30 June 2006

Signing Really Works!!!!

Just some thots to share.....

After sooo many months of viewing "Videos on signing", finally see some results from Wen. She can sign 'dog' together with the sound 'woof' 'woof', sometimes saying out the word. There was once she saw a little boy wearing a 'Hush Puppies' t-shirt and she signed dog plus 'woof' 'woof', when I turned to my back, there I saw the dog printed on the shirt then I realised Wen's referring to the Hush Puppies. Hehe :p

Another instance, she will sign 'no more' or 'finished' whenever her fave Hi-5 program has ended. Amazingly she pronounced the words 'no more' accurately. There are a lot more signs she can do, like eat, food, diaper change, milk, more, shoe, hat, cat, baby, sleep etc....

Talking about 'milk' and 'eat', something funny happened these few days..... Why I said funny cos Wen has been asking for food and milk these few days, I mean signing for it. This is strange cos she dun really likes milk. There was this night where she signed 'eat' @7pm then I fed her porridge and she finshed every single grain of it with a 'hmm...delicious' look on her face. At 8pm, she signed 'milk'. I told her not to joke but she did the sign repeatedly so off I went to make milk for her. And YES, she finished the whole bottle. She asked for 'milk' again at 9pm, I was thinking: Oh dun bluff lah, u sure u wanna drink??? In order to satisfy my curiousity, I made another bottle for her and YES, all finished again!! Juz before bedtime at around 10.15pm, she signed 'eat'. I told her there was nothing to eat at this hour so I offered her the alternative of milk, then she switched the sign to 'milk'. Bo bian, I made another feed of milk for her. This time round she slept before finishing it but tat's okay, juz find her strange in behaviour.

When Dennis saw his little monster signing 'milk' the next day, he commented: the video not bad huh!!! At least we know what she wants and we can interact better with her at times :) Wonder is Wen excited too cos she actually noes we understand her needs and wants, and she can communicate with us better now. I think this must be the reason she kept signing 'eat' and 'milk' cos she may oso feel overwhelm by our response in satisfying her needs and she lurves watching our reactions, tat's why she kept signing for the same thing. I guess babies luv repetition too!!!

29 June 2006

Say Cheeze!!!

Mummy wanted to made a submission of my SMILES when she heard this BIG 4-million Smiles project over the news. So there she goes doing it for me..........

Little me here with a GREAT smile :)

25 June 2006

Unforgettable Day

Waah waah waah........boo hoo.......daddy beat my 小屁股 and scolded me sooo fiercefully when we were out yesterday. All because of my bad behaviour. Of course I sobbed cos me felt hurt :(

No one dares to 'rescue' me, not even mummy. Daddy was so angry tat he might scold whoever wanna 'save' me. Mummy saw liao 很心痛 but she noes can't interfere or the role of discipline will be ruined. Worst still, I may have no respect for daddy in future if mummy comes into the picture each time I got lectured. However, after a short while, mummy quickly asked me whether do I want to drink water or milk, then quickly she carried me over and comforted me :) Then she explained why I was being scolded. Luckily my temperament has changed better compared to last time where I will juz ignore daddy when I got disciplined. This time round I cried badly and lowered my head, dun dare to look at daddy. After a while I cried for daddy to carry me and manja towards him.

I could still remember this incident cos when ah ma asked me about it this morning while feeding me milk, I appeared to be pai seh. See!! So bad, still making fun at my misfortune. Hmph.......

Playdate 2

Play! Play! Play! = Fun! Fun! Fun! Me go playgroup with other frens today. This time round is not Auntie Yohanna's hse but Ben Wei's mummy.......so dun have to mention liao, Ben Wei 弟弟 also around loh!! Together with us include Shervon 姐姐 and Ryan 哥哥.
Look! How happy Ben Wei is!!

Initially, Ben Wei 弟弟 appeared to be puzzled cos suddenly come sooo many other babies in his house, hehehe.......I had a great time there playing with his toys and not forgetting his snacks too!!! Hmm......yummy cheese sandwich bits........

The whole session was relaxing and fun of course, as I got lots of time interacting with my frens. Mummy too.....got time to talk and exchange pointers with other mummies (oso good time for her to relax :))!! However, I got an owie on my forehead before leaving as my sotong mummy neber take good care of me loh.....See how careless is she!!?! But ok lah, I cried a bit oni lah, luckily no baluku loh, think the aloe vera gel applied by BW's mummy is really effective. Thanks!! :) Me looking forward to the next session.........Yippee

22 June 2006

First Library Visit

Mummy brought me to the library earlier with ah ma. Ah ma very farny, she said she has been staying with us for the past one year plus and she dun even noe there's a library here :p

Mummy lagi funny cos she has been around Bukit Panjang for 5 years, of course she noe there is a library but the funniest part is she hasn't make a step into it all these years. In fact she hasn't been to the library for almost 10 years liao. Guess she dislikes books ba!!! If not for me, she wouldn't have visited the library. How to set good example and inculcate reading habit in me if she dun bring me there, hehehe :)

When I first stepped into the library, I was sooo happy. Not reading, not looking for books but me busy running about, bumping onto other ppl and 'reorganising' the books on shelves. Mummy has a good time chasing after me.....hahahaha......But mummy dun mind lah cos when I picked up a book on the floor at the children's section, I brought it over to mummy and uttered the word 'BOOK'. Of course, mummy happy to noe tat my databrain has one more vocab added.

Ah ma managed to subdue me at last or else how mummy going to choose books for me.....

Any book for me to read anot???

Yeah....got one liao. See, machiam like understand

Aiyo, too heavy to hold lah....better put it down

看什麼看!! 不可以休息一下下啊???

Ok lah ok lah, I go return book back to its shelf.

After finished choosing the books to be borrowed, one malu incident took place. As mummy has not been to library for years, the old system would have changed, all she know is only need I/C to borrow book but how to or where to she doesn't know at all and worse still, she dun even noe how many books a person can borrow!!?! So mummy went to the customer service counter for some enqueries......from there then she noe tat now got promotion so each person is allowed to borrow 8 books. Wah alot hor??? Din noe library oso got promotion :)

After which, the counter officer told mummy tat the borrowing procedure is like normal procedure. To her is normal but to my sua gu mummy of course not normal lah......so mummy has no choice but to confess to her tat she hasn't been to library for years and blah blah blah..........the officer appeared to be shocked. Everything is computerised and simplified liao. Mummy slotted in her i/c into the reader as instructed by the screen but there it read "verification needed", so mummy went back to the counter and another officer helped mummy to check and tell her tat first of all she need to be a registered member. Her facial expression is indescribable but is something tat made mummy feel paiseh loh.

When about time to leave, I refused to let go one book no matter they use any method oso buay jalan ah. In the end have to resort to force loh.......mummy so gangster wan.

About to leave the plaza......we walked past OSIM booth and the promoter jie-jie liked me alot, kept playing with me and let me try the real i-gallop. I enjoyed the ride too (dunno mummy catch the hint anot)!!! :)

21 June 2006

Where has it gone wrong????

How we wish Wen can behave like other kids - sit still on high chair while eating, play on her own when strapped to a push-chair, walk properly without picking up those dirty things on the ground and straight to her mouth, guai guai sitting down while in bus or cab.......etc. All these seems so far away from us. Our perception of parenting did not turn out the way it should be, perhaps these are unforeseen circumstances.

We have decided to dine out today and of course have to bring our little princess along. Nowadays, we dun even bother to bring our push-chair out as we noe Wen will not sit on it cos the moment we want to put her down, she will grab hold and cling on to me like a kaola bear with her leg tightly 'hugging' me, faking her cries as if it's real, so we let her be.......Now that she can walk quite well already, she become ya-ya and dun wanna us to hold her or she'll make noise indicating tat she's buay song liao......but this time round we dun give face, we'll carry her away if have to. Of course, she'll burst into loud cry sometimes fako one and creating a scene.....still we were left with no option to choose. Where did our discipline go wrong or izit part of growing up pains???? We really dunno.

It's a decision made, a choice we have agreed on and chosen thus we were mentally prepared before the 'making process', so she's not a burden but our responsibilities we have to uphold.

She can be a darling at times, melting our hearts so much so tat we couldn't bear to scold or beat her......Yes, we noe we are at fault, letting her having the opportunity to test the boundaries we have set. We have to constantly remind ourselves to be firm. As a parent, we really hope we are on the right track teaching her the correct things. However, whenever she do something tat we cannot tahan, then when she return us with her smile and start calling us papa...mama....her every smile and laughter will make us forget how naughty she is.......Guess we love her sleeping most cos tat's her cutest and angelic moments.............

Alas......No. 8 is out finally

Thanks god Wen's no. 8 tooth (her lower left incisor) has erupted at last. Realised tat when I was brushing her teeth and gum. Finally the recent teething woe has come to an end and her milk intake has improved a little. I was sooo happy tat she can finish 7 oz of milk yesterday (dunno bcos of the changed composition -- Pediasure Vanilla+Chocolate or is it really getting better) cos she can hardly finish 4 oz all these while. Hopefully it'll be the same tmr.

When I came home earlier, found out that Wen's inflatable buster was flattened. Then my mum told me she has bit off the stopper that keeps the air in, which means I have to pump air in again. So I went to the storeroom to get the pump out. Yes I made a big mistake.....shouldn't have done it in front of my little monster. There she was, not allowing me to complete the task and eagerly + curiously exploring the pump and refusing to give us back..........

19 June 2006

Happy Day to Daddys!!

Yeah, Happy Happy Fathers' Day to U, DADDY!!! Me nothing to give you now lah but I promise to be good (juz for today, hahaha.....) Hmm.....I noe what to give u liao...... I can wear new clothing for you today......wahahaha :) I pose for you to take photos and give you my sweet sweet smile.... kekeke (",)

18 June 2006

Saturday Again!!!!

It's Saturday again and I woke up really early today....maybe I noe mummy's not working.....so confirm will bring me go out loh.... We went to Marina Shopping Centre, I was extremely happy when in the bus.......but as usual cannot sit still for long...sure have to find something to do, until mummy bo bianz have to always find new things to entertain me.

Darn.....I was fast asleep before reaching and there they were happily makan-ing their lunch without me. When I awoke, they finished makan liao. Ah ma was afraid I might feel hungry so decided to stop over at Suntec to feed me milk first. But I refused to drink even an ounce of it making them angry (after sooo long, they no longer feel panic when I dun take milk). So they bo hiew me and continue jalan-jalan. Just happened there was a Vegetarian Food Fair going on outside Tower 5. It's for Ren Ci Charity. So off we went there to see any good munchies around.

Luckily I din take milk. See..... they are buying chwee kueh for me, I had 2 pieces of it, yum yum!!!! Then mummy found a stall selling brown rice porridge, the usual stuff I ate at home, and I really lurve porridge. Without any hesitation, mummy bot a bowl for me. How can she missed the signature pumpkin soup prepared by Ren Ci shifu??? She added little bit of it into my porridge for me to try!!! It was a yummy treat for me too!!!! Yeah...........

17 June 2006

Party Party.......

Yay, we had a laksa fiesta for Fathers' Day celebration today! Too bad, I can't eat laksa yet......but me's gonna save my stomach for cake later.......Yeah!!! :p

Today's chef is granny as gu-gu mentioned to her she craves for laksa.....so granny came over to our place few days back to consult ah ma.....and there it goes.....a big pot of laksa gravy ready to be served. Yum Yum!! Poor mummy had stomach flu yesterday.....but such a mouth-watering laksa in front of her.....and it's granny's first attempt....sure must give face lah. Mummy said luckily not bird flu :)
Though I can't savor it now but me's gonna go there to have some great fun out of it. I was there walking about practically EVERYWHERE. Granny's place is good!!! No barrier gate put up from living room to the kitchen......so shiok can help 'organizing' the kitchen drawers and cupboards. Oh my....I'm such a good kitchen helper man......

After the fiesta, everyone is sooo full except Ben Ben kor-kor who doesn't take his dinner and like ME, saving his stomach for CAKES!! But me think the adults dun hv intention to cut the cake yet lah cos all eyes fixing on the BALL on TV. What so good about this thing called SOCCER???? Cannot eat wat!!! Hmm.....it's Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro. Aiyo....sure no fight wan lah, me no need to watch oso noe who wins ah.....True enuf, Argentina scored 1 goal within 5 minutes. Grandpa of course happy cos tat means $$$$ coming in leh......(dun need to say u oso noe which team he's betting on liao loh????) But me dunno how to share their joy lah and becoming cranky cos I think I was startled by the loud shouts of "GOAL".......And there they goes again.......till I cried. Yes I cried, maybe scared lah!!! So malu....

Finally can eat what I want liao (yes, it's half-time now, if not u wait long long ah)!! The Angie Fruit Cake really YUMMY. Daddy got a chance to cut cos he promoted to erm....'Father' liao. :)We finished it in 1 shot. I had quite a bit of it too!! But Ben kor-kor is the Champ cos he had whole 3 slices of it.

16 June 2006

Not Again!!!!

Aiyah.....dunno izit teething again or sick of the milk taste liao, Wen refused milk again!! If not for the goodie goodie nutrients packed in the powder, I wouldn't have been so work up. Same thing all over again....teat changed, formula changed......what should be done has been done....no improvement yet......Have tried vanilla flavored Pediasure and so far this is the best......hoping for miracle to appear......REAL SOON.....

14 June 2006

Humpty Dumpty Had a GREAT Fall

I was informed by my mum tat my naughty Wen had been trying something which I dun even dare to do it till now.......Yes, it's BUNGEE JUMPING!! She took off her bungee jump from the sofa top to the ground and confirm baluku on the forehead loh. She cried terribly and stopped juz before I reached home. I think she was pacified after watching Hi-5 on TV. Aiyo, 妈妈看了好心痛哦!But what to do???? She herself to be blamed and she has to learn thru the hard way.

She is super curious and kept doing things against the adults' instructions. SO bo bian, disciplinary actions had to be enforced from now on. I wouldn't want to raise a spoilt brat and regret later......I beated her, on her hands and palm of course, when she hitted the TV screen real hard despite telling her to stop. She cried and looked at me as if she understands tat her doing is undesirable....but still she's very stubborn. The more you ask her not to, the more she'll do it. 打在她手里, 痛在妈妈心里. After beating her, she'll still wanna try her luck to hit the screen but when she does tat she'll look at you waiting for your reaction.........I think she understand it's not right to hit the screen lah.....just being curious ba

13 June 2006


As ah ma decided to 'hang the wok' (take a break from cooking), we dined out at Pizza Hut for dinner. Though I got to eat some bread crumbs as usual but still I was not satisfied......Why on earth are the adults allowed to poke their food with this metal thing in their hands while I have nothing to hold???? HMPH.......not FAIR!!! I donch care liao, I oso want to hold something so mummy gave me a straw to play and soon I was ready to use the straw to imitate adults' actions. YES, I tried picking up food with tat straw!!?! How is tat possible??? Of course not lah, but me still trying very hard at it....mummy saw me sooo hardworking din want to stop me (so she can happily tucked away with her food). Guess what?? All the food bitsy tat mummy gave me to 'play' ended up on the floor.....luckily the staff there din scold me ah!

Then daddy decided to go Tom & Stephanie walk-see-walk-see. I got myself a new set of cutlery....Yeah finally got fork liao., somemore got 20% off leh, hiak hiak hiak....no wonder mummy bot it without considering :)

I where got so guai let them shop peacefully. Of course must throw some tantrums lah as it's approaching my koon time..The older I am, the more difficult to tame I become.....so bo bian mummy tried her best to entertain me. See........


Me think they entertain themselves more lah!!! Since I always enjoy pulling off specs from daddy, mummy and not letting off gong-gong, mummy bot this one for me too!!

12 June 2006

Independence Day

Ever since I know how to walk steadily, I got very interested in wearing shoes. Whenever I see it, I'd wanna wear it, if not I'll .......u noe lah, the usual stuff.......what else???? Fake cry loh!!! I very smart gal wan leh, everytime mummy says 'come & wear shoes', I'll lift my leg up for her to wear, smart bo (mummy says wan, I where got so thick-skin)?? But I'd really want to wear it by myself at times, not wanting others to help......of course cannot complete the task lah, me so impatient to wait and learn when I'm abit older......... if whoever trying to help, I'll push them away or sometimes make noises as if like scolding them :p

Ah ma always says I'm NAUGHTY and mummy would say I'm SMART......so whenever I do something undesirable, ah ma will ask my mummy: 'nah...SMART or NAUGHTY huh???? :)

I can JUMP

After 1 day of training on Jumperoo, I can now jump on my own.......Not only mummy's $$$ was well-spent but me brought a lot of untold joy and laughter to them too.......heh heh ;p

11 June 2006

Wish came true......

For once I thot I had seen the last of it and tadah......it appeared right in my house!!! Yes, Fisher Price Jumperoo in my house. Tat was in my wishlist you noe....and mummy had made it happened since she knows that there isn't any occasion coming up so there wun be any aunties uncles sponsoring for it too!!! :) Thanks mummy!!

But mummy said I can oni have the ownership for 1 month. U must be wondering why rite??? Yes, it's not ours....mummy rented it from online store for a month @$39.80 after seeing me enjoying sooo much at kiddy palace, so much so till I refused to get out and cried really loud when she carried me away from it. She said not worth it to buy lah as it's quite bulky to keep and I will soon grow to be bored by the toy after I had acquired the jumping skill. Then I guai guai obliged loh. However, I got to enjoy it again today.

Gardens Again!!!

I love Saturday 'cos mummy dun have to work, phew........ of course can go out loh....hehehe :p

What's for today's program??? Hmm....mummy has decided to bring me out for a walk at Chinese Garden again. This time round we went together with ah ma and gong-gong since they haven been going out pak thor for sooo long liao as ah ma is always taking good care of me :) We bot one loaf of bread there for the fishes and some kang kong for the turtles since having experience from the previous time where those poor turtles dun get to eat.

The morning view of the garden is better than the evening one, at least can feel that the air is fresher......Mummy said if can reach earlier lagi better, more fresh!! Ya lah ya lah, indirectly going to shoot at me liao cos I woke up at 9.30am mah so can oni reached there at 10.30am. There wasn't a lot of people in the morning, think oni my mummy siao on lah.

The besar besar fishes were still the same, coming fiercefully towards our direction when we threw the bread crumps into the big big pond. I can see a few poor turrtles swimming very hard towards us too!! However, they dun like their new menu (kang kong) and wanted to eat bread crumps instead. In fact mummy oso a bit bias lah, always throw near to the turtles than to the fishes. Turtles are quite smart leh, they know how to lift up their head and looking sympatheticly at us, so bo bian, my soft-hearted mummy sure give them eat wan. Crazy mummy also fed the pigeons cos they were hungry too.....perhaps good things must share 吧!!

We had plenty of time to walk-see-walk-see and found out that the scenery there actually quite nice leh. Too bad muddle-minded mummy din bring her precious camera along or she'll definitely take me as her model again. But still she din let me go, she use her mobile to snap few shots. Here they go.......

How can we miss the Bonsai Garden as gong-gong's fave is planting and admiring nice nice bonsai!!?! So our last stop got to be this Bonsai thingy.......

10 June 2006

Hurray......Going Out

Mummy always bring me out nowadays, it can be the nearby plaza, neighbourhood shopping malls, even a short visit to granny's house also can satisfy my gai-gai desire.....if not I'll make lotsa noise and difficult to pacify me.......hahaha :)

Now that I can walk more steadily, mummy always neber bring my push-chair out. Sometimes she let me walk but holding onto my hands of course!! Mummy must be very pleased tat she has 1 less item to bring. However, if I'm not co-operative tat day, I'll be very garang not wanting to walk even if I'm on the ground........so poor mummy have to carry me away no matter what loh....

Yesterday when I was at Causeway Point, we walked past this area where there's lots of kiddy rides, I looked at stared at set my eyes on those kiddy rides until almost going to drool liao but mummy still din catch my hint, hmph....Not chin cai any rides can catch my eyes leh, I oni like those atas wan like Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, Little Bob Builder.......I always bo hiew those cheapo 20 cents type one, hiak hiak hiak~~~

But before leaving mummy saw this particular one not bad loh, got screen in front of the sterling wheel, so put me on it shiok shiok abit nia loh.....

Suddenly the screen gave out very loud WOOF WOOF and I got startled, I din cry of course, I where got so 膽小 one!!! Look how shocked I was.....so malu!!!!

After some warm up, of course more daring liao loh....See how steady I was sitting on it. But soon there was 1 jie-jie coming forward to the ride like wanting to vie with me. She shaked the hold machine and YES she managed to drive me away.........I wun say she disturbed me lah....anyway also almost time to go home loh. My mummy always say good things must share mah!!! :p

09 June 2006

It's a GOAL......Oleh Oleh Oleh

Think Soccer Fever is around the corner, tat's why my daddy kept coaching me how to kick a ball. Oh ya hor, tmr World Cup 2006 starts leh.....no wonder!!! :)

Daddy and mummy sure got disagreement wan....My daddy fave team is Australia leh while mummy always say sure cannot win wan lah cos never see them go into final before (dun tell them I say hor)!!! Mummy likes England and said I'm the little female Michael Owen after she saw my GREAT kick..... hahahaha.......

05 June 2006

Evidence Found!!!

No wonder tortoise went missing the other time. Wen likes to hide things everywhere nowadays. It's like treasure hunt everytime when we clean up the house. You may find her toy in this corner at this moment, another toy in another corner another moment. .....Dun believe......click to watch below.......

We have found her tiny cookie monster finger puppet missing. Still trying our luck to look for it....

04 June 2006


Yes!! Finally I went to Chinese Garden jalan-jalan with granny and grandpa. They always go there with Ben kor-kor to feed fishes and walk-walk. This time round, Ah ma, mummy and gu-gu went as well. They bot lots of bread there, 4 loaves in total. Fresh one u noe!!!! Not like my mummy, bring the expired one not so fresh one. But in the end, the fishes also walloped every crumb of it. Poor hungry fellows they were...... The fishes in the lake were really besar leh. Longer than half metre.

We spotted some tortoises there as well. This is the first time I saw real tortoise. But they quite cham leh, always cannot outfight the catfishes when come to food.

We tried to throw near to the tortoises but either they ended up being pushed away or their actions simply slower than those big fishes. We were not the only ones there, got few families with big kids there too!!! Granny and grandpa asked me to feed the fishes. So wasteful of food!!!!!Throw everything into the pond, so I chose to QC the bread (the fresh ones of course) for the fishes instead :p hahaha

The graden looks a little bit abandoned except for Mooncake Festival where they will do up the place nicely then get $$ from visitors. It's tranquil and secluded, gives u a soothing sensation to relax yourself. After finished throwing all the bread into the pond, we strolled around the garden for another 20 minutes. Suddenly I became very happy......yes, see what am I holding??? Grandpa fed me with POKKA Chrysanthemum Tea which mummy will definitely forbids me to drink wan (luckily mummy dunno.......oops!! she found out liao). Look at my satisfied expression after taking the tea below........


Mummy brought me to Auntie Yohanna's house for a meet-the-babies session. There I met Bernice妹妹, Ben Wei弟弟, Ryan哥哥, Shervon姐姐 and Adam 弟弟. We had a fun time playing there. Auntie Yo is really good at entertaining us. We had fun singing, listening to music, get into action games, craft time and story-telling bit. Auntie Yo is really good at telling story. I like the craft time most. I must say she is a very good host. Really had a great time there.......dunno when is the next playdate???? I definitely join in the fun wan....Yippee.............

Sooo fast.....1.5 hours had passed and it's time for us to balik kampong.....My other frens also need to go back take lunch. Me too....I'm famished after all the playing and I kept signing 'milk' to mummy asking for one.......This is the first time I ask for milk, mummy must be very happy, kekeke!!!! :p Actually I haven had any milk feed since morning as I refused to take so now got a bit of craving for it liao. I have 'told' ah ma yesteray nite (by making lots of noise when the teat is popped into my mouth, then I'll pull out and touch the teat, machiam like analysing where gone wrong) tat the teat is spoilt asking them to change but still they gave me the same one until mummy realised that this morning. Mummy asked me to make do with it 'cos she dun have a new spare teat at home but still I refused to take. How garang I am hor!?!? :) Also good loh, take this chance go Lot 1 gai-gai since cannot get NUK teat at our area.
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