06 January 2009

Funny Faces

Funny Faces

Look at my princess. Full of farny faces nowadays. She has lotsa imaginary play at home recently. Sometimes the dialogue was obviously from the Barbie movies. She will take something in her hand and imagine it was some magic wand, bag, keys or whatsoever she needed.

She is an emo person full of mood swing and attitude. She gets really upset if u said the wrong thing. She will throw very bad tantrums at least once a day (ya...tat bad) until I always threaten to bring out the cane. I know very well I shouldn't do that but sometimes she really drove me up the wall and my temper got over my head. She gets on my nerve whenever she is asking the obvious or becomes really long-winded. You would be amazed how come a child can be tat loh-soh leh.

Questions I hate to answer for her include "How come boy cannot wear dress?", "How come boy dun keep long hair?", "How come I have to wear jacket?" etc.. lotsa strange questions isn't she?

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