28 January 2009

Free Makeover?

Rmb papa bot me "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" DVD? There were 2 coupons enclosed inside entitled for free makeover. As papa and mummy dun have to work on the 3rd day of CNY, they brought us to claim this so-called free makeover. Papa went off to look at his stuffs. Guess he dun wish to know the 'total damages' mummy will incur in this photoshoot. :p

Didi was super happy when the make-up artist powdered his face and style his hair. However, he did not take too well to the photo shoot.

He cried after a few shots making it impossible to continue further. Guess he doesn't like being confined in the studio cos he kept running out of the studio. Mummy tried all methods oso could not lure him back. Aiyo...this chicken boy really lousy. Studio oso scare.

Soon it was my turn for makeover. See I enjoyed every moment of it. Mummy has top up $30 for the disney package and I gotto choose one costume and I chose Snow White. Papa guessed it correctly, mummy will sure spend some money de. Where got free things in this world? Every free thing comes with a price to pay. Think mummy oso noe lah, juz tat if it wasn't too expensive then she is willing to spend. :)

But me think money was well-spent cos their daughter, me was super happie. I even expressed my next interest is to put on Barbie costume. Mummy has agreed liao. Dun forget huh, mummy. :p

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