22 October 2014

My Minions ^_^

Na Na Banana... Remember the craze over 'Despicable Me' Minions when people queued over night outside Mac Donald just for the Happy Meal Toy. I remembered a fellow blogger posting the Minion Fever across the causeway too. With better accessibility of the internet and valuable lesson learned from 'Hello Kitty' saga back in the 90s, Mac Donald here, had cleverly allowed online order of such popular toy for collection of Happy Meal Toy and meal vouchers, @ a later date after the launch. Though it probably lost the novelty of getting the toy, late is better than never...wifee is happy to get her hands on these Minions and she really good with setting up the toys for photo-shoot. Maybe I should learn from her ^_^

25 August 2014

Start Afresh

It has been a while since I last posted my entry. Guess it's time to return to blogging and not be lazy anymore.

Tadah...My 3 kiddos❤️have grown up a lil...becoming smarter...brainier...and also naughtier. Well, kids are kids after all. 

Tats all for now. Till I write again :)

11 March 2014

In Loving Memories of Ah Ma

The sudden demise of my mother-in-law came like a bombshell, throwing us into disarray. The woman who had so much sacrifices, making sure everyone in the family were well taken care of. Always so positive and never have I seen her lost her temper to an extend that it was extraordinary. My utmost respected person who looked after me like her own son since the day I found the love of my lifetime.

My mother-in-law had always put our well-being above everything, very considerate, sparing thoughts for our conveniences so much so she that she didn't want us to worry about her, even in her last journey. She had even prepared my favourite vegetarian curry the day before her departure. These beautiful qualities of my mother-in-law made me missed her so very much. 

It saddened me deeply to a point that I could not hold back my tears to learn or accept that she had left silently and I was literately choking with emotions to see my wife grieving and sobbing in the middle of night. It was also very painful for me to break the news to Wenz, who has reached the sensible age. The kiddos were brought up by 'Ah Ma' and very attached to her. It gave me lot of comfort to see Wenz folding paper tulips for 'Ah Ma' but at the same time my heart wrenched with the feeling of helplessness, for the fact that the kiddos lost future love from 'Ah Ma'. 

We had at times took things for granted and overlooked for failing to pay attention to our loved ones in this fast pace lifestyle. Looking back, regretting not thanking enough to those we loved for what they had done for us and not apologizing enough for neglecting their feeling. Life can be so frail that's why a word of advise for all to brave to express the love towards those you dear and treat them well in their living years. 

Our family would need some adjustments which decisions had to be made for best the kiddos' development. My heartfelt thanks to friends and relatives for all the supports, wreaths, 白金 during this difficult time. 有心有心

ps: If trying is not enough, I will do all I can be a better husband and father... 
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