31 January 2006

Chinese New Year 2

On the 2nd day of CNY, we had a simple meal together with godpa, jiujiu and auntie Sharon. We had 'loh hei' as well. This is the 3rd loh hei liao. As usual, I oni get to sit down there and watch them 'toss the fish'. This is something that completely baffles me. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THE ADULTS ALLOWED TO THROW THEIR FOOD UP IN THE AIR LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS, WHILE I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DO THE SAME WITH MY FOOD????? This is so unfair right??? I dun care liao, next time I shall toss my porridge up into the air too. It's good luck too what, hor? HMPH! However, I managed to grab hold of 1 'muah chee' (I noe, it’s a forbidden food for me. I hold and press oni mah)

30 January 2006

Chinese New Year 1

It's time to celebrate Chinese New Year again! (and of course collect money too lah :P) This is my 2nd CNY. The 1st one, I din helped daddy to 'recoup the losses' 'cos I was still in my womb home. And for this CNY specially, I've pick up a new trick - clasping my hands together and moving it up & down whenever someone goes, "Gong Xi! Gong Xi!" I was told that this is a sure-fire way to line my pockets with lots of angpows. WAHAHAHA...

Me getting ready to gear up with my new year clothing

Tadah, I'm ready!

Yee...., what's this???

Oh! Besides clasping hands, I hv to present this 1st then got angpow.
So where is my angpow???

Yeah! Got it liao...

Performing my usual QC test again

However, Ah ma fell sick on the first day of CNY. She had diarrhea, abdominal wind and chest discomfort, Poor ah ma cannot join us in visiting granny and grandpa. She rested and waited for us to bring food home for her. When we returned home in the evening, due to poor appetite, ah ma din eat the food we brought back for her. Instead she cooked her own plain ginger porridge believe to be able to eliminate wind. As there were plenty, ah ma asked mummy to feed me some to see if I wanna eat. To their surprise, I enjoyed the ginger taste very much and asked for a 2nd serving. I can even finish the 2nd bowl. Yummy!

29 January 2006

Reunion Dinner

Mummy says today’s dinner is different. It’s reunion dinner where everyone gathers and makan together. JiuJiu (mummy’s bro) and Auntie Sharon came over to our place for dinner too. All of us eat happily and waiting to count down for the CNY.

28 January 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing all my friends healthy and wealthy in the year of the woof woof!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!
Mummy's pet, Snowy!

Snowy is very happy as this year is HIS year! Hahaha...maybe he thinks he can receive angpows too. Hee...

26 January 2006

Sneak Preview of my CNY clothings

Here's a sneak peek at my new clothes for the coming Chinese New Year! :)

Nice anot??
Can't wait to wear them...

23 January 2006

Pre-Reunion Dinner

We have a pre-reunion dinner at granny hse today since gu-gu's bf, Uncle Kelvin is heading back to his hometown at IPOH in a few days' time. He wun be around in S'pore during CNY. Gu-gu will miss him for sure. I'll miss his “point-worm-worm” game too! Granny prepared the steamboat for us while I happily indulge on my ‘donuts’.

22 January 2006

Ouch! Waah……

‘Wa’, a loud cry alarmed all people in the house at 4am. I have fell from bed. It’s really very very painful. Daddy and Mummy came over to my room and sayang me but due to the pain, nothing can stop me from crying. After much pacifying and cuddling, and of course distraction from the talkable pikachu, I finally stop sobbing.

Bye Bye...

I have been teaching Wen to wave bye bye since last month. She usually will not do anything whenever we tell her to wave bye-bye. However, she surprised me by doing so earlier at my cousin's place without telling her to. She must has pretty good mood today.:)

19 January 2006

Teething Woes

After I realize something growing out from my gums, I always enjoy playing with it. Look at my funny expressions as I played with my teeth. My tongue must be very busy inside.


U think only Jacelyn tay knows how to ride a horse! Me too! Catch me ‘live’ on chickychic blogspot below.

Funny Movie

Hahaha, which channel is this? I’m enjoying watching the TV and switching the channels. U really think I sooo smart meh??? Thank U thank u, actually I’m happy having getting hold of the remote control lah. Hehe

17 January 2006


Merlion is here! Guess wat?? I vomited my food out. Think mummy must have fed me too fast that triggered the vomit. There weren’t any signs of discomfort so mummy wasn’t that worried and continued feeding me after cleaning me up. Mummy, u got to be patient in feeding me even though I enjoyed eating.

16 January 2006

Egg Porridge

Wen develops liking on porridge finally. When we start that out on her during her 6th month, she dun really likes it, hence din take in a lot. She wallops the whole bowl in just 10 minutes today. From the confidence we have gained today, I think we can incorporate a wide variety of different flavored porridge into her diet rather than every time plain rice cereal.

After which, we brought her go Chinatown jalan jalan. Maybe she knows we are bringing her out, that’s y eat sooo fast! Nvm, shall see her performance tmr.

14 January 2006

Playground Marathon

Mummy and ah ma brought me to sooo many different playgrounds near our house earlier. The first one wasn't that fantastic. I like the one with rides. Look, how enjoy I was!

11 January 2006

Clapping Hands

Baby Wen lurve clapping hands nowsaday. When she thinks that she is smart, she will clap. When she is happy, she will clap. When we ask her to clap, she will clap. When we say 'pai shou' or clap hands, she will oso clap. We are training her to do 'gong xi gong xi' action now, in preparation for cmg CNY. Poor baby has to learn so many things.

First pair of Jeans

Look at my first pair of jeans, with compliments from mummy's fren, Auntie Suanhong. The top is Christmas pressie from gu-gu (daddy's sis). Think I rather like my new outfit but a little bit boi boi loh.
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