08 February 2009


One of my aircon units of 7 years has started leaking water. Oh my...I have just stopped my yearly maintenance contract and now it starts giving me problem. How could it be so coincidence?

I think it is about time to give it an overhaul. I began searching for a reliable company to do the job and I found one to my liking. It's called Aircon Astiquer. The website contains lotsa info about aircon. It is an eye opener to me to read a lot of shocking info like yearly maintenance is not necessary, putting air purifier will shorten the life of ur aircon and stuff lidat. Anyway an appointment was fixed.

Kevin aka the boss aka the technician came with his huge cleaning machine. It was his invention actually. I wasn't shock as I have read this on his site about the hugeness of the machine, much like a transformer. He started assess the situation on the piping and aircons. Glad that he helped to find out that 2 corner elbows of the condensate discharge pipes were cut with a groove which will sabotage any vacuuming effort in an attempt to clear a choked pipe as air will escape from the groove.

He has shared lotsa useful info and provided me many advices. One good thing is the cleaning process was mess-free as it sort of 'wrapped up' the whole aircon b4 he started cleaning.

Whatever chemicals or water that was used during the cleaning process was collected into its own storage unit for safe disposal later on.

Look at how disgusting the water was. Kevin told me there was some jelly-like substance built up over the years. Eeew....so in order to have fresher cleaner air for everyone at home, I opted to overhaul the remaining 2 units in the end.

Whoa! One baby was born, like firstly-installed condition. Remember the word Astiquer? It simply means 'Scrub' which means my aircon was 'scrub' till sparkling bright and clean. Am glad to have made the right choice and everyone at home gets to breath cleaner air now. Thanks, Aircon Astiquer!

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