20 July 2010


Entry by Mummy

My poor sonny boy is sick but he still appear very active at home without any sign of restlessness. Apart from his crankiness, he is still what I'll call 'manageable'. He insists on going to see doctor (which is something very different from royal highness) and get cured.

I brought him down to the GP after much persistence. Luckily I went down earlier cos the queue was super long after I had him registered. We were No. 4 in the queue, actually could be No.3 cos there was one shameless person claimed that she came before me where I saw her just reached. Well, I'm generally nonchalant towards such thing.

We sat down and waited for our number to be called. Sonny boy said he wanna read a mag and I told him to pick his choice.

Saw what he has picked? 'SHAPE' magazine with bikini gal on the front cover and he has been looking at the cover for few seconds before flipping. Well, not that I reckon this is desirable but as a mum, I felt much relieve seeing this cos he is just displaying his normal trait as a boy or what a man would normally do. Like father like son. Luckily he didn't pick FHM or Maxim. I doubt the clinic has that too. :p

Okay, back to his illness. Doctor Chin said he might have 'Wheezing Cough' this time round (else would be his airways were badly blocked) and asked me to monitor his condition cos if serious might lead to asthma and need to seek immediate attention.

Aiyo, I almost fainted when I heard this. No more cold stuffs for him for the time being, no more fruits like grapes (his current fave), bananas and oranges, no more heaty stuffs like chocz, biscuits, durian esp, milo (must cut down as this is his ultimate fave) etc cos he is down with sore throat too, and he also mentioned no aircon for him as the cool air (not necessary filtered and cleaned) might aggravate his condition further. We'll try our best not to trigger his allergic airway.

Poor boy...so many bottles of meds to take....6 in total. Antibiotic, flu/blocked nose, open airway, fever, cough and another for sensitive cough/asthma which contains steroid. This is the 1st time he was given this type of med. Hope my sonny boy will get well soon.

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