31 January 2009

Gathering with Friends

I have invited some friends over to rejoice over the celebration of CNY. Who else? The members in TTC and Jinhui. The 2 housemen couldn't join us though.

Mum also invited temple mates over for gathering. I knew mum has tons of things to do from cutting to whipping up a feast for all guests. However this Wenz darling has decided to tekan her for one whole nite making her unable to sleep at all. She kept complaining her ears were painful. I was not spared either. Gotto attend to her nonsense, checked her ears, digged the dirt, massaged her...... It was only until about 6am then she dozed off.

Mum is a super light-sleeper all these while so it was almost impossible for her to go Zzzz-land thus she got up from bed and started preparing for the afternoon feast.

I grabbed 2 hours of power nap then started clearing toys and bringing stuffs out for later entertainment. Converted Wenz room to a playland to hold all kids and keep them occupied with activities.

The 1st person who reached was as usual our dear mummy Karen. Together with her were QQ and the 2 kids aka Kylie and GY. The guests started flocking in slowly. The mummies makan while the children playing happily and wildly.

Wenz did not play for long but went to watch her new beloved "Little Mermaid II" in the study room with papa inside instead. Terence aka kids' godpa joined 'em in the study room when he has reached. Guess Wenz has a good mood as she greeted godpa in a super friendly manner and even wished him Happy New Year!

Look @mummy Karen, after makan, straight away look for a cosy corner in the playroom to rest and tolak babysitting of Kylie to Doris and Me.

Kylie managed to find her mummy finally and both of them nuah on bed. Then she got into the mood of photo-taking. :p

Didi was the happiest as got so many playmates for him on that day. On top of that, got lotsa people carrying him too and not to mention he nearly ripped off QQ's clothing...

hahaha...*oops! censored* Nothing to see...err...should say nothing was seen, kakaka...

The TTC members played a game on determining how many children u will have and the age of getting married before leaving. This game was taught by QQ. YES! I'm safe. Mine STOP @2. Think Doris will get 3 or 4. Pro-government policy wor. :)

Thank you for all the guests who came and celebrated CNY with us.

28 January 2009

Free Makeover?

Rmb papa bot me "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" DVD? There were 2 coupons enclosed inside entitled for free makeover. As papa and mummy dun have to work on the 3rd day of CNY, they brought us to claim this so-called free makeover. Papa went off to look at his stuffs. Guess he dun wish to know the 'total damages' mummy will incur in this photoshoot. :p

Didi was super happy when the make-up artist powdered his face and style his hair. However, he did not take too well to the photo shoot.

He cried after a few shots making it impossible to continue further. Guess he doesn't like being confined in the studio cos he kept running out of the studio. Mummy tried all methods oso could not lure him back. Aiyo...this chicken boy really lousy. Studio oso scare.

Soon it was my turn for makeover. See I enjoyed every moment of it. Mummy has top up $30 for the disney package and I gotto choose one costume and I chose Snow White. Papa guessed it correctly, mummy will sure spend some money de. Where got free things in this world? Every free thing comes with a price to pay. Think mummy oso noe lah, juz tat if it wasn't too expensive then she is willing to spend. :)

But me think money was well-spent cos their daughter, me was super happie. I even expressed my next interest is to put on Barbie costume. Mummy has agreed liao. Dun forget huh, mummy. :p

26 January 2009


The long awaited Lunar New Year has arrived. I waited for the kids to wake up as they only went to bed this morning at around 3am. It was until noon then we popped over to my in-law's place.

I brought the 2 'ang baos' over. Dun you think they look like red packet? Didi especially loves his CNY outfit. He kept saying 'mei mei'. Another vainy pot in our family. HB said he takes after ME. Tsk tsk tsk....(",)

We had lunch shortly after we reached. This dessert was the attraction of the day. Anyone who came had a bowl of this DIY refreshing 'cheng ting'.

Didi oso had a bit of it. Besides going around asking for food, his fave activity for the day outta be carrying mandarin oranges around and throwing it like a ball. *shake head*

I got all dressed up in my another nonya costume. Kept it for sooo long till it nearly turn mouldy and never wore it before. As nonya is the IN-thing now so I dare to showcase it, wahahaha. Moreover, ML cooked nonya dishes on that day for all guests who came. What's more??? Both HB and mine grandmas were Nonya. Yes, our chor-chor were real nonya. FL was delighted to see me wearing this. I guess it does bring back some fond memories of his mum.

Wenz was not at all lady-like. She loves wearing dresses but look at her sitting and lying postures. *shake head* All could see her underwear. Aiyoo...shame shame...must train her to be more demure.

Look at this! It's really sooo IN. HB's 2 aunties were dressed in nonya costume too. They were so crazy about taking photographs together and I could only obliged.

In-law's house was a one-stop station with all relatives coming for visiting. We spent one whole day there too and return home only at about 10pm.

1st Visiting

The SOP for visiting places gotta be temple as our 1st place for visiting. This is a culture and norm on every eve of CNY for praying and celebrating CNY.

Didi can only lie down on the mattress last year and he is much more mobile this year. That explain why he was super happie the moment he reached.

He could run about everywhere he like, inspecting every corner touching here and there.

Look at his expression. Think next year he can 'fly' liao. He dun like being confined as you could hear him screaming the moment someone try to stop him or carry him.

Mummy said I was not any better than didi. I was jumping around on other people's bed like a lil' monkey. Soon the praying ceremony started and I joined in too.

We left shortly after praying cos need to go another temple before heading home and boy the time was oredi 12.45am but the 2 kids were still wide awake. Let 'em 守歲 a lil' longer, longevity for US. Happy Ox Year!

25 January 2009

Happy 牛 Year!!

Hey hey everybody....busy busy buy this buy that...busy busy preparing this preparing that....busy busy cleaning here cleaning there....busy busy decorating here decorating there....now is the eve of Lunar New Year. In less than a day's time, we'll be counting down to 己丑年. Yes we are receiving the Year of OX this year.

Guess I'll be busy having my reunion dinner with ah ma, gong-gong, jiu-jiu, jiu-ma, mummy, papa and didi later; and still gotta go temple for praying and visiting.

Together with our many Haros, we'd like to wish everyone a blessed Year of OX filled with happiness, good health and wealth. Gong Xi Gong Xi!!! (We dun mind interbank transfer for ang-bao. Here's our POSB Savings account no. 168-88888-8. TIA)

Everyone huat ah!!

Shopping Trip....Hooray

Papa rented a car from his colleague and off we went to Ikea in the morning on the eve of CNY. I was super happie but think didi knew he wasn't going with us so he looked gloomy. We deposited him at nai-nai's house the papa drove off to Ikea cos he has something to get from there. Since going there, mummy looked thru their catalogue and decided to get few items there too.

They went shopping while I was out having fun at the Småland till they came to collect me and we went for lunch. Mummy was disappointed cos one of the things that she wanna buy was OOS. Oooh...too bad mummy, U gotta come back again. Rmb to bring me okay, I wanna go Småland again!

22 January 2009

My drawing

Look at my masterpiece. This is my 1st drawing that mummy think is worth blogging about. I was holding it upside down actually. In this drawing was a boat surrounded by many many fishes. Mummy said it looks so nice. My drawing skill has definitely improved over time. *grin*

19 January 2009

1st Steamboat 4 Year of OX

Steamboat is mummy's fave and she has arranged a steamboat dinner over at our place for 2 of her good friends.

But before her friends were here, ye-ye and nai-nai came over for dinner 1st. Papa joined in too.

This papa was too greedy hungry that he dun wanna look at the camera. Hmm....mummy, enuf of foto-taking else ye-ye dun dare to start. :p

We went retro this year by going 'wireless' cos of didi lah. Ya, this cooker using canister gas has served mummy's family for years till mummy so old BIG. Gong-gong has brought it over from his house. Think mummy has the intention to kapo it over. Hiak hiak hiak...

Yummy dinner...even I had a big bowl of it but stretched over an hour of feeding and yelling by my mummy. Mummy's friends soon arrived and mummy joined them for a 2nd round of steamboat after feeding me till everything inside the pot was cleared. *burp* (",)

Chinatown...Here I come...

I pontang my usual ballet lesson as I was down wif flu and mummy worried the super mian lui aircon room for my ballet class will worsen my condition. Aiya, think she lazy to send me ter since she hasn't finish buying all necessary barangs for coming CNY. Morning was groceries shopping and it was until noon time then off we went to CHINATOWN.

I haven't been jalan-ing at Chinatown for long, not to mention didi. This time round not at CS where papa usually goes for his toys but really jalan at those crowded streets and shops while papa went to CS alone. He joined us later after his usual CS affair.

The human traffic was really frightening. Look at the crowd and the queue will put u off in buying things liao. Luckily mummy only wanna buy 2 things as her 'candy-box' aka 8 Treasure Box for CNY still short of gua zi the pumpkin seeds. She insisted to put the rose gua zi cos pinkish red looks auspicious rather than green like Hari Raya or white like Christmas.

She was looking for a new year cap for our dear Haro in the living room. Papa ever expressed his interest to buy It a cap since Haro wears X'mas cap every year. She found a shop selling it but left the displayed piece nia and moreover was the soft type. She dun mind last piece but thot wanna look around to see better deal. She walked around everywhere but couldn't find. She even went to the market oso in vain so at last walked back to the same shop to buy while we stayed put at some point to wait for mummy to return. It was then she met up with papa and together they went to get the cap.

They saw the hard type just NEXT DOOR and was a stack of it after buying the one-and-only piece. Darn....fated to have the soft type. Well, mummy blamed it on the crowd for overlooking it. She went up to check on the price and was more expensive. Heng ah else she will bang her chest and knock her head.

We waited near a stall selling mochi and TW hard Jellies and me think the sellers lurve didi to bits. Gave him and me each a mochi and a hard jelly.

Before Haro could wear the cap, me and didi oredi have a try on it. Do I look cute in it?

Wat abt didi? We are full of CNY mood...Counting down to the Lunar New Year!

18 January 2009

Lost and Found

Somebody lost or rather abandoned the bicycle in the middle of the road and we found it quite pitiful so 'adopted' it back home. After a full overhaul of disinfecting, spraying and removing of unwanted and rusty parts, our 2nd bicycle is ready! Didi rode it home the moment we found it. He where got so pandai know how to cycle, mummy pushed him home of course. It was since then he claimed IT as his ownership. :p

My 1st Nursery Assignment

My 1st home assignment gotta be this Family Tree chart to be displayed in my classroom. I saw mummy doing it yesterday cos need to hand it up by tomorrow. I did my part too by telling mummy to remember to paste all our photos in it. Mummy has finished it (she grumble a bit oso lah, saying she could do a better one if given more time), what it need is lamination only. 

My work is not done yet, k? Still outta remind papa to bring it along and hand it in to Teacher Moon when he brings me to school tomorrow. :p

15 January 2009

Yummy Goodies....

My mum and dad have super CNY mood this year. They have been baking new year goodies since Tuesday. For consecutive 3 days, they have produced 2 different types of pineapple tarts - one is the traditional look and another is the rolled-up type. Both are yummy....My FL loves the traditional type to bits.

Other goodies include 'bee-hive cracker', kok chye (inside with peanut) and kueh bangkit. Mum improvised kueh bangkit with 2 different flavors - one is the original and another is chocolate. This is HB's fave. Taste much better than outside cos will melt in the mouth...one word to describe it...SUPERB. If u ask me which is my fave? Hmm...I think I like ALL leh...tat's Y I'm putting on weight and falling sick soon...as I'm having sore throat, flu, cough and hopefully fever dun follow...choy....

Nothing beats home-made stuffs, indeed yummy!!! Wat's more??? Great for current recession...where $$$ seems so little and items priced so high!!! Hopefully I can equip myself with these skill too...
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