12 January 2009

Poor US....

This is a sad posting....

Wenz has becoming more mischievous, more unstoppable, more defiant, more.... nowadays.....as a result, she broke the base of my stand fan. A super-duper KDK fan that has served me well for 7 years and still working perfectly fine. It has never fail me before but I fail to protect it from abuse and tarnish.

Wenz was not to be blamed totally, all started due to Denz. Denz stepped on the base 1st and being a notti monkey mimicking her didi's action, Wenz also stepped on the base but jumped on it. ONE jump is what it takes to break the base.

Wenz was telling her papa happily in the morning when HB sent her to school that "whenever papa wanna cane her, mummy will be ter to save her, whenever papa scolded her, mummy will try to salvage the whole situation". And NOW she gets the COMBO of BOTH....and I know I couldn't 'save' her anymore. A child needs to be taught what ought to be taught. The only sad thing is that she was caned by my BELT as HB couldn't find the cane. Didi was not spared either ('touch' a bit only to tame him down). The house has never been sooo quiet before. There was a total silence of at least 5 mins for the 1st time with the 2 kids wide awake at home.

So what happen to the fan? It has a big piece of 'plaster' pasted over it as the part where it was broken was very sharp and creates a potential hazard to didi. My poor fan, my poor Wenz, my poor Denz and poor ME. I was not spared from scolding and being accused for keeping the cane which I myself also dunno where the cane is. *scratch head* I found the cane at last, it was right on the top at the usual place but rolled right in. This cane really know how to make fun of US. I know HB was equally sad for the fan and the kids too. The theory of 打在儿身,痛再爹心 still applies. There was a saying of "there is no overnight feud between parents and children" and true enuf....the moment didi saw HB coming out of the room, he ran to him immediately and called "PAPA" with his super cute voice. :)

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