31 January 2009

Gathering with Friends

I have invited some friends over to rejoice over the celebration of CNY. Who else? The members in TTC and Jinhui. The 2 housemen couldn't join us though.

Mum also invited temple mates over for gathering. I knew mum has tons of things to do from cutting to whipping up a feast for all guests. However this Wenz darling has decided to tekan her for one whole nite making her unable to sleep at all. She kept complaining her ears were painful. I was not spared either. Gotto attend to her nonsense, checked her ears, digged the dirt, massaged her...... It was only until about 6am then she dozed off.

Mum is a super light-sleeper all these while so it was almost impossible for her to go Zzzz-land thus she got up from bed and started preparing for the afternoon feast.

I grabbed 2 hours of power nap then started clearing toys and bringing stuffs out for later entertainment. Converted Wenz room to a playland to hold all kids and keep them occupied with activities.

The 1st person who reached was as usual our dear mummy Karen. Together with her were QQ and the 2 kids aka Kylie and GY. The guests started flocking in slowly. The mummies makan while the children playing happily and wildly.

Wenz did not play for long but went to watch her new beloved "Little Mermaid II" in the study room with papa inside instead. Terence aka kids' godpa joined 'em in the study room when he has reached. Guess Wenz has a good mood as she greeted godpa in a super friendly manner and even wished him Happy New Year!

Look @mummy Karen, after makan, straight away look for a cosy corner in the playroom to rest and tolak babysitting of Kylie to Doris and Me.

Kylie managed to find her mummy finally and both of them nuah on bed. Then she got into the mood of photo-taking. :p

Didi was the happiest as got so many playmates for him on that day. On top of that, got lotsa people carrying him too and not to mention he nearly ripped off QQ's clothing...

hahaha...*oops! censored* Nothing to see...err...should say nothing was seen, kakaka...

The TTC members played a game on determining how many children u will have and the age of getting married before leaving. This game was taught by QQ. YES! I'm safe. Mine STOP @2. Think Doris will get 3 or 4. Pro-government policy wor. :)

Thank you for all the guests who came and celebrated CNY with us.

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