08 January 2009

Sweet Treat For US...

After much pestering since yesterday while updating blog for mummy, papa buay tahan and suggested to bring me and didi to Swensens. Hip Hip Hurray! Hip hip hurray!!

I think it was papa who wanna go but in the name of US cos he knows very well anything for US mummy sure say okay de. :p

Only Papa ordered main course while we had finger food and ice-cream. Didi and I did coloring while waiting for the food to be ready and served.

Didi where got noe how to color one? He only know anyhow draw on paper, on table and on his face, else will be throwing the pencils or monkey see monkey do loh..

I was so engrossed in coloring till I neglected my fries while didi kept stuffing fries into his mouth.

But I didn't neglect my ice-cream wor...I finished almost one whole sundae if dun need to share with didi but I think he ate very fast oso..

Yum yum
else mummy wun call him the "Flower-horn" aka loh-han fish le...kekeke

Err....when can WE come again huh? :p


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