home a DIY Singapore flag from school yesterday. It looks quite nice and I doubt she did it all by herself. This is the 1st time she brought a craft work home.

Well, it was nicely done up with the stars and moon pasted on the correct position. She also learnt the word "FLAG" after bringing this home. She kept repeating the word 'flag' whenever she sees it.

Besides this, she also brought home a pack of goodie bag which I then gave it away to her cousin since i dun encourage her to eat all heaty stuff esp she dun wanna drink water willingly.

I guess the flag will 'die' in her hand within a week's time if i dun keep it cos she told me she wanna peel the moon and stars out. @_@

06 August 2007

School Updatez

It has been sometime since Wenz attended school. She has attended only 1 day last week and she fell ill there after. I have reminded hubby to ask the teacher if there will be school on the eve of National Day and friday cos mum will be going to Hanoi with dad on the eve and I'll have to bring her if there is school.

Wenz loves going to school but some how or rather, both my mum and I feel that she also pick up some bad habits and got some bad influence from school. Well, this is not the best school after all. The reason we put her there is bcos it is so near to our house and mum is able to bring her there.

Anyway, what did the gal pick up??
1. She has learnt to beat people intentionally and say 'beat beat'. This is very undesirable to me and of course she get her punishment from me.

2. She will hit herself on her face out of sudden and hit repeatedly. I wonder if the teacher punish the children this way but after getting some reassurance from my SIL, who ever worked in this trade, I have rule out the possibility.

3. She used to remove her own shoes whenever reach destination but this school pampers the children so much by removing every individual shoes upon reaching. Now my gal also sits down there waiting for teacher to remove her shoes.

4. She started eating sweets cos the school always give them especially in the 1st 2 weeks.

5. She has runny nose on and off. The temperature in the classroom maybe too cold for her.

6. She is taking the preference of lying on the floor and say 'rest on the floor'. I wonder if she did this in school as well.

7. She loves shaking her head recently and mess her hair up then say 'Like that ah!!'

There are more to just these few points but i'd very much like to address the problem of hitting people. She even hit us at home and throw tantrums quite often. Hope she can get over this phase real fast.

02 August 2007

Wenzel's ABC Adventure

Got this interesting link from Shervon's Blog. Decided to try it out......Check it out on my gal's cool adventure!!!
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