13 January 2009

Bestie Birthday

My bestie aka BB's birthday falls on the 13th of Jan. We spent a short afternoon together dining and chatting as I have took 1/2 day leave. Not exactly like a celebration but to meet up with her as it has been some time since we last met. 
Bestie is a shy person (GNS) so she dun wanna to be on camera instead one of her babes, Glenys was in place of her. :p

We sat a while before going for makan. Glenys was attracted to the kiddy ride. I guess most kids love this. 

This was what happen if you dun give her coin, hiak hiak hiak.... She brought a lot of joy too during the short duration. Her 'parroting skill' was super good making me laughed. Kids ah kids, really noe how to manipulate you and target at your weakness.

Did I mention she is a poser too? Yup, see above pics to believe, full of different expressions. No wonder my bestie couldn't bear to put her at home. Glad thing was she did say 'Happy Birthday' to her mum. I believe bestie was happy to hear that even though Glenys didn't mean what she say cos those words sound juz sooo sweet and pleasant especially was from ur own child. 

Happy Birthday to You! Have a Great 2009...and a Great start of your life...

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