27 February 2006

Tumble Tots

Daddy accompanied mummy and me to Tumble Tots at CCK. As the center only accepts cash and cheque, daddy had to go back to the interchange to withdraw $$ since they din bring sufficient cash. Mummy was a little bit disappointed about it maybe bcos she wanted daddy to participate in the play as well. By the time daddy came back, the session was already over.

Mummy’s comment: The equipment there was mostly of wood nature. The settings were okay only I feel that it was more suitable for older kids rather than babies cos baby still doesn’t know how to climb a ladder. However, a lot of it requires climbing, which Wen still doesn’t know how to. She played the tunnel and toys there the most. I’ll give a 7/10.

26 February 2006


I attended Gymboree Level 2 lesson at Tanglin Mall with Ryan didi today. At Gymboree, there is this hand puppet clown called Gymbo. Most of the time, I was given the freedom to roam about and exploring their equipment. They wrapped up the whole program by introducing a parachute and blowing bubbles underneath it. Well, I do enjoy myself there with the companionship of Ryan too.

Mummy's comment: After 2 previous gym sessions, I notice that Wen has gained confidence in social interaction. She seems to know what is expected of her the moment I put her on the gym mat. At gymboree, most of the time is free play. The only get together is beginning part and ending where there is introduction of the clown, Gymbo and the parachute thingy. The trial costs $34 and lasted for 45 minutes. I’ll give a rating of 7/10.

24 February 2006

Kiddy Rides

Daddy and mummy allowed me to take the kiddy rides in shopping mall. But of course, they very cheapskate one lah; only let me sit inside shiok shiok a bit niah. Also never put any money in; in the end, I had to shake my body in a bid to try to get the machine to move ah... So malu. :P

19 February 2006

JWT Kids Gym

Another gym marathon in my mummy’s list is this place called JWT Kids Gym. Yes, we WENT but my muddle-minded mummy went to the wrong place. Instead of bringing me to UE Square, she brought me to United Square near Novena. In fact, she has already checked with daddy the nite before on how to get there. However, you noe my mummy who is blur blur in roads and directions, obviously din get the location right. In the end, we never make it there and ended up shopping at United Square. Mummy bot lots of barang for me from the discount bazaar and some cute stuff for herself and me at hello kitty shop. I got 2 pair of shoes, 3 sets of clothes, 2 caps and a hello kitty float.

Mummy’s comment: Oops sweetie! I did it again (for not recognizing the location). However, I used the $$ suppose to pay for the trial in exchanged for so many good stuff for you.

13 February 2006

Baby Jumper Gym

Daddy and mummy signed me up for The Little Crawlers trial class at Baby Jumper Gym. I enjoyed myself there as there were variety of things incorporated, ranging from songs to story-telling, mathematics teaching, flash cards, photographic memory, dancing, silly games and of course some gym workout.

Mummy’s comment: This is an hour worth of activities. They begin with music and movement to sensory play then followed by gym to improve physical intelligence. What I like about this session is that they segregate the learning and play in twp diff rooms thus the babies weren’t get distracted and they allow both parent’s participations. The flash cards and dots card were good. I’ll give a rating of 8.5/10. However, this program really tires us out. The three of us slept soundly after reaching home.

11 February 2006

Godma's Visit

Godma came over to visit me today. She brought Gwen jiejie along. Look how happy I was playing in my playpen with her.

06 February 2006


Woah, mummy brought me to this place called Playworkz. I met guanyuan korkor there too.This is my 1st gym workout trial. I was abit apprehensive in the beginning but I interact pretty well later part and started exploring all their equipments.

Mummy’s comment: This program only allows 1 parent’s participation and it’s $20 for a trial. There wasn’t much equipment. The program begins with a toy pool and music, followed by some exploration of the slides, blocks and tunnel; it ended with a short baby massage. I’ll give a rating of 6/10.

01 February 2006

My Reflections

Wen is already 9 months old. The feeling was as if I just gave birth yesterday. This is the first New Year we spent together. Actually the 2nd one, Wen was still at her womb home last year. She has learnt how to grip things with her index finger and thumb especially picking up her fav gerber puffs. We can really hear her babbles alot nowadays. She can respond readily and better now, and show her broadest grins to some actions or sounds she thinks is funny. We are beginning to enjoy more and more of parenting.
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