31 May 2009

Dinosaurs are here.....

I insisted mummy and papa to bring me along when I overheard them going out with Uncle Willie. I have juz recovered from my sickness and ulcer on tongue still exist.

Luckily I tagged along cos I was thrilled when I saw dinosaurs being displayed at the atrium of PS. Papa took the opportunity to educate me more on these extinct creatures. Good thing that they are oredi extinct else I would be their delicious dinner esp for the T-Rex. :)

25 May 2009

Asian Civilisation Museum

We went to the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM). All thanks to papa who has rented a vehicle from his fren to help mummy move her tons of barangs from her current work place to new site. Did I mention b4 mummy won 5 tixs to the ACM under my name?

Yeap, so everyone is going.....as it is a Monday, it is free admission for senior citizens thus gong-gong and ah ma get to enter for free and it is free admission for children under age of 6.

So 9 of us in total squeeze in the kangoo type of vehicle tat papa has rented. :)

It was our 1st time visiting museum. Think papa and mummy oso not arty farty type lah... we wouldn't be here if not for the free tixs :p

Nice drum that welcome us at the entrance of ACM

The current theme is on Emperor KangXi.

Mummy wasn't feeling well on that day cos she has caught some virus.

But she could still be farny in her sick condition. The adults spent really long in ter which bored didi out. Guess will have a long wait b4 we visit museum again! (",)

23 May 2009

The Gingerbread Man

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, off we went to watch a play called "The Gingerbread Man". It was a light-hearted and meaningful play juz like Rainbow fish which I had watched last year.

I stayed attentively throughout the whole play. I was really afraid of the fox who was the witty and most scheming fella in ter. Fox was the fella who managed to eat up the rude, impolite, arrogant and 'spoiled' Gingerbread Man in the end after he ran away from the duck, cat and dog.

Me too has a chance to eat up the Gingerbread man as mummy gave me money to buy it after the play.

I wonder if I was hungry or the cookie was indeed yummy cos I finished the whole piece all by myself. :p

Nice play with nice cookie :)

22 May 2009

Re-opening of Blog

Mummy has shut down our blog for some maintenance work to be done.....

However, she could hardly find time to do a major one so only some updatez and changes....

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for ur concern for those who drop my mummy FB messages....Proudly announce the re-opening of our blog (",)

17 May 2009

1-Day Excursion

As it was a Sunday and the weather was superb, the more we were giving ourselves excuses to go out. This outing was arranged weeks ago and the day has finally came. Together with me and didi were papa, mummy, ah ma, gong-gong, ye-ye, nai-nai and kor-kor too! We went on a 1-day outing with a whole group of people.

Our 1st stop was New Water Plant.

Didi was the happiest cos he could come down and run amok.

I was happie too cos I could lie down wherever I wanna, hahaha.

After the New Water Plant visit, we proceeded to East Coast Park for lunch. Look at the sky....so niceee...The weather was good, maybe it knew we needed that. :p

This gave us a very good reason of eating ice-cool stuff.......ICE-CREAM....Yeah!!!

Look @ lazy papa and mummy after meal. Buay steady, never ask me take photo with them...

Dun care, must retake one more with me inside. ;)

Our last visit was to a farm specialised in Wheatgrass. Their secondary products are mushrooms, aloe vera and some edible herbs.

The visit include a talk, demo and touring around the premises. After which, everyone cheong into the farm supermart to buy some stuffs home and aircon too. Ah ma and gong-gong were not spared either. They bot lotz of things back too!!!

What a long exciting day we had but strangely didi and I did not nap at all during the trip except for me who dozed off only 5 mins. :p

16 May 2009

1st Church Wedding Attended.....

Papa brought me to attend Uncle Alvin and Aunty Lucy's wedding. It was my 1st time attending church wedding...same goes for papa. :)

As we were early, we waited a while for all guests to reach while mummy busy exploring her 'new' camera. Papa taught me the purpose of a wedding ring after the newly-wed recite their vows and exchanged rings.

Uncle Alvin looked so smart and happie whereas Aunty Lucy looked so blissful. Mummy said aunty Lucy has the look of Eelyn Kok (the one who acted as ZhenZhu in Lil' Nonya) on her wedding photos.

Makan time!!!! All of us were famished. We went for the reception after the photo-taking. Hmm....I had lotz of eclairs, my ultimate fave. :p

Happy Marriage and have cutie sweetie children like me and didi!!!! :D

14 May 2009

Wenz' Homework

Wenz' 2nd home assignment was her "Super Recipe Book". I helped her with it admist my busy schedule. There was a list of foodies to choose from before her teacher gave us the recipe. I remembered I was urging her to pick the cookies but she said she wanna do fruit shakes. So there we were given the shakes recipe.....

The above picture was a snapshot of what we have done. I was glad that she has chosen the shakes instead cos I'd think baking cookies will take up a whole lot of time, hahaha.....me is one lazy mummy!!!! :p

10 May 2009

Happy Mothers' Day 2009

It is Mothers' Day again and we had a simple celebration over at my in-law's place. We have 4 mothers celebrating together as usual. Pizzas were ordered and SL bot a cake for the occasion.

The kids were really happie over cake.....oh well...this is not surprising as we are Sweet Tooth Family mah!!!

So what do I have for Mothers' Day 2009???? Didi is too young to understand yet and Wenz gave
me a crafty flower she made in school. She gave me this flower I think 2 days back. I was back home so late cos of some farewell partying. However this gal stayed up till I reached home and welcomed me at the doorstep then gave me this and wished me "Happie Mothers' Day" followed by "I Love U". Seriously.....I felt so touched!!!! Thanks Wenz and I love U and didi ALWAYS!!! Both of u are my lil' precious. :D

07 May 2009

Gong-gong's Birthday!!!

Today is gong-gong's cheena birthday wor. The oldies always like to celebrate cheena birthday one. Dunno is it bcos they enjoy eating mee sua and egg ah??? ;)

Jiu-jiu and Jiu-ma came too. So anyway mummy bot a small cake for the event cos she said wat's a birthday celebration without cake right? Mummy bot her fave cake for gong-gong. Hmm...how can she buy something she like and not gong-gong's fave? :p

But then hor, the cake was really yummy.....me and didi each had a big slice of it and the whole cake was walloped without anything left. Happy Birthday to U, our dear gong-gong!!! May u stay healthy 4EVA!!!!

03 May 2009

Godpa's Visit...

Wenz was sooo looking forward to Godpa's visit as I told her that her godpapa will be coming to give her belated BD wishes and we shall go for ice-cream in the night after dinner. I think she automatically link GODPA = ICE-CREAM, hahahaha :)

As we have juz signed up for MIO TV recently, Terence has the luxury to finish up all unwatch episodes of his fave weekend drama 射雕英雄傳.

The kiddos were buzzing non-stop until the moment I shouted "Let's go Swensens for desserts." Terence brought one new camera to try it out. The kids were happily indulging in their waffles and ice-cream. After which, we went to ............

Look @this 2 big kids!!!! Yes! We ended up in the video game arcade, kekeke :)

01 May 2009

The kids' 1st Cruise Trip.....

Star cruise....here we come...

A compulsory photo snapshot with the Penguin mascot before boarding the ship.

This trip is a pressie for Wenz' 4th Birthday and also a family trip for 2009. It is not only the kids' maiden cruise but my dad's too. Mum has on board the cruise once years back.

finally a rather decent family photo on board.....

I'd say it was a very different experience for me even though I had been on cruise twice. It was the 1st time with the kids and I'd think cruising suits children most. Right from accommodation to food....everything was taken care off....and kids could spend their day at the Childcare Center too if we were really tired looking after them. ;)

The kids were really happy exploring the whole place.

The childcare center has its open house in the morning and I sent the kids ter after breakfast for them to play.

Didi finally plucked up the courage to enter the ball pit after almost 10 minutes of watching people playing and he was enjoying himself to the max in ter. :p

After which, the kids enjoyed themselves in the pool while HB and I were busy running after them.

On the 2nd day which is Wenz' actual birthday, a complimentary cake was given. I called to have it deliver to the room and Wenz had her 3rd round of cake-cutting this year.

What is a trip without photos right? :p

I brought Wenz out for photo-taking while in-laws and Ben went for the land tour at KL and my parents, HB and Denz sleeping in their rooms. We moved from inside to outside....

Princess was enjoying the cool breeze and posing for me to take.

We have decided to take dinner at Bella Vista - a posh eating place on board the ship.

The kids were looking forward to the food being served cos the dessert for the night chosen for them was ice-cream. I chose ice-cream for myself too. :p

Cheeky didi posing with his charming wink.

Dinner wasn't too fantastic (apart from the dessert) for me and my parents as the choice for western vegetarian was limited. Think they will like it better if it was a Chinese dinner.

Overall, it was a relaxing and enjoyable trip for us and I really dun mind cruising again but definitely not to Port Klang again! :)
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