05 January 2009


HB called me @ my workplace saying 阿弟报警啊 then I were like...huh? Wat? He then explained to me saying this notti boy was playing with phone earlier in the living room when he went to fetch Wenz.

The phone rang a while later and my mum went to get it and scare the hell out of her. The police was on the line and said "你们这里有事吗?有人报警。" My mum was scared on one hand but on the other hand she was pondering whether was it some scam call until she verified it was for real then quickly apologised explaining to the policeman the whole situation was juz some unintentional mischief caused by a 1-yr old boy. The police then said "以后不要让小孩玩电话了。"

We really heed the policeman's advice. The phone was unplugged from the wall socket with immediate effect and taken into my room. So pardon us if we take a longer time to pick up the home phone or miss ur call. :p

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