03 January 2009

Little Nonyas...

We were invited to a colleague's daughter wedding at Kampung Ubi CC earlier and there we were in our Nonya outfit for the event. :D

Wenz was sooo happy wearing as lil' nonya and I felt a lil' awkward though cos too attention seeking while walking outside. Initially I thot of going there by bus but the sky started to turn sooo dark that I was so afraid that it might rain and at the same time Wenz asked me "How come dun go by car?" (meaning by cab) so I decided to go by car. :p

Anyway, we were one of the few who reached there early. Together with us were my boss and her son. They were the early birds too!

Saw my colleague cum host, Dr Bibi Jan (quite popular figure in the Malay community) there and sent her my congrats. The food was awesome especially the Gado-Gado. There weren't any Babi Ponteh, Ayam buak kuluak, Rempah Udang, Nyonya Chap chye etc. to complement our Little Nonya outfits, there was Nonya Laksa though, hahaha :)

Wenz only enjoyed the colorful cupcakes while I went 2 rounds of Gado-Gado, hopefully I wun gado with anyone else later. Choy!!!

Many other colleagues started coming in and we chatted for quite a while. Glad to see all my new kakis around.

Eating continued and I were breathing down Wenz's neck for her to finish her 3 cupcakes. OMG! 3 lil' cupcakes oso took sooo long to finish leh and she even refused to let me take photo.

The newly-wed came in at around 2+pm. Oh my, aren't they compatible? Bride is beautiful and groom is handsome. Congrats to U both and may happiness and sweetness be with u both always! Happy Marriage!!

We sat for a while more before making a move and finally Wenz gotto meet Humairah (my best fren@work aka Hamidah's gal) before leaving the venue.

The outfit Wenz was wearing belongs to her gal. Thanks for lending us the costume. Will hand-wash and return u on Monday! See ya :)

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