24 March 2011

Sonny's daily escapade

The best decision I had made this year is to switch my son to his current school. From a "I-dunno-boy" last year, he has changed and progressed to a more verbal and confident child. He no longer tell me "I-dunno" which left me worrying about his academic progress non-stop. Even though I love iPhone, iPad and all i-gadgets, doesn't mean I love hearing my son telling me I-dunno. It will only make me pondering what has he been doing in school all these while.

Just 2 months of learning in his new school, I can already see his development. It doesn't has to be a good school, the dedication level of the teachers plays a very important role in preschool education and I'm glad he has good and nice teachers. Increased confidence level in him also mean he knows how to talk back to me now. :p

Though it is a routine to take train to his school every morning, he is still happy about it. Best of all, I can be quite certain he has good sense of direction unlike me. He knows exactly every stops right after our house to his school. There was once, he even alerted me to alight when I was too engrossed on my game.

Well done sonny! As long as he enjoys and likes, my every effort of waking up extra early and sending him to school is worth it. :)

23 March 2011

Keeping Fingers Cross

Sonny boy exclaimed excitedly saying:"Look mummy, I could do this." I turned to him and saw him doing this hand sign.

He was crossing his fingers. I told him I could do the same too and took the opportunity to explain what does it mean by "keeping fingers cross". But I guess he is still unable to comprehend the meaning of it. Well, at least he wasn't showing any offensive sign. :)

22 March 2011

Reading is Fun!!!

I never like reading since a child but I definitely wouldn't want my children to be like me. :p

Finally got their library cards done for all kiddos yesterday night. Yesssh!!! Cutie pie got his card at 8 months old. I might as well do for all since can save the hassle of making another trip later on. :)

Molly van is visiting Sonny boy's school today. Parents was asked to bring their library card along. This explain why I finally get my butt moving and flip flop to the nearby library.

Ooooh I really love the concept of mobile library aka Molly. The kids must be elated and having fun of it. I dun remember there was such a thing in my time.

Sonny came home with 3 books: 1st is Adventures of Molly, telling the purpose of Molly van in school. 2nd is on trucks. I borrowed another book on trucks for him too after got his card yesterday. 3rd is Catapult Man which have yet to read. I'm glad he enjoyed his day at school with Molly and have a rough understanding of what library is about. Thanks PCF Zhenghua for introducing this interesting concept into the curriculum.

21 March 2011

Happy 8 Months to Xenz

Cutie pie Xenz is 8 months old! He is capable of crawling forward few steps and recline from resting to sitting position. He couldn't sit very well yet but he is progressing slow but steadily.

Among the 3-Zels, he has the itchiest hands of all. Super curious and wanna touch whatever he spot on. He is such a cutie and never fail to melt our hearts by his sweetest charming smile. Continue to progress and we love u BBC.

18 March 2011

Crafty Holidays with Bestie

Good friends stick together like glue and just like their mums, they always enjoy each other companionship. Shervon came over to our place during the March school holidays and the gals had crafty time doing necklaces using the "Friend's message in a bottle" DIY pack. Both of them have some fun time picking gems for these lovely necklaces. The gals were soooooo sweet, writing message for each other and seal them in the bottles.

17 March 2011

A Decade of Love

D&L production is ten years in the making and going strong. Goes without saying, it takes a lot of sacrifices and compromise to maintain a relationship and it's truly blissful having you alongside with me even during difficult times. It's always you who brighten my day or shall I say my life. I'm truly thankful for your love, companionship and our three precious gems. Your commitment as a wife and mother is an inspiration. You make me believe that romance don't end after marriage. Your patience and good-will has also made me a better man than I was before. I look forward to continue walking this love journey with you for many decades more to come.

From hubby

16 March 2011

Princess Recovery

Today marks the 2nd day of Wenz recovery after her dental ops on Monday.
Look at her! She is recovering and taking to it very well I suppose. We are going KKH for her 1st eye review. Hopefully her 'lazy eye' condition will improve alongside with our diligent patching.

14 March 2011

My Brave Gal

Wenzel had to go for dental surgery to have eight of her decayed milk teeth extracted. I felt tremendously sad that she has to go though this at such young age and couldn't help reprimanding myself for neglecting her dental health in the past. Wenz has been very brave throughout but still it's especially hard for me when I was accompanying her during the anesthesia moment and having to witness her in trauma when she woke up after the surgery. I had tried my very best today to comfort my precious princess in anyway I could just to make it up to her. It is so heartfelt and comforting when Wenz told me that she is happy today despite the pain she had gone through this afternoon. I will personally ensure that I will do what I can to prevent such unfortunate happening to my children. Sorry and I love you loads. 'PS Daddy'

01 March 2011

Sweet Thoughts of Resort World Singapore

When you have craving for chocolates & candies, remember to head down to RWS 'Resort World Singapore' cos at RWS, there are outlets of Hershey's Chocolate, Garrett Popcorns and Candylicous to satisfy your sweet-tooth. The staffs of Hershey's were giving out peanut butter chocolate so everyone were crowding around including us. Hee! Hee! The sweet memories of Garrett Popcorns still lingers so we bought caramel popcorns again. At Candylicous, we had ice-cream of authentic flavors like Bubblegum, Blue Heaven, Pistachio & Tirumisu. Over at RWS, the kiddos also had great times taking pics with those adorable mascots.
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