31 May 2006

Painful Note

Tortoise... Tortoise... where are you??? This was Wen's fave toy for the last season. It has been missing for weeks and it was found yesterday at last. Wen likes to play with it (actually is to put inside the mouth as usual) before naptime or sleep time and she has decided to hid it somewhere one day. For once we thought it might have sucked into the vacuum cleaner but guess where we have found it??? It was hidden by Wen inside one of the mattresses used as a shield against the wall... ... So "missing tortoise" case was solved alas :)

One mummy at my work place was sharing with me about her son's undesirable behaviour at his 13th month. She said her son has turned from a kind tame natured boy to a notorious and yell at his top of his voice when he turned 13 months. She found this unbearable and went to the net for solution. True enuf, experts said it is normal for a child to behave this way at this stage, hence she felt more relieve but still she is adjusting herself to accept it. Wen was only 6 months old when she told me this. I was praying hard and naively think that Wen will not be like this and skip the process. But my hope was shattered ever since Wen has mastered the skill of Y.E.L.L.I.N.G. Yes she knew how to yell loudly nowadays. My ML was saying got the genes of Pek's family. Oh gosh cham lah.....genetic some more cos' the Pek's family women are mostly loud and 野蛮 as exclaimed by my ML (need to indicate who said it or else the Pek's women all come and hantam me ah).

Besides yelling, she has learnt to attract more attention from us lately. Not only she knows how to fake her cries, she also know how to fake her laughter and fake choking when she had enuf of water. She knew how to do all these way before she is 13 months but now she did it more 'accurately'. Looks like she really understand the meaning of it. But on a happy side, she has added a few more nouns and vocabulary in her 'databrain'. It's a good sign showing that she is learning :) Whenever I heard her calling me with a manja 'tonation', it's really sweet and melts my heart......

29 May 2006

Hi-5 Live Concert

Mummy brought me out alone to Expo during noon. It was raining heavily and all cab company like suddenly MIA liao. Waited so long for phone operator to get a cab for us. We were supposed to meet godmama and Gwen jie-jie 1 pm at Expo but about 1 pm then we boarded the taxi. Luckily we were still in time for the show. It was godmama who gave me a treat (actually is mummy lah 'cos I'm FOC niway, they juz wanna use my name) to watch Hi-5 live. This is my 1st concert man. Coolz!! Must check whether got bring tickets anot!!! However, godmama and Gwen jie-jie weren't that lucky 'cos they couldn't get a cab and hence missed the show. What a pity!!! There goes S$ 70. Luckily mummy took the ticket from godmama when mummy visited her at her home during her confinement after giving birth to Glenys meimei or we dun get to watch as well. Heng ah..... :p

I was seated quite near from the front so got a good view of the performers.

There were lots of bigger kidz jumping, dancing and singing there. I oso not bad leh, I'll shake my body and move my bum when they sang the Hi5 theme song. Too bad, one lady always with jup-jup wasn't around as she is 7 months pregnant right now. So came a replacement for her role. Think I'll grow up to know their names better if I still remain as a Hi-5 fan. Mummy said that lady is Kathleen. I was quite 'manageable' in the first half with some crankiness till mummy gave me some baby bites then I was pacified.

However, I got a little bit out of control later on. Luckily there was a 15-min break. So mummy went to buy some merchandise for me. She couldn't decide what to buy as everything looks nice to her. In the end, she anyhow choose and bot me this head band 'cos got light flickering and she thot may last my eye setting on it longer.

I refused to get up from the ground till mummy carried me away and brought me back to our seats and took out the head band from the packaging for me to play.

Soon lights were off and the remaining show started. I wasn't attentive in the 2nd half and fidgeting very badly, thus mummy had to entertain me with other activities and silly games to keep me 'calm'. However, I managed to finish watching the story-telling bit. An hour worth of show went by sooo fast and I would say it was really a very nice show. So much music and dancing....I like it!!! In fact mummy wasn't very looking forward initially cos she has no confident to bring me out alone but she has made it!!! Though I wasn't very cooperative but still she has done a great job liao loh! But that got to explain why so few photos 'cos practically unable for her to snap and take care of me at the same time....hahaha :)

I think godmama's $70 was well-spent lah 'cos I got super-duper tired after the show and slept thru the whole journey when I was in the cab.....and continued sleeping for 2.5 hours when reached home. Mummy must be the happiest as she could have a rest too! :p

Must take a good look at the merchandise mummy has bot for me after the show.

28 May 2006

Gong-gong's Big Birthday

Today is gong-gong's ang moh birthday. 64 years old liao loh (gong-gong says nevermind can disclose top secret :)). Daddy and mummy gave him a treat to sumptous buffet lunch at Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant (the place where they held their ROM reception and customary wedding, sure got sweet memories there, hehe). The fact is got promo for 1-for-1 buffet lunch so they only need to pay for 2 pax instead of 4 and I'm FOC anyway, wahahaha. What a good mathematician mummy is!!??! I got to nibble something from the buffet spread as well. They have porridge too, so I have a great bowl of it. Mummy said will buy a cake later for gong-gong when we go back home, yippee......must be really yummy :)

Me wanna wish gong-gong a very HAPPY 64th BUFF-DAY!!! (Why red cos' old ppl always like red mah, hehe :P) Actually, gong-gong is a super patient person. He can sit beside and pat me, watch me sleeping the whole 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours and play silly games with me when mummy not at home. There was one instance where we were out taking breakfast and it started raining heavily. We were stranded outside with no umbrella and gong-gong braved thru the rain to get umbrella at home. When he returned with the umbrellas to fetch us, not only he was totally drenched but to my mummy surprise, he brought along a very big towel for me to wrap around and keep myself warm. This is something my muumy wouldn't expect him to do and it got to show his thoughtfulness. Thanks gong-gong for your love and care all these while. :)

Side track a little bit here:
After makan, how can we miss the shopping bit cos GSS is on. Even though there is GSS, they din buy anything much lah. Ah ma bought 2 shirts for gong-gong to be his BD pressies. This is something I envy about them leh, already 老夫老妻 still very loving.

When we walked past ELC at Paragon, this particular thing look so fun to ah ma and she happily placed me inside the bubble ship to play. So there I was enjoying myself so much inside the ship.....
When it was time to go, ah ma tried carrying me out....I CRIED. Hahaha...see lah?? Who asked you to let me try in the first place?? However, ah ma carried me away eventually, much to my disappointment. Mummy wanted to buy it for me but very da ex loh and we have something similar at home liao, for sure daddy wun approve of it and said mummy shouldn't pamper me this way.

Next we moved on and this kiddy ride bug has gotten into me. After a short while on the carousel ride, strangely, it started moving. Actually, it was initiated by one mummy as she put in the coins for her 2 children to enjoy and I merely lompang there. Thanks auntie!! :) but poor ah ma afraid I might fell off the horse so she turned round and round together with me until she almost pengsan, hahaha. Of course lah, this is a more atas one mah - $2 per ride leh, of course must turn more more rounds loh. :)

25 May 2006

Bintan Adventures

Grandpa purposely signed up for SAFRA Travel Club member so that we can enjoy the stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort at discounted rates. But still daddy has to pay for my ferry fare. But not bad liao lah, it costs S$80 per adult and S$35 per child inclusive of ferry and accomodation for a 3D2N trip.

So off we go!! Tat's me waiting at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, all dressed up and raring to go!!!

Finally reached liao..... My 3 days of adventure in Bintan begins.......

Day One

First day was full of waiting. As we reached there quite early at about 12 noon, there was a long wait before we can check in cos the check in time is 3pm. So we loitered around the reception area. The resort was a very nice place with great scenery and friendly staff.

We stayed at Cempaka Villa 51. Our villa is equipped with a living room, dining area, 3 bedrooms and best of all a fully-equipped kitchen for mummy to cook my porridge. Luckily there was a buggy allocated to each villa cos' I can take rides on it and slowly slowly drift to sleep. Perhaps this will be a much easier way for mummy to make me sleep :) Then mummy and daddy can go gai-gai during my nap to enjoy some privacy time without me, hmph.

Daddy coaching godpa how to drive

Soon it was time for daddy to go back Singapore and together with mummy and ah ma, we sent daddy to the lobby to wait for coach to ferry terminal. I slept quite well in the first night @least fell asleep quite easily as ah ma and mummy were really worried 'cos they have brought everything except my precious BOLSTER.....In the end, ah ma rolled the spare mattress sheet to smoke me off and I fell into their trap.

Day Two
Grandpa and granny brought me walk-walk along the seaside early in the morning. I heard lots of birds chirping and saw many people strolling as well. Some kids were playing with sand. Talking about sand, the sand were really fine and nice to play. Think I'll re-visit and play with it some time later when I grow older.

What is holiday without some jalan-jalan right?? So off we went to Pasar Oleh Oleh (POO) led by grandpa. It was actually like our pasar malam but was disappointing 'cos nothing much to see there, that's why got time to take photos of me or else mummy will be crazy shopping liao. But tell you something, first my absent-minded mummy has forgotten to bring my bolster, then she discovered she has forgotten to bring her wallet!!!! Can you imagine that??? Luckily, her 'atm machine' (Godpa) was around or else.......

Mummy loves the pic below best cos I look like someone!!

After an hour or so, we went back to our villa and nuah. During evening time, gu-gu, uncle Kelvin and Ben kor-kor went for a swim. Darn, I was still taking nap. By the time I woke up, they already went liao. So mummy brought me to the pool to watch them after i was awoke.

Can really tell that I wanna go down the pool that badly, so much so that I even drool. All of them were laughing at me, so embarassing......

Bo pian loh, nothing to do so I disturbed godpa!! Do you think I qualify for some beer ads?!? Then mummy quickly grabbed me away and took pics of me AGAIN!?!

But she promised she will bring me for a swim tomorrow, hiak hiak hiak. That's what I heard her telling godpa. :)

Oh ya forgotten to mention one important thing, I really enjoy taking bath in this big bath tub (I wonder if mummy catch the hint!?! It would be nice if there's one at home too!! :p) at least compensate me for not being able to swim!!! But second night was a terrible night for both ah ma and mummy (gong-gong oso i think, cos we same room mah). I woke up sooo many times crying and needed to be carried, even the self-made bolster won't work. There was once I woke up saying gai-gai gai-gai (think must have heard this phrase - gai-gai so much from gu-gu during daytime that it has imprinted into my mind liao) so poor mummy has to carry me around the house from 2am to 4am then I fell asleep but still I din sleep well, in the end causing mummy and ah ma din sleep well too!! :(

Day Three

I woke up really early today at around 7am, maybe bcos i noe mummy is bringing me for a swim. So shortly after breakfast, mummy grabbed hold of all necessary barangs and brought me to the poolside. We were the first customer there, so early that the pool has not even started their operation yet. So we explored around that area first.

While I was taking photo at this stage, one of the staff commented that I am 'a handsome boy'. Oh gosh, till now still got people say I look like BOY!!! Grrrr......

How come the buggy won't move at all???

Yay, time to get change into my swimming costume. Aiya 8am liao but the pool attendant still washing the pool, taking his own sweet time. I was getting a bit impatient liao.

Finally get to play water. Look, how enjoyable I was in the kiddie pool. I love hitting the water. I find it so fun and interesting especially when the water splashed onto my face, hehe :)

Soon it was time for me to get out of the pool cos mummy scared I might catch a cold. But it wasn't easy as I refused to come out, thus throwing some tantrums. In the end still being subdued. After that, we went back to our villa to pack-up as we will be returning back to Singapore later. A few shots of me in my room before checking out of the villa.

Heng the weather was very cooperative for the 3 days we were at Bintan. Overall, it was a nuah and relaxing trip! I enjoyed myself and think I would love to try on an airplane next, heh heh :)
Hello Singapore! I'm BACK....
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