30 April 2010

Celebration in Skool

I express my interest in Princess theme for my this year buffday and mummy ordered a "Snow White and the Seven Drawfs" cake for my celebration in school. Even the goodie bags for the gals are Disney Princess.

My friends and I oredi got ready way before papa and mummy have reached. They were equally excited 'bout the cake and some has even skipped their snack during break time earlier. :p

Photo-taking with the gals 1st. We have 11 gals in total with few as my best frens.

The boys' turn. There should be 6 but 1 down as Aik Yu was unwell.

The cake was yummilicious nice. Most had 2 rounds of it with some of my frens going for the 3rd round. I was all indulge in eating up the 'Snow White' cos it was pure candy figure. :p

We had a hugging session after cake eating and cleaning up the classroom. Lesson continued with papa and mummy leaving my classroom after the celebration.

We went Swensens for another round of treat after school cos mummy said can get free ice-cream for me loh and they were having 1-for-1 lunch too. Sweet!!! :)

29 April 2010

Zoo Escapade

What's in store for me on the eve of my 5th birthday? Papa brought us to the Zoo. It has really been quite a long time since we last visited the zoo. In fact, didi was still in mummy's sling.

To prevent being caught in a dun-wanna-to-walk situation, mummy has decided to rent the tiny xplorer for us to sit in. No need to walk of course super happy wor. What a great idea for papa to work out early in the morning as his IPPT is drawing near.....

I'd say the weather was superb for the whole sunny morning. Didi was puzzled why we weren't in skool.

He also couldn't figure out why we were out so early to smell animal poo-poo. He kept saying "smelly" along the way. :p

Papa's objective is to show me lotsa lotsa animals and explain to me 'bout 'em.

I had my chance of feeding the giraffe. But then hor, how come the giraffe eat carrots and not leaves? Papa said that was his 'Happy Meal'. :)

Okay, I have run out of carrots and finished feeding the giraffe with 'Happy Meal'.

My next question was "Can we bring our own carrots next time?" $5 for 5 carrots is daylight robbery. I remembered ah ma buying the whole packets at the supermarket for less than $2. :)

Didi was still oblivious of what's happening around him or he was simply uninterested in the animals. He kept checking on the map and asked to proceed to........

......where else? The Rainforest Kidzworld. :p

Mummy has been telling him that she'll bring him to the water playground. We had missed this the other time cos we didn't bring extra clothing and I'm 100% sure we are not going to miss it this time round.

We quickly performed our transformation and tadah~changed to our costumes.

This was the moment we were waiting for....We had tons of fun with the water slides, fountains, the 'sudden' waterfall and splashing moments. Both of us definitely enjoyed ourselves to the max in this water play area. Our all-time fave outta be the slides where you could practically spot us climbing up the stairs and whee-ing down.

Every fun time gotto come to an end. In fact we had quite a long jolly time cos mummy met her fren and started chatting away till she has forgotten 'bout asking us to wash up and get changed.

We headed out to the animal enclosure after a hearty meal. Seemed that the pony ride was calling out to us....

....and there we were at the stable. Didi was expressionless throughout the whole ride. He also appeared a lil' blur while cruising and he simply dun wanna pose for any foto.

Unlike me, I enjoyed the ride very much.

One last foto before heading back to the entrance as the skies started turning grey. We walked the fastest speed we could to avoid getting ourselves drench.

Heng ah~we have reached the entrance just in time to siam the heavy downpour. We sat around the eating area where mummy had her lunch. We were treated with this fruity drink with our fave character on it.

Didi expressed his interest of coming back here again.....for the water play of course. He has a very good impression of the play earlier.

We played with this 'space balloon' while waiting for ah ma to finish enjoying her shoulder massage. This old-school thingy fun stuff can keep us entertained for quite a long period of time.

Does didi look like Fan Yang the bubble artist? :p

I had my fair share of fun too. Oops! Cannot let my 'cher noe I pontang skool bcos of this outing. Shhhh :)

25 April 2010

Packing my goodie bags....

Mummy has especially bot these for my coming buffday as goodie bags for my frens in skool.

The gals will get this...Princess theme as requested by me

....while the boys will get Thomas the Train.

Tadah~all packed and ready for the day to come. Yippee.....

24 April 2010

Rocket or Airplane?

Now you see me...

....now you don't. :)

Art piece of the day is this aeroplane and the tower called Airport. Mummy thought it was a rocket going to Moon. Boy, I must be 'super-good' in my painting that one art piece can tell a different story. :p

20 April 2010

Stickers for us....

Didi is frenzy over stickers recently ever since ah ma bot him a 'Disney Cars' sticker. However, he will peel out every piece of it the moment he got hold of the sticker sheet. Hence mummy bot plenty of it after her routine checking on baby didi in her tum tum.

Mummy also customised name stickers for us as the booth selling stickers was beside it only. I got my Princess theme and didi as usual....wat else, "Cars and ONLY Cars". So does that mean I can save the trouble of writing my own name on paper from now onwards? :p

11 April 2010

Lush Greenery

On a nothing better to do Sunday morning, mummy has decided to lug both of us out to join ah ma and gang at the MacRitchie Reservoir for a walk.

We were the 1st to reach. Surprising huh? 'Cos mummy took a cab ter mah. We waited for quite a while for the rest to reach and I told mummy she hasn't been self-caming with me ever since she has a bb in her tummy. :p

I sought permission to take some fotos too. Hey, this foto of ah ma was taken by me. Not bad eh? Well, mummy said at least can capture the head, eyes, limbs and body. :)

With the arrival of everyone, it was the moment for didi to run and expend his ultimate energy. He stick to ah ma like a glue stick.

Another foto taken by me....

.....before I spotted this fella.

We were heading into the trail.....

Didi was exhilarated thinking something fun was ahead of him. We had a long walk, a really long walk till didi asked if we could take taxi out anot. Luckily uncle Walter carried him for a while then he kept asking to sit down a while.

We saw some monkeys inside the trail and the monkeys must be pretty hungry that one of it decided to snatch away a small bag from one aunty. Anything that the monkeys think could be food appeals to them and they will come really close to u, leaping high up trying to get hold of watever that the human was holding onto it. I'd think the monkeys ter were really aggressive. Mummy was shielding didi all along cos didi is merely a lil taller than them only. I think mummy better look after her popping belly too. :p

We came to this point where there was a super big log obstructing our path ahead.

No fret, I had crossed over. :)

...and didi too!

We had completed the trail and didi could take his well-deserved rest at the pavilion finally. Well-done didi! Mummy gave us each a lollipop and the monkeys were very 'well-informed' that it came right to our front to snatch. Well, the adults were very worried for us and we were advised to pop the lollis into our mouth to safeguard the candy. What an unpleasant encounter with the monkeys in the wild. Mummy said cos the monkeys were too used to be fed by humans and lost the instinct to look for food in the woods. I think they were simply lazy like me bah. Well, growling stomach is calling out for yummy food. Anything for me to eat, mummy? :)
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