29 March 2008

Our 1st Family Photo

As Denz has almost fully recovered after few days of my 24/7 care and nurture, we went to take our 1st family photo at Foto Magic, a subsidiary of Peter Pan Studio. This is a complimentary voucher for a 5R photo to be taken in their studio given to us when we took up the Peter Pan Newborn Complete Package for Denz in the hospital. Must fully utilise the voucher as expiry date is tomorrow.

The photographer asked if we want to take a sibling photo. We have decided to let them take since we had already went all our way there. I like the kids' photo especially. The 2 kids were very lovely captured as both look so candid and natural. Thus we bought and upsized both photos to 8R in the end for keepsake purposes.

27 March 2008

Ben kor kor's Birthday

Tomorrow is Ben kor kor's birthday but we had the mini celebration a day earlier.

Nai-nai cooked vegetarian mee siam for everyone and fried rice for kor kor and me. The treat was sedap. I finished my fried rice and played boyish game with kor kor.

Didi is the happiest though he still couldn't join in the fun of savoring our food. He enjoyed being carried all night long from one person to another.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for cake-cutting after dinner. Gu-gu bought cookies and cream cake for kor-kor and everyone loves it. Mimi even went for a second helping though she is always saying "on diet". :p

I even helped kor-kor to blow out the candle, machiam like rehearsal for next month. Know what's the occasion? My birthday loh, kekeke :)

Kor-kor awaited excitedly to unwrap his pressie mimi has bought for him. He likes it so much and couldn't wait any longer to try on his new shield and swing his new sword.

Tadah.....all geared up and ready to fight a battle :)

25 March 2008

Roseola Infantum

The reason why didi became so sick was because he was attacked by a viral infection known as Roseola Infantum. This is a very common infection affecting mainly 6 months old babies to 3 years old toddlers, though children under 5 may still have a high chance of getting it. The symptoms resemble measles but it is not so thus it is always called False Measles.

I rmb Wenz got it one month b4 her 1st birthday. Wow, didi got it so early. On a good note is at least I dun have to worry at later stage since he got it now. Poor Denz, he has rashes all over his face, chin and his abdomen is the worst.

I brought him to see doctor and Dr gave me 1 week medical leave to look after him but I told Dr 7 days is too much. In fact I only need 2 days of rest as I'm really sleep-deprived from waking up almost every hour for the past few days to attend to Denz' cries. In the end I took 4 days of medical leave. No medication is needed for this infection as the rashes will clear up by itself. Hopefully Denz will return to norm soon.

24 March 2008

Mario Craze

Mario is making a comeback again. You can even see t-shirt with Mario and friends printed on it. We went to China Square to look at toys yesterday and there were lotsa Mario figures as well. All look so cute but we didn't buy though I do like to play the Mario game.

I saw this figure at one of the display. Lovely and cute, isn't it? I told hb this look like our son, 小安仔. Shortly after, hb said to me,

"If this is Denz then this gotto be Wenz the terror." Hahaha....I laughed uncontrollably at least for half a minute.

23 March 2008

Stylo-Milo Wenz

Look at this vainy pot.....She said she wanna put on hat and specs whenever she sees her papa does that.
It's a boring Sunday afternoon and we have decided to bring this gal out while didi can recuperate at home PEACEFULLY. Yes I really mean PEACE. If we dun bring Wenz out, Denz can never have quality tidur time at home. A sick child must get plenty of rest before able to get well. Missy of course happy like a bird cos she could get out of the house finally after being confined for days in the house due to the rain. :)

22 March 2008

Didi is SICK :(

Didi is down with fever. All he does is cry cry cry all day long cos he is feeling extremely uncomfortable. Mimi is very tired looking after this sick baby.

It has been 2 days and still not much improvement to his condition. His temperature will shoot up when it's night time. Alamak, hopefully didi can recover real soon and resume back to his norm.
He looks so restless now, definitely not his usual cheery self. :(

19 March 2008

Gong-gong's Birthday!

We celebrated gong-gong's lunar birthday today cos it coincide with jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's off day. Oldies always like to celebrate lunar birthday over ang moh one and my gong-gong is of no exception.

Ah ma cooks lotsa yummy food for the mini celebration at home. Nai-nai, ye-ye and Ben kor-kor came over as well.

Jiu-jiu and jiu-ma bot durian cake for the event as they love durian to the core. In fact everyone enjoys the cake. That's for sure for my glutton mimi. :p

Didi couldn't take his eyes off the cake when mimi get the table ready.

Gong-gong insisted on celebrating at home cos he said dine out is far too expensive and he prefers home-cook stuff. Me too love ah ma's cooking. We can dine better andcomfortably if at home cos my didi is still at a troublesome stage. :p

Ah ma said since it was gong-gong's birthday and he was the birthday man, he shall have the final say.

Happy Birthday to gong-gong and may u stay healthy forever. Think I should be able to sing u birthday song together with didi next year. :)

17 March 2008


I have been counting down to this day to execute my big plan for our 7th year anniversary celebration. Why this year? There's a saying of 'seven years itch', thus must do something to rekindle the sparks once in a while, else the itchy bug come to us how? Choy choy choy choy......Ya i noe, it's juz some of my excuses of spending more quality time with hb by tolak-ing the baby-sitting chores to others :)

So what's in for my guy? I told him a white lie saying we were invited for a wedding dinner but in actual fact I had arranged a 'sky-dining' at Mount Faber with him. He buys my story and was telling me that my friend was so rich to hold wedding there. He even mentioned that next time my friend's anniversary will be the same as ours and asked me how come it was this date and on a Monday. I was laughing inside my heart. I replied him 17 March is a good date loh. Meanwhile I was praying very hard for the rain not to come else everything will be ruined cos sky dining is impossible if weather turns bad. Mum and ML were all informed of us going for wedding dinner so that they can help babysit our children. I felt really guilty lying to them but this is mandatory to ensure my whole plan works well.

Hb wasn't working so he sent the gal to school in the afternoon and secretly bot flowers for me. I took a 1/2 day leave and went home to doll up myself b4 setting off earlier for our dinner cos we gotto take a bus to harbourfront whereby the journey will take abt an hour. Moreover, the email wrote gotto reach 30 minutes earlier for registration and dinner start at 6.30pm.

When we took the lift down, hb said he has forgotten to bring his mobile phone and asked me to wait for him while he went up to get. He surprised me with the flowers he has bot earlier. I was feeling happy of course as I didn't expect him to do so. At minimum he still cares to do something for our anniversary and what more do I ask for, right? :)

I continue to act as if I didn't get him anything. There wasn't any moment of disappointment in hb. All that was in his mind was we were going for wedding dinner else he will at least bring me or rather our family out for dinner. The only thing I worried was how to continue acting when we reach destination, hahaha.

When we reached the cable car station, I showed the ticketing counter my email printout for a complimentary ride to Mount Faber station and I was lucky enuf that the counter staff didn't say anything that gave me away. So I continue acted. It was till we were about to board the cable car then the control officer mentioned something about sky dining that aroused his suspicion but still I managed to bluff my way thru by giving him some lame answer.

We were too early for the dinner cos we really reached 30 minutes b4 dinner time, thus we walked around taking photographs. 10 minutes after, he started to question where is the exact location of the banquet and it was then I started telling him the whole truth. I caught him by surprise and he was elated. He told me he thot he was the trickster to surprise me with his flowers but least did he expect to be tricked by me. Well, if he's King of trickster then I gotto be the Queen of Trickster loh, tsk tsk tsk :p

This is our 1st experience of sky dining and the whole duration of the dinner took abt 1.5 hours as it consist of 3 rounds of cable car ride.

I have not been on a cable car before and it has been almost 20 years since hb last sat a cable car. We enjoyed our every moment up in sky. 4 rounds of cable car ride is really sufficient and anything more will lead to 'over-dosage' of cable car liao. Guess will be another 20 years for our next ride. Juz kidding man.... :)
Anyway the scenery was nice and we managed to catch the sunset. It has been a very long time since I saw sunset. There is a booth helping all diners to take photograph as well but if you want the photos then u would have to pay a price for it of course.

We had soup for the 1st round of ride, then main course for 2nd round. Our main course was pasta followed by dessert and tea to end our 3rd round of cable car ride. Brownie was served as dessert and we both love it. We dined from bright sky to dark sky. The serving of the food was juz nice and anything more than that will cause my belly to burst liao.

Rmb the photograph taken b4 we went for our soup in the 1st ride? It was ready when we came back from the 1st round, the friendly staff at the booth placed our photograph on our table asking us to take a look and consider if we wanna buy it without telling us the price. He said he will tell us when we came back from round 2. I was jokingly telling hb that he was afraid that it might affect our appetite upon hearing the price. We bot the package anyway as we find the photo taken wasn't too bad and it is for remembrance sake. The package consists of a 5R photo, 2 pocket-size photographs and 2 key chains for each of us.

We went home happily after the dinner and that marked the journey of our 7 years together. I composed a Chinese poem for hb and come to think of being happily married for 7 years is something not so easy hor. I'll cherish and stay contented with whatever I have.

Happy 7th Anniversary to you, hubby! 祝你七年之癢快樂! 如果你癢癢的話, 記得有我幫你搔癢。:)
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