01 February 2009

Happy Birthday to U

Today is 7th day of Lunar New Year aka everyone's birthday or 人日. Chey, even though is everyone's birthday, there isn't any presents for me and didi.

Our family custom is to eat 7 different type of vegetables so mummy asked ah ma to make dumplings ( 饺子) and we had lohei aka 鱼生 after dumplings. The ingredients inside the dumplings plus the 鱼生 will make up to 7 different vegetables le. Ah ma made 3 different type of dumplings. The green color was extracted from spinach juice and the yellow color was extracted from carrot juice.

I'm ready to toss! What about U?

Ye-ye, nai-nai, gu-gu, Uncle Kelvin and Ben kor-kor came over for dumplings dinner and tossing the 'fish'.

Didi likes the 鱼生 so much so that his mouth is moving non-stop and even going round us to get the very last bit of it. Such a greedy boy he is!

Aiya, ye-ye feed so slow. Let me eat on my own should be faster.

Well well, happy birthday to EVERYONE! :)

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