02 January 2009

1st Day of School.....

Hey everybody, finally it was back to school time after nuah-ing at home for almost 2 months. Ah ma couldn't wait for me to get back ter cos lidat the house will have at least 3 hours of peaceful moment. Oh yes, I'm Nursery level this year and duration per lesson is 3 hours. Argh....this year class starts very early leh...8am. *yawn*

Since it was 1st day, mummy specially took leave to accompany me ter while papa was off as he will be going for his ops later. Oops, good luck to U man, daddy!

Mummy appealed for me to change class during the holidays cos I expressed my interest to be with my usual frens. She was oso worried as this year the arrangement is ye-ye will bring me to school in the morning while ah ma will go bring me home. She is so afraid I might reject going to school so better make the necesary arrangement. I'm glad to be with my usual frens... hmm... well, I think almost 70% of my frens from previous class is in the same class with me now.

Saw the lady in the picture? She is my form teacher this year called Teacher Moon. Yuppie... MOON and not any star or sun hor, cute name, hurhurhur... I think I heard I'll have a Chinese Teacher wor...ooooh learn Chinese arh but Teacher Zhang mentioned mainly singing. *clear throat* Count on me ba...la la la la la.....I can sing so well *shyless* :p

So sad, my fave teacher not teaching me this year but I gotto see her in my class earlier.

Anyway, my 1st day of school was kinda short as it was only orientation mah. We left about an hour after listening to wat the teachers gotto say wat they gotto say. I think last year orientation was more well-organised and systematic. This year one was a lil' disorganised and unsure. Mummy only know my everyday lesson will require some transition of classes, meaning everyday is on-the-move....we gotta move it move it. Assembling at one location and fetching home at another.....luan right? Hopefully ah ma manage to get the sequence right. Okie doki...Happie Skooling for ME! Yippee....

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