11 January 2009

Xander 1st BD

We were invited to Xander didi's 1st birthday earlier at Aloha Loyang, the place where I celebrated my 1st birthday too but different unit of course. Mummy loves to book the Pool Terrace so she conveniently thot the event was at Pool Terrace 5 but nah...was at Bungalow 5. Dun assume the next time, mummy. It will only make an S out of U & ME. :p

Me think Xavier likes Thomas the Train instead of his didi, Xander. We could see the helium balloon from far before reaching the the unit.

Exploring the place and self-amusing are my forte. I went round picking up the stones and put it back...until mummy screamed called me not to play with dirty stuffs...and what else???

...and drink my water of course. :p

Buff-day boy is afraid of strangers. He cried non-stop the moment he woke up from his nap. Calm down liao then saw stranger cried again...poor boy...

His korkor has a totally different character. Xavier is friendly and playful. He is few months younger than me, which means I'm still a jiejie. ;)

As for papa, all he did was makan and makan and makan. Erm...okie, he oso chatted with his working frens whom he had not met them for long. Oh ya, Xander's papa aka Uncle Kang is his good fren @work leh. We did not stay for the cake-cutting which I think might be very very late. We left after about 2 hours cos need to catch the free shuttle service out to Pasir Ris MRT.

However, we did not head straight home. We went White Sands Shopping Mall jalan jalan..
Mummy was looking at CNY goodies and when she came to one stall, the staffs were super friendly. Not only they were generous in letting us try the 28 different samples but oso informed mummy the lobang of free foto-taking available. Only need to pay 40 cents to develop one print.

Papa and mummy took one shot with me too but we didn't buy any goodies back. I got sooo tired that I KO on my way home in the bus even with gummy candy in my mouth when I dozed off. Poor mummy carried me all the way from bus-stop back home.


  1. Thanx for capturing the moments of fun. It nice to meet up old friends again. Well, we are all set for CNY...

  2. Yeah! Glad that we did up Full scale CNY deco this year and even bot the candy box. :D


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